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Chapter Three




Hello Therman, it's your first day of school!

   SooRyun pulled at the hem of her school skirt nervously, trying unsuccessfully to lengthen the grey and red plaid skirt. She stood in front of the mirror just roaming her reflection up and down while smoothing out the wrinkles in her vest. Her hair was slightly curly today and was tied in a low messy bun that rested on the back of her neck and her fake glasses rested on her face. She had never been comfortable in school skirts, they showed so much skin. She's never had to wear a uniform before either.

   MinHi was fuming. She couldn't believe they were forcing her to wear a uniform! A uniform! And the skirt must have definitely been altered by Mrs. Kim as payback for her behavior yesterday. She got a very strong vibe from that woman and it gave her the creeps. MinHi being MinHi however, wouldn't let a school uniform stop her so she left her vest and blouse open showing off her band t-shirt for the day and made sure her tie was loose and sloppy. She wore short socks instead of the standard knee high's and instead of the school loafers she opted for her combat boots. She had hair and applied her signature red lipstick. She definitely looked like someone you didn't want to mess with.

    EunSeo was in heaven as she waited in the lobby for the slow pokes, MinHi and SooRyun. She was wearing a school uniform! A very cute one at that. She had dolled herself up and took extra time to make sure her hair fell just the right way and that her shoes were the tallest pair she owned that was still within the dress code. (so that Jimin couldn't date her).

   "Geeze what's taking them so long?" Hannah said as she fiddled with the strings hanging from the strap of her backpack. She was anxious to get to school. She wanted to see Jimin to be honest. She bet he looked so cute in his school uniform! But boy would she be in for a shock!(a/n: They look exactly like they do for 'Boy In Luv' MV)

   "Maybe they're still sleeping?" ByulHee asked. HaeRa shrugged and switched the song on her I-pod. She had recently found this new group called Boyfriend. She was addicted to their song 'I Yah'. Her bias was definitely a tie between Kwangmin and Jeongmin. Kwangmin because he was so tall and Jeongmin because he is a total goofball. With horrendous English! HaeRa can relate to that because she cannot speak English well either. 

   "WAHHH! SooRyun you look so cute!" EunSeo shouted when she saw MinHi and SooRyun finally walk down the stairs. MiKyung was quiet as all the girls cooed over SooRyun. She didn't want to make a big deal about it but she could tell today would be one of those days. She had a horrible headache and was feeling a little feverish. She knew the symptoms well and she didn't want to tell the others she was sick. She didn't want them to know nor did she want them to treat her any differently.

    MiKyung vowed to live her life normally the minute she decided to stop her treatments. She would stick to it until she absolutely couldn't anymore. Having bouts of sickness was the result of her cells dying and then reforming. She used to be sick all the time during chemo. Steadying herself she flashed the girls a smile. She'd be damned if she'd let her illness crush her first day of school.

   "Let's go or we'll be late!" 

    The girls were in awe of the school. It was just like in the drama's! The school was huge with four separate buildings and a huge gate at the front entrance. The school buildings were pure glass. It looked really high tech and fancy as compared to their dodgy schools back on the West side. They stood lined up at the front gates, surrounded by other rich students. They definitely stuck out like sore thumbs. Why? Because all of them had a bright neon yellow band around their left arms signaling that they were the transfer students. The "special" cases from the Westside. No doubt it was Mrs. Kim's doing. MinHi was sure that the old bag did it just to spite her and them. That and the fact that MinHi's clear uniform violations were a dead giveaway.

    "Unnie I'm nervous." Hannah said and grabbed onto HaeRa's arm. HaeRa smiled and patted Hannah's head. She was nervous too but since she was the oldest she would have to be the strongest.

    "It'll be okay! You have all of us. We'll see each other at lunch too! Even though we'll be in different classes if you need any of us just find us! I'll gladly leave class. We have to stick together after all."


   With our boys, Bangtan was currently residing in their hang out. Since Jimin's father was the chairman of the school, they had been given special privileges as well as their own place that they can relax. No one has ever been in here that wasn't a member of the group. It was a sacred place. And if you were caught trespassing, well the consequences would be expulsion. Therefore no one dared to chance it.

