Rebound Girl

Yul walked home with a heavy heart. For Soyu? All her efforts were for Soyu? She was envious of Soyu. Sunngyu had to leave right after so she told him she'll walk home. As she was walking someone suddenly covered her eyes. She tried to turn around but the person held her tight.

"Yah! This isn't funny! Who is it?!" She yelled at the stranger, but then heard a familiar laugh. The stranger let go and she turned around.

Hoya. He and Yul were also very close although Yul was older. She had met him through Sunggyu and they had bonded better than the others.

"Hoya! What are you doing?" She smiled as she lightly hit his arm. He just smiled back.

"Why are you sulking?" he asked and Yul blushed. Did he know?

"What are you talking about? who's sulking?" She said as she walked away. Hoya followed her.

"Noona, your actions are quite clear. Anyone can tell what your thinking" He said but she stopped walking.

"Really?" She said as she covered her face. So Sunggyu could read her face? No, it was impossible.

"Hoya, why are you even here?" She asked realizing it was in the middle of the day.

"I had nothing to do" He said as he shrugged his shoulders, "Noona, what are you doing today?"

"Nothing." She sighed, remembering this morning.

"Let's hangout then?" He smiled and grabbed her hand. Before she could protest he took off towards Han River.

For some reason today there was barely anyone around there. Hoya rented a couple bike and they rode it for a bit and then sat on the bank.

"Noona, can I ask you something?" Hoya suddenly said and Yul nodded.

"Noona, there's actually someone I really like...." He looked away.

"Ah, that sided love?" Yul said as she looked at the river. Hoya turned to her.

"You know?" He asked as his eyes widened.

"Ah, of course everyone experiences that" She put her chin on her knees as she stared at the sky. She looked ad him after a while.

"Hoya, it may be hard to believe, but Noona's in that same position" she said as she smiled hopelessly.

"Really? Noona, you?" Yul nodded. "Who is it Noona?" He asked and Yul froze for a moment.

"Tell me who you like first" She said as she smiled at him. He looked away, as if he had seen a ghost.

"Just....Just...a...Nooona" he said as he tried to sit up straight. Yul looked at him an laughed. Hoya turned to her.

"Why are you laughing/!" He pouted at her and she waved her hand to apologize.

"Aigoo, Howon, you're so cute I think any noona will like you" She said as she stood up.

"Noona! You didn't tell me yours!" He got up after her. Yul turned to the river and then to Hoya.

"I love the impossible, Hoya" She said sadly and looked at the evening sky. "But it's okay, all that matters is he is happy" She said as she walked home, Hoya following her and constantly asking her about who she liked.

Yul arrived to class the next day only to be greeted by a surprise.

"Hwang Eun Yul! You have been chosen!" Her instructor hugged her tightly. She was confused.

"For what?" She asked as the instructor pulled away.

"To work with Infinite! Just your luck! The images of your work you sent in had amazed Woollim and they want you as their makeup artist!"

Yul couldn't believe what she was hearing. Makeup Artist? At Woollim? With Infinite..Sunggyu? She smiled as she yelled out in happiness. She would be closer to Sunggyu!

She hurriedly packed up her desk and left with her instructor in her car to Woollim for some paperwork.

Infinite sat in the waiting room in Woollim waiting to meet their new makeup artist. The last one had been laid off because of an injury and they found a permanent replacement.

"Hyung, who do you think it'll be?" Sungjong asked as he nudged L. L shrugged and turned to Sungyeol. Sungyeol also shrugged. After a little while a knock was heard and Sunggyu got up to open the door. He took a deep breath as he fixed his hair and worked on his working voice. He opened the door and began to greet the person but then froze.

"Ahnyeong!" Yul waved at him and he just stared at her, his mouth still opened.

"Yah, aren't you going to move aside?!" She asked but after no indication of moving she shoved him aside and went in. He quickly followed after.

Infinite was surprised to see Yul. They all greeted her and Hoya especially was happy. He hugged her tightly and Sunggyu pulled him of. He stood in front of Yul as if he was her shield.

"Yah! You guys, I know we all know Yul but we can't act like this! let's be professional!" he said, Yul was secretly hoping that she really heard that hint of jealousy in his voice.

Yul giggled and pushed Sunggyu away.

"Don't listen to him, let's just be normal!" She said as the boys all grinned at her. Yul looked at her copy of Infinite's schedule.

"You guys have a music show today, let's go!" She said as she opened the door.

"Noona! Do my makeup first?" The boys fought over who would be first the entire ride.



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Chapter 8: waaa that was so good!! I loved the story and I loved the song you added. I hadnt heard it yet but I'm in love with it now. Absolutely beautiful (I'm going to go try and find a live version of it...there has to be one somewhere, right?) I'll go check out the sequel!
onbaekchen #2
Chapter 7: I REALLY LOVE IT!! In fact i was a bit teary :') good job!