Goodbye, Lee Taemin.


Taemin did something that he shouldn't have done. It was an accident before it was guilt, and he soon finds himself ruining the little happiness that he had.

Adreanne basked upon the freedom that she has made for herself, to the point that she forgot about her life as Taemin's docile wife-

And Onew? Onew is just a man in love.


"Say, do you agree that an unrequited adoration towards someone is still very much love even though it's one-sided?" He asked, looking up at her. Her small smile dispersed when she saw his misty eyes. His Adam's apple bobbed when he swallowed the lump that was starting to form in his throat. A hand reached out to cup his strong jaw and her thumb wiped away a drop of tears before it could trickle down his cheek. More tears started flowing, and she felt at loss now. The trail of tears left on his smooth skin glistened under the dim lights. It made her heart ache.


"Of course," Her feathery light voice trembled a little. "That doesn't make it less of a love." He closed his eyes to indulge in the comfort that the gentle caress of her thumb left on his skin - for the last time. He wanted tonight to last forever, but nothing will be able to stop the world from keep rotating on its axis. He shouldn't be selfish, right?


"Then go back to your home, Adreanne. I will love you from afar."



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