❄ The Ninth Day of EXOmas...

[ π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘β„Žπ‘–π‘£π‘’π‘‘ ]β€” The Twelve Days of EXOmas

... and my true love gave to me ❄
Byun 'Baekhyun' Baekhyun

Usually, it didn't take all that much to get Baekhyun to rouse on a morning. Some mornings it took him a few minutes longer to get his brain to function properly, but as a rule, he was typically at least third to wake and stumble into the kitchen. Minseok was always first and Kyungsoo was nearly always the one to follow. Baekhyun would usually wander in shortly after the two, or around the same time as Lay depending on how tired the dancer had been the night before.

So it was a sure indication that he was feeling under the weather when he was the last to stir and make his tentative way into the kitchen, using the walls for support because his vision was swimming and he didn't trust his legs to carry him without toppling over. He rubbed his eyes vigorously, noting that even Kris and Kai had managed to pull themselves out of bed before him, whining softly as he slumped against the wall and half slid down it.

It didn't matter how much he tried to ignore the fact that he was sick, there was no denying it now. His skin felt like it was on fire and his head was throbbing with perhaps the most intense headache his brain had ever been subjected to. A sneeze alerted the others to his arrival and Chanyeol was immediately at his side, all but carrying him into the living room and sitting him down beside Luhan. A hot water bottle was soon pressed into his hands and Luhan pulled him under the warmth of his duvet igloo where the two peered out, sniffling and bleary eyed.

Baekhyun waved away Chanyeol when the taller came back with tea and honey, fussing over him and checking his temperature. His fever wasn't that bad. He had just gotten up far too fast and pushed himself before he had fully woken up, that was all. Luhan shivered against him, and the two huddled closer, sharing the warmth from both their water bottles and each other's body warmth.

Tao sat on the sofa opposite, as bundled up as they were and looking thoroughly dejected as Kris made a massive fuss over him. It didn't matter how many times he stated he felt fine; his glassy stare, raging fever and congested sinuses betrayed him.

The panda was banished back to his room eventually and Luhan and Baekhyun were given the choice of wearing masks or going back to bed. There were no other options for either of them. Kyungsoo and Minseok didn't want them getting worse, nor did they want to risk anyone else in the dorm catching their colds. Luhan opted for the mask.

Baekhyun sulked as he clambered out of the warmth Luhan's duvet sanctuary had given him before shuffling down the hall to his bedroom where he threw himself into his bed and snuggled down into the comfort of the downy blankets. If he was honest, being in bed made him feel a little better. Five minutes later and he fell into a fever-induced slumber.

It was well past noon when he stirred again. His head felt a little clearer, though his nose was still blocked and his throat was tad tender. Chanyeol sat on the bed beside him, cross legged, watching him silently. Baekhyun knew he had been there a while, keeping his bedside vigil. He did so any time Baekhyun got sick. Baekhyun did the same for Chanyeol when he was ill.

β€œHow are you feeling?”

Baekhyun's fingers fiddled with the charms at his wrist and he pouted lightly. β€œI've been better.”

β€œPoor baby,” Chanyeol cooed, smoothing a lock of hair from his eyes and checking his forehead. β€œYour temperature has gone down a little.”

β€œI feel better than I did this morning.”

β€œWell that's good. I don't want you getting the flu.”

Baekhyun allowed a soft smile to light up his face. To Chanyeol, Baekhyun's smile was like watching the first rays of sunshine breaking over the horizon on a perfectly clear morning. It was a sight he was never going to get tired of.

Baekhyun's pout deepened a little. β€œIt's my day.”

β€œI know. Don't worry about it, baby. You need to focus on getting better.”

Baekhyun shook his head and pulled something out from beneath the bed. Chanyeol tilted his head at the oddly shaped package before tearing into the plain silver paper. It was a baseball cap with his name embroidered in the writing used for their EXO symbol. The rapper grinned and leant over to peck Baekhyun's perfect mouth tenderly.

β€œDon't kiss me. You'll get cooties.”

β€œPlease, it'll take more than cooties to stop me kissing you.”

Baekhyun flushed a little. β€œThat's not the main present. In my closet... I haven't had time to wrap it. I was planning to do so this morning, but then Tao got me sick.”

β€œWhy did you hide it in your closet?”

β€œIt was too big to fit under the bed. You'd have seen it.”

Curious now, Chanyeol hopped off the bed and approached Baekhyun's wardrobe as though half-expecting something to leap out from it and maul him. When he made it close enough to reach out and grab the knob, he pulled the door open slowly, jaw almost hitting the floor at the sight that met his sparkly gaze.

There, seated on a stand that was clearly designed specifically for it, was a black electro acoustic guitar that was so clean it was gleaming. Chanyeol's symbol of the phoenix was etched into the wood and painted over in silver and gold across the body of the guitar and there was a full moon depicted around the sound hole. The headstock bore the EXO symbol and Chanyeol's name was engraved beneath it in small, intricate writing.

β€œWow... Baek...”

β€œI know how much you love playing the guitar and you were so sad when your old guitar gave up on you... so I knew exactly what I wanted to get you.”

β€œIt's beautiful...” he picked it up carefully, almost afraid that it would break the moment he wrapped his fingers around the neck. He sat on the edge of the bed and felt his fingers across the strings. It was already perfectly tuned and when he strummed his fingers across the strings, the sound that filled the room was melodious and serene. β€œYou know, there's one thing that would make it sound better.”

Baekhyun didn’t believe that for a second as he listened to Chanyeol play Just the way you are, humming along softly to the chords. He wrapped his arms around his lover's waist and rested his chin on his shoulder. β€œAnd what is that?” he decided to play along.

Chanyeol's fingers paused and the note petered out softly as Chanyeol turned his head a little. β€œYour voice.”

Baekhyun laughed softly and met Chanyeol's incoming kiss, sighing lightly as they broke apart and he settled back against the pillows. β€œMaybe when this cold goes away.”

Chanyeol smiled. If there was one thing he loved more than playing the guitar, it was Baekhyun's voice – naturally he loved Baekhyun himself more than anything, but that was completely not the point at that moment. Listening to Baekhyun sing whilst he accompanied him... it was one of his favourite ways to pass the time and to spend quality alone time with his boyfriend.

Baekhyun watched as Chanyeol set the guitar back on the stand, rejoining him on the bed and laying beside him. He automatically cuddled into his side, resting his head on his chest. They were silent for a while, the only sound in Baekhyun's ears being the steady thrumming of Chanyeol's heart against his ribcage and the rapper's breathing. It almost lulled him to sleep.



β€œI love you.”

Baekhyun smiled into his lover's chest. β€œI love you too.”

The kiss Chanyeol pressed to Baekhyun's lips chased away all thoughts of dozing off. It was full of love, adoration and need.

It takes more than cooties to scare off Park Chanyeol.


❄ one fox-a-sneaking...

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