Chapter 3 - Wedding Speech. {-SLASH-} First Night Together~

The Sequel of The Rabbit & The Girl [COMPLETE]
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a/n: Yup! Double update for yu my lovely readers~ ^_^

BGM: [Exo-K – Baby.]


Both of you did get back on time before the wedding dinner starts. When you arrived at the hotel, your family and Lay’s family was waiting at the lobby. Lay and you head towards them with a happy face.

Chanyeol and Kris saw how sneaky both of you were and chuckle “Idiot.” Both of them said at the same time but at different spot.

You glare at Chanyeol while Lay smiled “Let’s go to dinner shall we?” Everyone spun around to face both of you and frown.

“Where have you been missy?” Your sister chirped “Let’s get you freshen up first.” She pulled you away from Lay and you pout “You’ll be back to him in a moment.” Everyone chuckle at how lovely you and Lay are.

As you, your sister and JiEun went to the restroom, the boys remained at the lobby, and the rest of the family went to the ballroom, where the other guests are there too.

“Where did you guys go?” Chanyeol narrowed his eyes at Lay. Lay smiled “Just, around Jeju.”

Finally, you’re all set and ready, you left the restroom and meet Lay at the lobby. “Okay, you guys go ahead first.” The boys, Suri eonni and JiEun left you and Lay alone.

“So, Mrs. Zhang, are you hungry?” Lay held out his hand. You giggle and intertwined your fingers in his “Yup, so hungry that I could eat you up alive.” You innocently smiled.

Lay laughed “So soon for a dirty thoughts Mrs. Zhang.” He smirks. You gape and blush fifty shades of red color, you smacked his arm “You are mean. You’re the one who’s having a dirty thoughts right now.” and scrunched your nose.

“I’m a guy, it’s in my nature.” He gently kissed you on the lips “Okay, let’s go eat now.” You smiled and nod.


*Ding-Ding-Ding* A glass was being hit gently by a butter knife, trying to get everyone’s attention. Your dad stood up and raised his glass of water and looks at you and Lay.

“I always thought that my son would be next in line to get married and it never crossed my mind that my youngest daughter would get married seconded to her older sister. However, I am so happy to see my daughter smiling brightly and her eyes sparkled in happiness next to my new son-in-law, every time someone brings up his name, her face would light up and she would talk all the way till morning about him, that’s how much she loves him. Young man, you are the luckiest guy in the world, second to me, to have RaeRa in your life. I know she will bring more joy and happiness in your life tha

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kiikuu #1
Chapter 4: Waah I finish the first one last night in one go, now I read this after I woke up hihi, this so cute not to much just tge right portion for my taste, oke now go to read your next story ~~
Chapter 4: I love so much this story
Chapter 4: I love so much this sequel :)))
Sara_Scarlett #4
Chapter 2: T.T...I'm so sad that mrs Han had passed away..T.T..but I'm still happy for aera n lay!!^.^
niez_zoldic #5
Chapter 7: Wahhhh!!! Nice story u made here, i really like it.. hope u can make another nice story. Fighting!!!
aquarius2101 #6
Chapter 4: BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!
Wow you live in middle east?? I live there too!! Hellooo! *waves*
jinjee #8
Chapter 5: so happy~~~~~ hehehehe...
Chapter 4: nice sequel :) I really really love all of this!
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