  "Have you seen the girls yet? I bet EunSeo looks so hot in her uniform!" Jimin said his lips as he leaned against the wall tossing his phone up and down in his hand. His shirt was untucked and his tie was loosened and his signature baseball cap was on his head. He looked dangerously y. 

  "She doesn't date short guys, remember?" Jungkook sneered and ruffled Jimin's hair like a little boy.

  "YAH! I'm the Hyung here! Me!" J-Hope closed his eyes trying to block out the noise, writing some lyrics on the chalk board. He didn't like school, he rather found it boring. He found the screams of their fangirls mundane and just all around unnecessary. Suga and Rap Monster were rapping in the corner and V was making a bunch of faces at his phone, most likely taking some type of selca. 

  "I read the file of that one girl, HaeRa. She's nothing special. Her grades are a joke. She won't last five minutes in the classes my mother enrolled her in. Guess she didn't anticipate stupidity." Jin flipped the page of his book and looked towards the empty hallway and then back to his book. The girl was stupid. Literally. It even said on her permanent file that she has dyscalculia and can't learn at a normal speed.  

  "Did you read up on that MinHi girl? She had some big balls to blow off Mrs. Kim like that yesterday especially to smoke!" Rap Mon was clearly impressed. He liked her spunk and definitely was intrigued at her aura of mystery. He might even try to get her to fight.

  "A delinquent through and through. Apparently she's had some arrests for underage drinking and a few citations for using a fake ID. She even has a history of fighting and has been expelled from two school's." V let out a low whistle. What a woman.

  "I think I'm in love." Suga rolled his eye's at Rap Monster. He didn't like this MinHi girl. She reminded him of his brother. He hated his brother for disrespecting his father like that, just doing as he pleases. He didn't want to see her if he could help it.

  "Hey isn't that SooRyun?" V said and gestured out the window towards the seven girls that were walking towards the school's entrance. J-Hope grinned.

  "So they've arrived huh? I can't wait! I bet they don't even last a week."

   Jungkook snorted as his eyes followed ByulHee's movements. He let out a ghost of a smile when he saw her trip up the steps and then even laughed when she bumped into the Queenka. How clumsy could you get? He turned back towards J-Hope with this hands stuffed in his pockets.  "We can thank our fan girls for that. The faster they leave, the happier I will be."

   The bell rang and the boys went off to their classes. Jungkook being a first year was the only one who had classes on the third floor, while Jimin, V, Rap Monster and J-Hope went to classes on the second floor. The first floor was reserved for the third years and so Suga and Jin had all their classes there. The fourth floor was the library where students of any grade could study.


   HaeRa was ready to cry. No really she was. From the minute the math teacher started to lecture she did not understand a word. There were a bunch of complex graphs and formula's on the board and terms that HaeRa had never heard in her entire life. Not to mention the fact that not only was she the sole third year of the other girls but she was also in the same class as Jin. It didn't take HaeRa long to figure out he was the top student at this school. It was written all over his uniform by the arm band he had on. Unlike hers which was for evil purposes his was a good thing.

   She glanced down at her blank worksheet and cringed as the numbers meshed together. It looked like a bunch of squigglies to her. She kept thinking things like 'Is this a 6 or a 9?' or 'Is this 12 or 21?' HaeRa wouldn't have ever agreed to this had she known the classes would be this hard! She just prayed to god the teacher did not call on her.

   "Miss Im. Please come up to the board and solve this differential equation please. Since your the new student, we'll give you the honor of going first." Of course luck was not on her side. It never seemed to be. What was she going to do? What the heck is a differential equation? She had forgotten to take her medication this morning so more numbers were mixed up than normal. 

    She didn't want to tell the whole class of her disability, but she also knew that if she told the teacher she would most likely make a huge spectacle about it. Not to mention that Jin was also in this class, and they already hated her enough, she didn't need to give them a reason to ridicule her too. But what could she do? She didn't know the first step in solving something like this. She had always been in remedial math classes. She's never had anything higher than Algebra II. What was this class called, anyway?

