Rebound Girl

Yul & Sunggyu sang their hearts out at Karaoke that night. They sang various Infinite songs as well as MBLAQ and many others. Sunggyu pushed Yul up and made her sing a solo. She picked a random song and the song that popped up on screen shocked her.

Yurisangja- Can I Love You

Sunggyu started clapping and smiling like an idiot as the song started. It was only a song but it felt like it would really give her away.

"I don't want to" She said and the music stopped, her heart still beating fast. She took a step towards Sunggyu and handed him the mic. He started at her lost but then shrugged it off. He got up and wrapped an arm around her neck.

"Aigoo! Is my friend scared she'll sound bad in front of me?" He smiled as he pulled her in for a head lock and she tried to pull away but Sunggyu wouldn't let go.

"Yah! Let go!" She screamed as she tried to pull of his arms but it made them both lose their balance and fall face first to the ground. Yul fell on top of Sunggyu and he still had his arms around her. They stared into eachother's eyes for what felt like an eternity. Soon the trance broke as the lights  telling them their time was over and Yul literally jumped off him. She straightened her shirt and fixxed her hair.

"Yah, why are you being so wierd" Sunggyu broke the silence. Yul looked at him and punched him in the arm.

"You started it first!" She filled her cheeks with air as she tried to hide her red face.

Sunggyu walked her all the way home. As they reached her house she turned to him.

"Feeling better?" She tried to smile to Sunggyu, hoping she helped just a bit.

He smiled and nodded.

"Thanks, what would I do without a friend like you" He said softly as he ruffled her hair, taking off right after because he knew she hated it. He turned around as he was running to wave bye.

Yul touched her hair and watched as Sunggyu disappeared around the corner. The last word hit her hard.


The thought lingered in her head as she went to bed that night. Just a friend, no more, no less.

The next few days were smooth. The same typical thing happened each day, she got up, went to work, talked with Sunggyu, sometimes meet up and then back home.

This day, Yul was not expecting what was coming. She was working when the news came on and a familiar face showed on the TV.

[BREAKING] Infinite's Kim Sunggyu & SISTAR's Soyu admit to dating!

Yul dropped the cup she was holding as she stared at the headlines. The cup shattered into many pieces. She quickly bent down to pick them up and cut her finger.

"Gyu dating again?" She whispered to herself. He had always talked about SISTAR's Soyu but she never thought they would actually be dating. Sunggyu had always liked her and once they were together, Yul felt as if she had lost him already before he was even hers.

As she closed that day she heard a familiar voice, this time sounding very happy.

"Yul!!!!" She turned around to see him semi running towards her and waving. She forced herself to smile and wave back.

"Did you hear about it? Soyu likes me! I like her too! And now we're official" He said as he stopped in front of her. She smiled weakly.

'Neh, but really, Gyu you are too fast!" She jokingly punched him.

" friend, you need to find a boy soon!" He ruffled her hair and she brushed his hand away and just smiled.

"I do.." She said as she looked down at her feet.

"You do? Who?! Tell me!" his voice was demanding and Yul just sticked her toungue out at him.

"You'll never ever know! besides, you can't ever know!" She said as she walked away. Sunggyu walked her home and kept asking nonstop who this man was. As she arrived at her house, he left. She watched his familiar back as he walked away.

"Aish, pabo....that person is you" She whispered and a tear slipped.

Yul didn't work the next day but her sleep was distracted when her phone rang. She looked at it and it was only 6AM.


She picked up the phone and answered, sleepy yet frustrated.

"Yah. Why are you calling me so early on my only day off?" She said into the phone.

"Well....Ahnyeong to you too. Are you awake? " His voice was lively and Yul smiled slightly, picturing his smiling eyes.

"What do you want?"

"I need you for today? Can I have you for today?"

Yul's heartbeat quickened and she sat up. Is this a confession?

"Yah. Answer me? Can you help me? I need you in terms of help!"

Who was she kidding?

"Yeh....what do you need me to do?"

"Get ready, I'll be there in 15!" He hung up and Yul looked at the clock. She jumped out of bed and tried to clean herself up within 15 minutes.

Sunggyu arrived in his manager's car and picked up Yul.

"Where are we going?" She asked, still slightly asleep.

"The mall. It's best when its not opened yet"

"Why are we going to the mall?" Yul asked confused.

"You'll see" he said as he smiled.

Once they arrived they walked into a woman's boutique.

"I need you to try on dresses for me" he confessed and she glared at him.

"Yah, I'm not your doll. You wake me up early so I can try on dresses? I'm too tired!" She pouted but was secretly happy. Why did he want her to try on dresses? Were they going somewhere special?

'Please, it's important." He begeed and Yul nodded slowly. The saleslady took Yul into a stall with a rack of dresses.

"I'll be here waiting!" he said as the doors closed. Sunggyu sat on a chair outside the changing area. He held his hands together hoping he'll like what he sees.

After about 30 minutes Yul have tried on at least 15 different dresses but none of them were to Sunggyu's liking. he either nodded or pretended to belch when he saw the dresses. There was only one more and Yul had lost confidence. She tried on the dress and took a deep breath.

"Gyu, you better like this one! It's the last one!" She yelled before she turned the corner.


He looked at her and his gaze froze on ehr, she looked beautiful in this dress. Yul was kind of shy since Sunggyu has never really stared at her before.

"Do you like it?" Yul asked as she struck a pose. Sunggyu smiled and looked for the saleslady.

"I want this one!"

"what size?"

Sunggyu looked at Yul and then walked over.

"I have to try something" He pulled her into a hug, his arms wrapped around her waist. She pushed him away due to the sudden attack but he held her tight.

"Wait a moment!" He said. Yul's enitre face was burning, the close contact made her feel weak. She could feel the warmth from his chest and smell his cologne.

It smelled good. Soon he broke away.

"Just on size bigger" He said and the saleslady nodded. Yul was confused.

"Why a size bigger?" She asked confused.

"Oh, because it's for Soyu"

The words hit ehr like bullets. She felt happy all morning thinking he was starting to understand her. She felt hurt and embarassed to have even thought about Sunggyu loving her. She turned away to hide her tears as she walked back to the changing room. When she walked back out he had already paid and had the bag in his hand. He smiled at her and she tried to smile back.

"Do you think she'll like it?' he asked as he looked in the bag. Yul was trying her best not to sound hurt.

"Ye, it's a beautiful dress, I'm sure she'll like it"



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Chapter 8: waaa that was so good!! I loved the story and I loved the song you added. I hadnt heard it yet but I'm in love with it now. Absolutely beautiful (I'm going to go try and find a live version of it...there has to be one somewhere, right?) I'll go check out the sequel!
onbaekchen #2
Chapter 7: I REALLY LOVE IT!! In fact i was a bit teary :') good job!