❄ The Tenth Day of EXOmas...

[ π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘β„Žπ‘–π‘£π‘’π‘‘ ]β€” The Twelve Days of EXOmas

... and my true love gave to me ❄
Kim 'Xiumin' Minseok

It was early. It was always early when Minseok stirred. Chen's arm lay across his side and he could feel the younger's breath drifting over the back of his neck which each exhalation of air he took in his sleep. It didn't feel unpleasant and so Minseok allowed himself a few minutes to kick his brain into gear as he shuffled back a little, pressing his back into Chen's chest. The singer mumbled in his sleep, nuzzling at his nape and kissing it softly. Ten seconds later, he had drifted back into his near-comatose state and Minseok rolled his eyes at him, turning gently in his embrace so he didn't wake him.

There was just something so peaceful and serene about Chen's face when he was asleep that he looked like what Minseok imagined an Angel to seem like. His high cheekbones and strong jawline just made him seem model-like; even with his lips slightly parted in sleep. Minseok gave himself a few more moments to bask in the glow of Chen's perfection before he carefully slipped out from under his arm, planted a butterfly-soft kiss to his bottom lip and hopped off the bed.

Chen smiled lightly, rolling onto his back. Minseok pulled the duvets up to his neck, kissed his forehead and made his side of the bed, scowling a little when his lover rolled over onto it almost immediately. He grumbled as he left the room, making a note to kick the little bugger out of the bed once he was done with his shower; and not to do it gently.

As he did every morning, Minseok spent scant minutes in the shower. He only used it to wash away the grime that accumulated during the course of the night. He would bathe before going to bed and that would be when time was taken. Well, depending on whether or not Jongdae infiltrated, that was. Not that he minded. They just never really got much 'bathing' done when he invaded.

As he was leaving the shower, Kyungsoo entered and the two grinned.

β€œJongin's dead to the world. Coffee's asleep on his chest. I couldn't wake either of them,” Kyungsoo chuckled, slipping under the water whilst Minseok moved to the counter and wrapped a towel around himself, ruffling a second through his hair.

β€œJongdae too, I don't know how they can sleep so much.”

Minseok saw the shrug of Kyungsoo's shoulders as the singer turned to face the shower stream, washing his hair; not that he was watching him in the mirror or anything.

β€œJongin would sleep most of the day if he could.”

It wasn't even an exaggeration. Jongin was notorious for his ability to fall asleep anywhere at any time. Sometimes they were almost convinced that he was sleeping whilst walking. Then, when he was awake, he spent the majority of his time in a sleepy-daze. It was kind of cute, really.

Jongdae, however, was just a stubborn bastard who insisted on getting at least five hours of sleep a night. Getting up early was something he really really did not enjoy; though he put up with it because it was necessary. Now, they had a bit of time off so he was catching up as and when he could.

Once he was satisfied that his hair was dry, Minseok threw the damp towel into the wash basket. β€œI'm going to give Jongdae his gift. If I can wake him,” he informed the other singer.

β€œOkay! Good luck! I'll be making breakfast in about an hour.”

Minseok gave him a grunt to signal he had heard. It was going to take a damn earthquake to wake Kai and Kris, so that gave him a little longer than an hour.

Jongdae was still fast asleep when Minseok closed the door behind him and clicked the lock into place. The dancer couldn't help but smile at just how gentle and sweet he looked when deep in slumber. It was as though there was a soft, throbbing aura of peace enveloping him and Minseok didn't want to disturb that so he decided to let him sleep on a little longer.

As irritated as he had been earlier at the little bugger wrecking the freshly made side of the bed, looking at him now, Minseok just didn’t have the heart to wake him. Not by unceremoniously shoving him off the bed, anyway.

Instead, he grabbed fresh clothes out of his closet and set to getting dressed. Once his boxers were on and his pants half way pulled up his legs, Minseok got the suddenly intense feeling that he was being watched. He stole a covert glance over his shoulder, but Chen's eyes were still closed and his breathing steady. He watched the slow rise and fall of his stomach for a moment before shaking his head lightly and righting himself.

