The Angel's Lover


Yoo Sung was the appointed guardian angel to Kim Sunggyu, who was non other than th leader of INFINITE. Yoo Sung has always been with Sunggyu since the beginning. Sunggyu has never seen her until the day that he begins training for Infinite's debut Come Back Again and that is when the feelings start to mix in. But as any other situation, love between immortal and mortal is not possible? How will their fate end?




Kim Sunggyu.042889.Leader of INFINITE.


Yoo Sung. A sweet angel that has a heart of gold and will do anything it takes to protect Sunggyu.






Ahnyeong!! It's me, SeunYi!! Another fanfic for my GyuGeeGee Lovers! I know it seems like I have been lacking on my MBLAQ fics lately but I am trying hard too! It's hard when you just love them all! Please ENJOY!



This fic will take course throughout Infinite's career beginning with their debut Come Back Again! So sorry to all the Inspirits out there if I make mistakes but I am a new fan so I will try to follow through some of the events in order as best I can! Please feel free to point out my mistakes if I am off! I will also be doing research!


Thanks to KPOPxxAADDAAxx4EVA from  ღ ♥ Sueweetie's Boutique ✿ Graphics-Layouts-Reviews ♥ ღ  for making my poster! I am in LOVE with it because it's so beautiful T_T

Here's their LINK! Definitely check them out if you need a poster for your fanfic!


This fic will try to revolve around events that happened to Infinite, but most of it will be entirely made up to fit the format of the story! Do not take anything seriously as it may not be completely true! I will use some actual people and names but like I stated before, it is all from my imagination and I do not OWN anything (Infinite, Woollim etc)

Please understand and have fun reading!


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