Chapter 4 - (Special!) A Love That Turns Into A Baby. [Final.]

The Sequel of The Rabbit & The Girl [COMPLETE]
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BGM: [Exo-K - Lucky.]

It has been 2 years now that both you and Lay got married. After the honeymoon, your mom couldn’t stop pestering you to conceive a baby. And throughout those years, she kept bringing that topic up. You’d ignore her or just told her that you’re busy.

Both of you really was a busy people, you went abroad most of the time to design buildings, while Lay went abroad to produce music and teach dancing. However; one day, one night and unexpectedly (You know what happened right? Hehe. Youdirtymindedfans. xD)

The next few weeks later on, you kept vomiting every time you smell something or eat something that tasted horrible to you but to normal people it’s a nice smell and delicious food.

At first, you thought that it was just a normal stomach ache but when it gets worse, you kept thinking ‘What’s wrong with me? Am I sick? Or Am I pregnant?’ You asked yourself that.

So, Lay took you to the hospital, he couldn’t stand to see you sick, it just worries him more.

You sit back up properly on the hospital bed, inside the doctor’s room. Lay held your hands and help you get down from the bed.

Both of you now are seated in front of the doctor, across his desk. “When was your last period Mrs. Zhang?” Luckily the doctor was a lady, around 30+ going to 40, so you weren’t too embarrassed to reply back.

“Um…Usually my menstruation cycle starts at every beginning of the month. This month, I’m still waiting.” You explained.

She nods “I see, well, you won’t be having any period for the next 9 months. Why?” The doctor sweetly smiled and continued “Because you are pregnant Mrs. Zhang.”

“Wh-What?” Your emotions were all over the place, it was your hormones that were all over the place. You were happy at one point, shocked at the other point and just speechless at the last point.

You turn to Lay, he was so happy to hear the good news, he gently kiss your cheek. “You’re 3 weeks old.” The doctor checks her calendar “You are due to give birth next year, on April. It could be any day in April, so be careful and be aware.”

“Yes doctor-nim, I will take care of this lady here with very special care.” Lay smiled. It was the second best day of his life.

Both of you were ready to leave when “Oh! I forgot, Mrs. Zhang, if you feel like you’re angry or then you’re sad, it all you hormones that’s working. Mr. Zhang, don’t take it to your heart.” The doctor smiled again.

“Thank you for the heads up.” Lay smile back and both of you left.

As soon as you leave the hospital, Lay called your whole family for a family meeting. Your family definitely was curious about the meeting.

Lay wasted no time, both of you gets in the car, and drove off to your house.

If it’s a family meeting, it doesn’t just involve your family and his, it involves everyone like Exo-K boys and Exo-M boys and that includes JiEun as well.

“So what’s this meeting all about?” Chanyeol asked with a hint of curious. You weren’t ready to tell your family just yet but in your mind, you were dying to tell them.

Lay couldn’t stop smiling from the moment the doctor announced that both of you were going to be parents soon.

“We have something to tell you guys.” Lay said, he sounded teasingly. All of them paid their fully attention to both of you.

Lay look at you, you lock eyes with him and smiled, before you told them, you took a deep breaths “I’m going to be a mom~” The only ones that jumping in joy, physically was your mom, your sister and your best friend JiEun. The rest was guys; their way of showing emotion was just smiling and clapped for congratulation.

Then the boys including your dad, finally came back to earth, emotions were then expressed physically. Your dad stood up and shakes hands with Lay “Congratulation Lay.” He smiled.

Chanyeol gets up from his seat and hug you “Congrats little sis.” And pats Lay’s arm, and gave him a thumb up.

Then everyone started the hugging ceremony. Your mom also couldn’t stop smiling “Will it be a boy or a girl?”

You laughed “Eomma, this little human in me is just 3 weeks old. Be patience.” She smiled sweetly “My dear, if you look at my age and appa’s age, it feels like there’s not

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