The Sequel of The Rabbit & The Girl [COMPLETE]

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New life together, new chapter of the fairytale story, love develops even stronger than before. 

The author have so much feels as she wrote this fanfic  T_T

Main Characters.

Kang Rae Ra (You)

25 years old.

Totally the same person as before but she’s more confident now.
Lay’s soulmate.
A successful architecture designer, you own an Architect Company now.


Zhang YiXing/Lay

28 years old.

He will always be in love-struck mode, every time RaeRa smiles.
He’s a popular music producer now.
He still tells lame jokes and still has that amazing cute dimple.


HELLUW!!!! ^^

I, KimmyNurry, present you a SEQUEL of The Rabbit & The Girl! {The chapters is not going to be long kay~ ^_^}

If by any chances that my story has the same storyline as other fanfics, it is purely a coincidence. I don't play dirty, I wrote and write this fanfic purely based on my ideas. So please respect me as a writer and don't try to steal any ideas.

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Credit for the lurvely poster & bg goes to Danhobak @ Poster Paradise Request Shop!



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kiikuu #1
Chapter 4: Waah I finish the first one last night in one go, now I read this after I woke up hihi, this so cute not to much just tge right portion for my taste, oke now go to read your next story ~~
Chapter 4: I love so much this story
Chapter 4: I love so much this sequel :)))
Sara_Scarlett #4
Chapter 2: T.T...I'm so sad that mrs Han had passed away..T.T..but I'm still happy for aera n lay!!^.^
niez_zoldic #5
Chapter 7: Wahhhh!!! Nice story u made here, i really like it.. hope u can make another nice story. Fighting!!!
aquarius2101 #6
Chapter 4: BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!
Wow you live in middle east?? I live there too!! Hellooo! *waves*
jinjee #8
Chapter 5: so happy~~~~~ hehehehe...
Chapter 4: nice sequel :) I really really love all of this!
Chapter 5: I love it! Thnx for finishing this story and the first one too :P