    On the second floor, EunSeo, MinHi, SooRyun, and MiKyung were already situated in the classroom and were in the middle of a lecture. SooRyun and MiKyung had decided to sit next to each other in the front of the class which naturally left EunSeo and MinHi to sit in the back of the class because MinHi would never be caught dead sitting up front. It was funny really, the two were polar opposites and looked like they wouldn't get a long at all but were actually getting along just fine. 

    MiKyung was another story. She could barely keep her head up during the lecture, feeling her vision begin to blur. Her fever was really taking a toll on her body and she wasn't sure she could hold out any longer. She thought she could make it past the first period but it looked like luck was not on her side today. Not wanting to alert the girls of her illness she quickly raised her hand and asked to go to the infirmary. The teacher let her and MiKyung held her head high as she walked out of the classroom. As soon as she made it a safe distance away, she instantly let out a breath as she collapsed against the wall using her left arm for support. She could barely see now but she was smart and thought ahead. She already looked up where the nurses office was.

   Hobbling slowly, MiKyung could feel her consciousness slip further and further away with every step she took. When she finally made it to the stairs, she knew she was about half way there. She didn't know if she'd make it, but she'd try her best. She had to be very careful, her vision and perception were hindered, one wrong move, and she would fall down the steps. "MiKyung!" She heard a shout faintly in the distance. She couldn't hold out anymore as her hand slipped from the railing waiting for the impact of her fall, but it never came. She could feel herself enveloped against something soft and warm, with the faint sent of cinnamon and cigarette smoke. Looking up through hazy eyes, she managed to gasp out a word.

   "N-Nurse...." and then her whole world became dark and her body fell limp.

    Meanwhile on the first floor, Hannah and ByulHee were all smiles and giggles as the teacher gave them the first day free because they were first years. ByulHee bounced in her cushy chair excitedly as she ran her palms over the smooth surface of her desk.

    "This is amazing! My old school had the most uncomfortable desks and they were always covered in graffiti and gum!" Hannah giggled at ByulHee's sincere optimism. She had a point though, things like this didn't exist on the west side except maybe in our wildest dreams.

    "I'm eager to check out the snack bar! I wonder what it's like to eat in such a fancy cafeteria!" Hannah smiled when she thought about Jimin and how she hoped to see him during lunch. The first and second years always had lunch together while the third years had a different lunch period because instead of having six classes like the younger kids, they have five because that sixth period is their obligated study hall for the college entrance exams. They can use that period to study (if they were smart) or slack off (which most students do).

   "How do you think HaeRa is fairing? I saw her schedule this morning and she's in BC Calculus! That's like...above honors. That's like AP! She's taking a college level class? Unnie must be so smart!" If HaeRa was present she would have snorted. If only ByulHee knew how stupid HaeRa actually was.

   "I think that MinHi already got in trouble. She's scary! There's no way she doesn't have detention." The two youngins continued to gossip and chit chat the rest of the period without anything happening. There were only a few rude comments from the Queenka of the first years about those "hidious" arm bands and being outsider's but luckily Hannah and ByulHee didn't take any offense. They were naturally happy people after all.

   "You said you found her on the steps, Nam Joon?" Rap Monster nodded as he glanced at MiKyung. She was sleeping on her back with an IV in her arm to replenish her of fluids and a cold wash cloth was on her head to bring down her fever. The nurse looked through her file and furrowed her eyebrows at the startling information inside. Leukemia? 

   "Are you aware of her illness?" Nam Joon gave the nurse a confused look. Illness? MiKyung looked perfectly healthy yesterday! What illness could she possibly have?

   "What illness?" The nurse frowned. "Her file says that she has Leukemia and that she stopped her treatments two years ago." Rap Mon's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. CANCER? CANCER? MiKyung had cancer? 

   He quickly turned his head back to the girl who was still sleeping. He kept repeating the word cancer in his head. She didn't look sick the other day...how could she be like this? If she stopped treatments...does that mean that she's going to die? Wait...why did he care? He didn't know the girl. Sure, having cancer and he'd never wish that on anyone, but who was he to stop cancer? It was inevitable at this point so why should he care?

