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Hello, authors and readers, are you in need of or looking for an advertiser for your stories? Look no further. My name is affadvertiser and I will advertise stories in exchange for karma points. I have reasonable prices. So, whether you want me to advertise yours or an(other) author's story that you think deserves more readers, I can do it for you. The process to request advertising is a very simple process. Read below to find out how. Have a wonderful day wherever you are. Stay healthy and safe. Happy reading.

With the warmest regards,




  1. Comment and fill out the advertisement below in the comment section or if you wish you may message your advertisement form to me. However, if you're going to message me please make sure that I can reply you.
  2. Payment must be made ahead of time. 1 karma point per wall. (I will message you when I complete your request and provide you the usernames as well). This is subject to change in the future.
  3. Once payment is received I will then advertise your story on walls.
  4. Refunds will be given back if I find that I am unable to fulfill the requested wall amount.
  5. Do not rush me, I have a life beyond this website and will complete your request in a timely manner as best as I can.
  6. Use my banner and give me credit in your foreword of the story you had me advertise. Banner link.
  7. Subscription and upvotes are not mandatory but I would appreciate it if you did.

Please note: I am not responsible if people choose to erase and remove the ad I had placed on their walls from their walls for whatever reason. Also, I am not responsible if the people I had advertised to are already subscribers to the story you are requesting for because I am not going to filter through your subscriber lists even if they available to view.

In the case that you are not satisfied with my services or have changed your mind, just message me and I will return you your karma points for the wall posts that I have not yet made. Any that were already made will be kept and not returned, no exceptions. Those ads will remain posted on those walls. I will not exchange those ads to a different story either, that will have to be a new request.


Advertisement form:


type of advertisement: story - shop - roleplay - contest - etc.

story link:

message (how you want me to advertise, please note I may alter this or make adjustments and edits slightly as I see fitting to make it sound like I am the one advertising it rather than it coming from you, this can be a quote from your story or what you have in your foreword, up to you and what you see fit for ads. This should be a brief summary of your story to entice readers and not something long and boring. However, I will not change your grammar for I am not a proofreader or editor, I am merely advertising and will focus on that mostly).:

number of wallposts desired: 


Note: I only advertise with wallposts. I will also include an advertisement for my services to spread awareness of it. If you mind my doing this, then please do not request. Thank you have a good day.

Halloween promos are over! But do not worry! It is Thanksgiving soon! 1/2 price deal is still on!!!
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