Rebound Girl

They arrived at Inkigayo and Yul got to work. She along with another girl, Da Ran, applied makeup for the boys. She quickly got through the boys and Sunggyu was last. He sat down and laughed.

"Dn't poke my eyes out?" He said as Yul picked up a foundation brush. She eyed him and he shielded himself with his hands.

"You'can't hurt me, we're about to go on stage" He said and Yul smiled. She pinched his nose.

"You think I don't dare?" She started laughing as Sunggyu tried to avoid her fingers.

"Oppa!" A voice came from the doorway and they both stopped. Yul noticed Sunggyu's face brightened.

"'You're here" He said as he got up and walked to the door. Yul turned around.

Soyu. She eyed Yul up and down with a disgusted look. Sunggyu walked to her and she smiled slyly as she grabbed his arm.

"Who is this person?" She asked him eyeing Yul. Yul had never seen Soyu in person before, she did admit Soyu was pretty but her attitude was quite ugly.

"it's our makeup artist" Sunggyu said. Yul waited for him to introduce her as his best friend but after a long silence it seems that's not going to happen.

"Ahnyeong, My name is Hwang Eun Yul, call me Yul, I'm infinite's makeup artist" Yul bowed and introduced herself. She waited for Soyu's introduction but recieced no reply.

"Oppa, it's just your makeup artist, don't act too close or else they'll be rumours" She said as she pecked him on the cheek and then left. Yul looked at Sunggyu, hurt. She waited for him to say that she was his best friend, that she knew him well but no reply from Sunggyu.

"Don't worry, I don't know him, I'm only his makeup artist" Yul said as she smiled at the couple and turned away. As she turned she noticed Sunggyu's hurt expression.

'Served him right' She muttered under her breath.

After Soyu left Sunggyu found her. She started to apply his make up. The atmosphere was awkward.

"Y..yah.." He said after sometime. She didn't say anything.

"Why are you being like this?" He asked as he looked at her. She started to hum to herself and ignored him. After no reply he grabbed her worst and looked at her, his intense glare scaring her somewhat. Sunggyu's eye never got this angry unless he was really angry.

"I'm just your makeup artis" She said as she pulled her hand out of his grasp. "You're done, now go change." She started putting the make up away and she heard Sunggyu sigh as he got up to get changed.

After the show she helped the boys get out of their makeup, still giving Sunggyu the cold shoulder. She has never been this angry at Sungggyu and she feels she shouldn't be. she couldn't help but feel hurt after what happened although it may seem like nothing.

After the activites that day she said goodbye to the members and left. As she was about to get out a hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her into a nearby corner. Sunggyu.

" Hwang Eun Yul, why are you being this way?" he asked with a stressed voice. Yul looked at him and said nothing.

"Okay, okay...I'm sorry about this morning. I just started datin her, Yul. I didn't want her to have bad thoughts. A guy having a girl as a best friend will make his girlfriend insecure" he said as he rubbed his hear. Yul laughed, she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Gyu, is it really that, or are you just embarassed?" she asked looking at the ground, although she could sense Sunggyu's hurt.

"It's not that Yul, stop having such a narrow mind, think on my behalf will you?" He said with a slighlty annoyed tone. Yul was hurt at his words and he knew it.

"Yul..." he said realizing what he said hurt her

"Narrow mind? I help you in very way I can whenever you're sad and this is what I get?  No, you're the one with the narrow mind Gyu, you've always run to me when you have problems but have you ever been there for me? I'm really a fool..." She stopped because she couldn't say anymore due to the tears.

"Yul...I didn't mean it....." He said and Yul shook her head. " Sorry...I.."  He reached out to her.

She pulled away from him and gave him a look that was unexplainable. She left and Sunggyu stood there dumbfounded at what just happened. He rubbed the back of his neck and kicked the wall in frustration.

Yul walked home through the dark night. How could Sunggyu say that to her? She was confused and unsure what to do. She didn't want their relationship to end this way.

The next day Yul hesistated to open the door to the room where the boys where. Taking a deep breath she closed her eys and opened the door to find ony 3 of the boys, Hoya, L and Sungyeol. She was confused and looked at her watch.

"Oh Noona, you're her" They all said as they got up to greet her.

"Where is everyone else?" She asked looking around the empty room.

"Da Ran-noona did their makeup already but we wanted you so here we are" Hoya said as he smiled brightly. Yul was confused but she smiled and got to work anyways.

After she was done with the three boys Sunggyu walked in. He looked at her but she looked away, not wanting to make eye contact. He didn't attempt to talk to her.

"Kids, get ready. We're on after this" He said and then walked out. Yul hated this so much. She and Sunggyu was never mad at eachother and this was hard on her. She sighed and smiled, telling the boys to leave.

She stood by the stage as the boys performed, her eyes glued onto Sunggyu.

"If I tell you now, you will just grow even more distant right?" She said quietly to herself.



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Chapter 8: waaa that was so good!! I loved the story and I loved the song you added. I hadnt heard it yet but I'm in love with it now. Absolutely beautiful (I'm going to go try and find a live version of it...there has to be one somewhere, right?) I'll go check out the sequel!
onbaekchen #2
Chapter 7: I REALLY LOVE IT!! In fact i was a bit teary :') good job!