❄ The Sixth Day of EXOmas...

[ π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘β„Žπ‘–π‘£π‘’π‘‘ ]β€” The Twelve Days of EXOmas

... and my true love gave to me ❄
Oh 'Sehun' Sehun

Lay had certainly stunned the rest of the group with his proposal to Junmyeon the day before, but that did nothing to deter Sehun from making sure that Luhan got his gift. He had known exactly what he wanted to do for Luhan before they had even set up who was going to give their gifts on what day.

Today was the sixth day.

Sehun's day.

His fingers played over the curves of the face on his watch, a gentle little smile tilting his lips. Luhan had given him something he would use; a lot. Something he would cherish for years to come. Sehun liked practical.

Sehun knew Luhan loved sport.

That had been his driving force behind the main part of his gift. Of course, it wasn't the only part. Apparently none of them seemed to fully understand what 'a' gift meant.

The envelope lay before him on the kitchen counter as he sipped at his bubble tea. A taro bubble tea sat beside him, waiting for Luhan to get out of the shower. Sehun smiled to himself, half tempted to interrupt his little deer, but deciding against it because he knew that they would then end up spending the next few hours in bed.

It was already noon. It had been hard enough to get out of the warmth of their bed as it was. Sehun couldn't be sure if they would be back out of it by dinner time if he gave in to the temptation.

Kris yawned, rubbing at his neck as he entered the kitchen and grabbed a mug, tipping sugar into it before adding the steaming coffee to it. He didn’t say a thing until he had taken a generous mouthful from his drink and smacked his lips with a content sigh.


Sehun nodded, wrapping his lips around his straw and chewing on it. β€œA little.”

β€œSo was I,” Kris admitted. β€œThough tell the others that and I'll beat your puny .”

β€œYixing-hyung really upped the bar, huh?”

β€œYeah, he did. I wonder what Junmyeon's answer will be.”

β€œHe'll make him wait a little while. He enjoys teasing Yixing.”

It was Kris' turn to laugh; a deep, throaty chuckle. β€œJust like you enjoy teasing Luhan and I enjoy tormenting Tao.”

β€œExcept they both do it so much better than us.”

Kris nodded his agreement. β€œThat they do. But don't worry about anything, Sehun. Act as though you are the first to give his gift. It shouldn't matter who comes before you. All that matters is you.”

Kris was right, of course. Sehun had pretty much said something similar to Luhan when the little deer had freaked out over giving Sehun his gift. Kris left the room with a comforting slap to the Maknae's shoulder as he set his empty mug aside. β€œI wonder if Tao is out of bed yet...”

Sehun rolled his eyes, turning to lean his back against the counter. All that mattered was his gift. Luhan wasn't one to compare. Really, none of them were. It was just the fear of not living up to those that came before that was making everyone a little nervous; and for no good reason, really.

They were all being just a little bit silly.

Sehun picked up the envelope and set it so it was leaning against Luhan's bubble tea. He had even picked out an envelope to match the colour of his drink. Sehun had an eye for the smaller details.

Five minutes later and Luhan wandered into the kitchen with a towel draped around his shoulders, wearing a pair of sweatpants and nothing more. Sehun allowed himself an appreciative stare before meeting his eyes with a smile.

β€œLike what you see?” Luhan mock pouted.

β€œLove what I see.” Sehun pulled Luhan against him and claimed his lips in a chaste kiss.

β€œHmmm, charmer.”

β€œAlways. I got your favourite.”

Luhan allowed his eyes to drift from Sehun's face to the taro bubble tea on the counter and the suspicious looking envelope propped against it. β€œWhat's that?” He narrowed his eyes a little.

β€œWhy don't you open it and find out?”

β€œIt's for me?”


Luhan didn't pull out of Sehun's embrace; he plucked the envelope from the side, however and opened it with lightly trembling fingers. Sehun grabbed his hand and kissed each finger gently before releasing it and watching as he pulled the flap open and peered inside.


β€œTake it out.”

Luhan grabbed a hold of the corner of the paper carefully and dragged it from it's little folded home. β€œYou shouldn't have.”

β€œBut I wanted to. It's in January. I've already cleared it with the managers. You get five days free to get there, watch the game and get back.”

β€œYou're sending me alone?”

Inside the envelope was a ticket for a game involving Manchester United. The seat was one of the exclusive box seats where Luhan would have a view to die for with no one standing up in front of him or getting in his way.

β€œYou can go alone or you can take Minseok with you. I ordered an extra plane ticket. The game ticket covers the actual box so you can take whoever you want.” Sehun kissed his nose as he pulled a box from behind him and opened it under Luhan's nose. β€œAnd this is something a little longer lasting than a few hours.”

The part that when around his neck was black; simple thin rope that tied at the back. The pendant was a stag's head, with antlers that came together in the middle and an emerald set amongst the tines, and an intense look on it's proud face. β€œIt means protection. For when I can't be there to physically protect you.”

Luhan's eyes watered and he cupped Sehun's face in both hands after setting the envelope and it's contents aside. β€œYou'll come with me, right?”

β€œIf you want me to.”

Sehun smiled against Luhan's lips as they met, gently massaging against each other as Sehun slipped the necklace around his neck and tied it, pressing the pendant into his chest gently. When they parted, tears were trickling down Luhan's cheeks and Sehun wiped them away with the pads of his thumbs as he pressed a kiss against his forehead.

β€œI want you to come with me.”

β€œThen I will. Though I figured you'd want to take Minseok.”

β€œTempting... but I wouldn't feel right joining the mile high club with Minseok.”

β€œLuhan! You naughty deer.”

Luhan merely grinned.


❄ one puppy-a-rebelling...


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