   He knew why. Somewhere deep down in his hardened heart was still the innocent little Name Joon from his childhood. His guilt would eat him alive if he just left her here by herself, so he did something he'd deny until his very last breath. He pulled up a chair next to her and continually changed her wash cloth until she woke up.

   Tch. Troublesome girl.

   Back with HaeRa...Jin was in shock. HaeRa had just successfully answered the problem on the board with the correct numbers and work. Jin was confused. HaeRa's file said she was stupid. It said she was a slow learner. How in the HELL did she manage to answer that problem right?

   "Very good Miss Im. Mr. Seok, please show us the next problem." HaeRa quickly scurried back to her seat, making sure to keep her head down. She had almost gotten caught cheating. Thankfully she had a good view of the answer on the teachers desk and had carefully copied the problem. She had only hoped she didn't copy any numbers wrong as she had forgotten to take her medicine this morning which helped her to focus.

   After class, Jin had roughly pulled on HaeRa's arm, making her yelp and nearly fall into his lap as he was still seated in his desk. Jin narrowed his eyes at her.

   "How did you know the answer to that problem? You're supposed to be stupid." HaeRa frowned. She felt insulted. Supposed to be stupid? How did Jin know she had a disability? She never told anyone and wasn't planning to for awhile.

   "How did you know I had a disability?" Jin smirked. "I didn't, but now I do since you just told me." HaeRa internally cursed herself. Okay so she was stupid but that didn't mean she liked hearing it. This was exactly why she wanted to avoid Kim SeokJin and his killer brown eyes and heart stopping smile.

   "I hate you." It was the only comeback she could come up with. She didn't really hate him, she actually kind of liked him, but her pride wouldn't allow her to admit that. Jin smirked and leaned in super close to her so that his nose was barely touching hers.

   "Do you now?" Blushing HaeRa scurried out of the room not waiting for a reply.

  Damn him and his intelligence.




AUTHOR'S NOTE :  Sorry for the long wait!! I have been so busy getting my transfer paper's ready! I'm transferring Universities and going out of state and I totally switched my major so my life's been BUSY AF. Then I got a kidney infection over Spring Break. Anyway as you can see, it's clear that some complicated relationships are forming! I never said it'd be all sunshine and daises did I? haha ALSO due to lsome concerns with smoking and the like...you lovely appliers do realize that this fiction is going to have and some other things. There will be multiple scene's and mature scene's with drinking, smoking, and drugs. Can you handle it? I'm a little nervous if you're a younger reader or are sensitive, but in my forward I warned that this would be a mature fiction so I'm not at fault there and some things are really essential to the plot. I want you all to know that there will be mature scene's in this story so please be prepared and if you cannot handle it please tell me and we can try to work something out. Other than that I wonder what's going to happen next! kekeke  how will Rap Mon react now that he knows of MiKyung's secret? And I know this chapter was focused on HaeRa and MiKyung but that's because they're relevant at this point in time. Each character will get their own screen time as the school day wears on! It's only first period after all :p Tell me your thoughts my darlings!!

  <-------------- Go req. from my friend's shop! :) I'll make you a good trailer I promise! Even though it says 'Busy' you can still req. 



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Namjoon though. Oh boy, I was amused when he jumped at the opportunity to be the one visitor for her when the doctor came out to report on her condition to the collective group. His ensuing conversation with Mikyung was enlightening as well. It really is like they come from two completely separate worlds. Her trying to avoid being a burden- both emotional and financial, and him being incredulous over how seemingly willing she is to just not even fight for her right/chance to live.

and there it is though. The one thing she wants most before she dies. I would cite the movie "a walk to remember" in reference to her believing that there is no chance for someone with.... a permanent expiration date to have someone be willing to love and marry them. That last line from Namjoon's perspective sounds very promising- though saddening. Since, well- I think we all know how Mikyung's story is ultimately going to end. ; ;

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