❄ The Seventh Day of EXOmas...

[ π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘β„Žπ‘–π‘£π‘’π‘‘ ]β€” The Twelve Days of EXOmas

... and my true love gave to me ❄
Huang 'Tao' Zitao

Tao sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing at his eyes and throwing his alarm clock at the wall in irritation. It's trilling was setting his nerves on edge.

A yawn stretched his jaws wide and he glanced back over his shoulder at Kris who had his face buried in his pillow, laying on his front. His arms were under the pillow, pulling his shoulders up into a rather pleasing position that made the muscles stand out rather deliciously; at least, Tao thought so.

But now wasn't the time to be distracted.

It was nine am. Which, as far as Tao was concerned, was far too damn early to be awake when they didn't have a schedule that day. So why was he getting up now?

Simple. Some cruel bastard had set it just to spite him.

Probably Chen.

It didn't matter. It wouldn't be bothering him anymore.

He made a mental note to go buy a new one at some point.

And to clean up the mess the old one had so carelessly made.

Like, seriously. Did it not know that Tao was far too tired to be dealing with it's crap right now? So why had it shattered into uncountable pieces when it hit the wall?

So inconsiderate.

Add a mental note to the first.

Kill Chen.

Tao grabbed his shirt from the headboard where it had 'somehow' ended up the night before, pulling it on and stretching as he stood, sighing contentedly as the muscles in his back contracted and the knots were pulled from them. Rolling his shoulders, he moved to Kris' side of the bed and reached out a hand to poke him on the shoulder.

He didn't respond.

Tao scowled, jabbing harder.

Still no response.

He gave a third, sharp jab that forced a grunt from his boyfriend. Kris shifted his head a little, grumbling into his pillow.

β€œDonkeys don't have paws...”

β€œYah~ idiot!” Tao slapped him on his back before turning away from him and leaving the bedroom. He left the door ajar just a little, making his way to the kitchen to find Luhan growling at the toaster.

β€œStupid thing!”

β€œWhat did the toaster do to you this time?”

β€œIt keeps burning my toast. I don't like burnt toast. Only Chen likes burnt toast. Do you think he sabotaged it so it only gives toast the way he likes it?”

Tao rolled his eyes good-naturedly and moved to the coffee maker. The coffee he made was strong and probably a little sweeter than necessary, but he was going to need it.

Grabbing a tray, he set the mug on it before turning his attention to the 'evil toaster of evilness' as Luhan was now cursing it under his breath as it popped another helping of what looked a lot like charcoal in bread shape.

Not even wanting to deal with that, Tao turned towards the stove in time for Kyungsoo to appear; promptly swatting him away from it as he set a pan on it to heat.

β€œNo. No touchy. You'll set the dorm on fire. What do you want?”

Tao pouted. β€œI was going to make eggs for Kris.”

β€œComing right up. Here, hold this.”

Tao swiftly found his hands full of energetic puppy. The little scamp yapped happily on noticing who it was, pawing at Tao's face and his chin. Tao cooed, cuddling the far-too-adorable beast to his chest.

It didn't take long for Kyungsoo to finish the eggs and he put them on a plate, covering them with another as he placed them next to the mug of coffee on the tray.

β€œMind if I take little one to wake Kris?” Tao purred, nuzzling the puppy affectionately.

β€œGo ahead. Kai's still flat out and will be for another couple of hours. Keep him out of trouble.”

Tao grinned, placing the pup on the tray and wandering back towards the bedroom. He kicked the door closed behind him and put the tray down on Kris' bedside table.

β€œKris. Wake up. I brought you breakfast.”

That seemed to be enough to rouse the sleepy dragon.


Tao smirked. β€œOf course. Double shot.” He dropped the puppy on Kris' back, laughing as he scampered over it, startling Kris whose eyes shot open.

β€œTao, please tell me that's not the dog me.”

β€œIt's not me.”

Carefully, Kris rolled over, scooping Coffee up in his large hands and watching through bleary eyes as the puppy kicked at the air, barking, trying to get to Kris' face.

β€œSee! Coffee is exactly what you need to get you started on a morning.”

Kris pouted, reaching for his breakfast, letting Coffee go so he could run around the bed, chasing his tail. Tao watched in silence as Kris ate, ignoring the odd looks the older occasionally shot at him as though questioning why he was leering at him.

Once he was finished, Tao moved the tray away and bounced where he sat, cross legged, before leaning over the edge of the bed to pull out a long, cylindrical object wrapped in green and red paper. He held it out excitedly.

Kris took it, a little smile touching his eyes as his fingers split the paper. Coffee ran off with the wrappings once the gift was freed, dragging it down the bed where he proceeded to tear it apart, pouncing on it and growling playfully. The lovers left him to it.

The leader arched an eyebrow at the two wooden poles, setting them aside. There were four pieces of silk-like material rolled up together he unrolled them one by one, a gasp catching in his throat at the sight of them.

Each hanging depicted a silver dragon on a red and black background. The first showed the dragon breathing fire, dancing amongst the flames. The second showed it coiled around the Tree of Life, head nestled in the lower boughs. The third was the dragon in a large expanse of what looked to be water; there were waves and ripples around it's long, lithe body. The final one showed the dragon in the sky, the winds taking it where it pleased.

They were beautifully designed and Kris' smile widened as he leant forward and grabbed Tao into a rib-crushing hug before stealing his breath away a second later with a kiss that left the youngers' heart thundering in his chest.

β€œThese are beautiful.”

Tao beamed. β€œSo are you.”

β€œOh please, I'm handsome, if anything.”

β€œI'd say you're more on the y side.”

Kris chuckled. β€œI can deal with that.”

They kissed again, breaking apart when they noticed the distinct lack of puppy-activity.

Tao looked over towards where Coffee had last been, choking on the awwwwww that rose in his throat like unwanted bile.

The puppy had managed to wrap himself up in the paper, and instead of fighting his way free, Coffee had given up and fallen asleep.


❄ one panda-a-rapping...


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