I'd Sing For You


Kim Jongin knows nothing but dance, and he wouldn't have it any other way. For years, fans, top choereographers, and judges all have said he was made to dance, he was given a gift. But was it by mistake? Because why else would it be taken away now? Jongin doesn't understand and he finds himself unable to bear it. It's unfair. What did he do wrong? Why is he being punished? Can he ever adapt? Perhaps with the help of one who doesn't utter a word...



I maaaaaaajorly at writing descriptions. So yeah, sorry~? ^^ I don't think this will be a very long fic, but who knows, it may be able to be stretched out if I decide to include more things, etc; Look forward to it~!


He took a deep breath to ease his mind and pressed play. Music flowed out of the speakers in the room and he swayed to the slow beat. A symbol clash with the nod of his head and he opened his mouth to sing along, but stopped himself by biting down on his lower lip. The man's voice was beautiful, it had a bit of edge but was still fitting the gentle flow of the song just right. The higher notes were hit uncharacteristically delicately, sounding as if they were a struggle to reach them, when the artist clrealy had no trouble hitting higher notes. The song was different from his usual stuff, not even close to the R&B style that was his genre.

The man in the room bowed his head as a tear broke free from his eyes and ran down his cheek. He wanted to yell, scream, beat something up. The pain inside him was boiling and was threatening to overflow and burst out of his heart. More tears fell down when he realised even if he tried to scream there wouldn't be a sound. He quickly stopped the song, deciding he was just torturing himself by it. Curling up on the couch next to him, he silently cried himself to sleep.

It was the only record of his he hadn't burned.

Ah~ there's one day of school left! I will be able to update as soon as i finish my last final~ thank you!


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Chapter 10: I really enjoyed reading this! Kyungsoo and Jongin's relationship is so adorable and loving! Wonderful fic!
jisova #2
Chapter 10: this fanfic is great...it short but im satisfied...
Chapter 10: hey I loved this fic! the emotions were awesome because we could feel their pain, difficulties, happiness...

It was interesting to see how two people got to meet because of a fan/idol's relationship then it changed to being friends and then to being more than that hehe

My fav chapter is the last one because it ended this fic beautifully! Jongin discovering who was the artist singing his fav song and finally noticing that Kyungsoo understood what he was going through when he was having difficulties to dance... was just what we needed to conclude this fic without any rushing from u... :)

And the last few lines were so beautiful!! I loved it ♥
Chapter 9: Aw, the last part killed me. SO FLUFFY AND SWEET!
But internally, I'm crying because Jongin's condition is getting worse. T^T
dernyy #6
Chapter 8: This chapter was particularly well written. Good job.
Kakaoo #7
Chapter 8: Is jongin's leg getting worser now? This part...i hate ;( but i love the way he man up himself to confess to kyungsoo! It's really...manly? Haha.

Good job authornim|~ hwaiting!
Chapter 8: Le gasp. Just knowing Jongin has a hard time to walk breaks my heart (it must be breaking Kyungoo's heart too). T^T
Aw, Kyungsoo taught Jongin the wrong signs because it meant something more different and meaningful. That's so touching and cheesy.
Man, I hoped they would've shared beds...
Chapter 7: This is heart wrenching, but you capture the emotions on the dot. I love all the Kaisoo fluffiness.
I nearly sobbed when Kai danced one more time, but dedicated it to Kyungsoo. ;A;
I hope you update soon! :)
Chapter 4: I cry when d.o tell Kai he's mute ... And YEAYYYY for Kaisoo moments!!!