My Fake Girlfriend


A rock star paired with a future heart surgeon.  What an unlikely pair that has attracted the attention of the whole nation and media.  Little do people know that the relationship is faux.  The relationship was set up by the entertainment company that the rock star is signed under.  The pair will be together for 2 years under the contract that the future surgeon has signed.  2 years of a faux relationship…  Will the phony relationship become a reality or will it just become a memory for the two?


            “Hello, my name is Kang Eunsun.”

            “Tell us more about yourself.”

            “I am currently-”

            The watcher skipped ahead to the next young woman, tired.

            “Hello, my name is Shim Heeyoung.  I am crrently a college student, majoring in Art.”

            “Tell us why we should hire you?”

            “You should hire me because I am hardworking, dedicated, and loyal.”

            “Explain to us how you are loyal.”

            The viewer picked up the young woman’s profile.  He quickly thumbed through the materials, uninterested.  He quickly threw the profile into the “NO” file and skipped ahead.  It was already 2 in the morning and he was still stuck in his office, just trying to find the perfect young woman.  After 53 more minutes of many more recorded interviews of many young women, he pause the video.  He took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair.  Just trying to find a young woman suited for this next project was already too hard.  He is not a chairman at all.  How can he not find at least one young woman to his liking for the project?

            The chairman shook his head, in disbelief.  The only young woman that had made an amazing impression on him was the first young woman on the tape.  His staff members had told him that she was the first one waiting to be interviewed and came in almost an hour early just to wait for it.  The chairman sat up again and grabbed the profile that belonged to the young woman he was thinking about. 

            Her profile was the only one in the “YES” file.  He quickly opened it and scanned the contents of the profile again.  Name: Hwan Seeyang  Age: 22  DOB: 2, March 1990  Hometown: Busan  Education:  DongMin Science High School, Currently a second year at Seoul University

            The chairman reviewed her entire profile again, nodding his head.  He watched the recorded interview and smiled when her section was done.  The chairman has found the young woman he was looking for.


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kiarrahmah #1
Chapter 78: Love this! Seeyang character is really awesome! And now I miss CN Blue. I'm glad I found this story.
it's 2016 and i still come back to read this story once in a while and still love them so so much.
nicolia #3
Chapter 78: Finished for 4th time.... My fave
nicolia #4
Chapter 33: I always cry every time I read this part. Jonghyun say outrageous things to Seyang when he drunk. I'm sad for seeyang :'(
Charmcraft #5
Chapter 78: Thank you so much for finishing this fic. Writing is an agonizing process and finishing any story is like breaking an arm. There are so few Jonghyun and CNBLUE stories online, and I'm so glad to see this fully developed story on here. It's a rare gem on AFF. Thank you.
cherry_nang801 #6
Chapter 78: Actually this is my 4th time reading this amazing story.Thank so much for your hard working as well as sharing with us your beautiful works.Hoping you will write more Jonghyun stories.
megumi-bigbang #7
Chapter 78: You made me stay up until 2 am and i have school in 4 hours.
Im gonna re read this and not sleep
Chapter 78: Omg I finished today and I have to say that this is one of the best fanfics on AFF. Also this my first time reading a Jonghyun story haha. Ahh I'm so sad that it has ended! I'll miss Seeyang and her sweet self (she's too perfect like wow) and Jonghyun of course! /sigh such a lovely guy. Ohhh and the rest of the CNBLUE members as well! Damn they were hella funny XD I have so much more to say but I can't think of it. Lol I should've wrote down everything I thought of after each chapter. Well it was really fun reading this story and I hope that you'll write another Jonghyun story in the future!
nicolia #9
Chapter 78: Sweet...
My favorite,,, <3
I've read it for third time, and I never get bored..
I love this story..
Luv ya authornim <3
owlandsquirrel #10
this is good! Hahaha now i get to imagine how sweet Jonghyun is.
But, sorry, i think some parts are not really necessary.
But again, some parts make me giggle with the sweet and cute action hahahaha
thanks for writting Lee Jonghyun's story author-nim. This is rare.