Personal Message

Hi! I'm SeunYi (: If you have any requests please let me know and If I can, I'll write and entire fic for you! (:

About Me

In here I'll use my username Seun Yi (: I am a beginning writer and I hope to write great stories in the future. I am a BIG kpop fan and that is why I am here! My fav groups anre MBLAQ, Secret, SJ & Infinite (: Feel free to leave me advice and tips but if you have nothing nice to say, then don't leave anything at all.

I strongly believe that everyone here thinks super hard about plots and characters so please do NOT plaigarize!  It took the author alot of work to come up with a story so please respect that! Also, I myself will NOT be copying anyone's story ideas. If ours are similar then it is purely coincidental!

Thanks & enjoy my fanfics (: