Rebound Girl


Hello! It's SeunYi! I am currently finishing up my most recent fic so I guess I'm going to start this oneshot (kind-of....maybe not. It's gonna be short though!) Thanks & I hope you enjoy! ^^


Kim Sunggyu and Hwang Eun Yul has been best friends since high school. Kim Sunggyu has become the leader of the current hottest boyband Infinite while Yul is pursuing her dream to become a makeup artist. Being an idol isn't easy for Sunggyu since its so fast paced. Whenever he's upset, Yul is always there to make him happy. Soon he and Sistar's Soyu become a hot item and he is happy, but little did he know Soyu was only using him for popularity. Once again it is no other than Yul who helps him during this time the most. Yul has been in love with him since the day they met and has always loved him regardless of all his relationships he has been in. When will he understand her heart? Will he ever understand?




Kim Sunggyu

Age: 24

Leader of Infinite & has a beautiful voice


Hwang Eun Yul (Yul)

Age: 24

Cosmetology Student/ Sunggyu's best friend



Loving him. Why? She didn't know, all she knew was she loved him with all her heart, secretly hoping he would feel the same way. Is it time to give up? She didn't know the answer to that either.


Poster: Thanks to Beauty Lies Within Graphic Shop/Jjang-Uljjang007 for the poster, they did a great job!  Check them out!

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Chapter 8: waaa that was so good!! I loved the story and I loved the song you added. I hadnt heard it yet but I'm in love with it now. Absolutely beautiful (I'm going to go try and find a live version of it...there has to be one somewhere, right?) I'll go check out the sequel!
onbaekchen #2
Chapter 7: I REALLY LOVE IT!! In fact i was a bit teary :') good job!