Jongdae was most definitely awake. His facade of being asleep didn't fool Minseok. Just how long he had been awake, the dancer wasn't sure but he knew that he was most certainly not taking a frolic through dreamland any more.

He played along for a moment, pulling his shirt on, before bending over slowly as though checking the hem of his pants. A low groan from behind him caused a smirk to ghost over the corners of his lips and he straightened, pulling his pants up swiftly and turning on his heels.

β€œYou're evil,” Jongdae's eyes had cracked open and he was staring directly at Minseok's face as the older folded his arms over his chest.

β€œAnd you're a ert.”

Minseok clambered across the bed and straddled Jongdae's thighs, setting on his lap and slapping a rhythm against his chest lightly.

β€œI'm allowed to look!” the vocalist protested as he rested his head into the pillows and peered up at the older.

β€œBut sneaking a peek when you thought I wasn't looking?”

β€œHow did you know I was awake?”

β€œYour smirk. You can't hide the way the corners of your lips move, love.”

β€œStupid lips.”

β€œI think it's cute.”

Minseok grinned as light flush stole into the pale cheeks of his lover, painting them a soft rose hue. It didn't matter how many times he complimented him, Jongdae always blushed. It was perhaps the cutest thing Minseok had ever seen.

To prevent Jongdae from feeling he had to say anything, Minseok leant and pressed their lips together in a soft kiss that quickly turned into one that was a little more intense. Minseok's fingers wove into Chen's hair and the youngers' hands gripped at the dancer's hips.

β€œGift,” Minseok panted softly, pushing Chen back into the mattress when he tried to find his lips again. β€œWe can get back to that after.”

Chen pouted a little but didn't argue as his boyfriend grabbed something from beside the bed and rested it on his chest. He opened it slowly, craning his neck to peer into the tears of the paper. He pulled the book free and Minseok took the paper, balling it up and tossing it into the bin as Chen traced the silver symbol – his symbol – that was penned onto the front of the notebook.

β€œYou filled your other notebook so I figured this would serve you well enough.” The pen clipped to the notebook as black with the metal clip that would fasten it to whatever Chen wanted to put it on designed in the shape of his electric scorpion.

β€œYou always know just what I need,” Chen grinned.

β€œOpen it.”

He did so slowly, tilting his head a little at the document that lay within the first pages. He read it, eyes watering just slightly as he fought with his emotions. β€œHow did you manage this?”


The document was a written agreement. It went over the details of Jongdae recording a duet with a singer he had admired for years now. Minseok knew that Jongdae was constantly wanting to better himself, to increase his vocal abilities. To be the perfect singer. He also knew that Chen wanted to duet with other singers; those who had been in the business longer and had more experience and knowledge.

A single tear escaped his eye and Minseok leant down to kiss it away, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips as he sat back up.

β€œA duet with Yesung... is this real?”

β€œYes. And it will be recorded and you'll get to keep a copy of it. I want a copy too, though,” Minseok tilted his head, smiling.

β€œYou really are the best boyfriend.”

Minseok let out a laugh, remembering Jongdae's words from when he had been given his own gift.

β€œNah, love. You've got me beaten on that front.”

β€œHey, don't steal my lines!”

Chen closed the notebook and set it on his bedside stand, placing his hands back to Minseok's hips as the dancer giggled to himself.

β€œBut it was a good line.”

β€œYou've made me feel all fuzzy and romantic now,” Chen pouted.

Minseok stole his lips away in the next second, tugging at his lower lip until the younger growled into his mouth. β€œWhat about now?”

β€œNow I'm rather liking you up there, but there are too many things in the way.”


β€œYou love me for it.”

β€œI love you for many things.”

β€œA few of which I'm about to show you.”


They were a little late to breakfast that morning.


❄ one bear-a-cleaning...

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