If EXO Were Doctors


EXO AU - Hospital Life

Just a little drabble-like thing I wrote for my tumblr friend. :3


Note: I did not create the base idea for this. I read a post and wanted to write it! I also did not follow these exact guidelines~. Nor did I write much about certain members because I wanted to make this short.

Suho: The hospital director. Can't ever keep his staff under control, but insists on holding weekly meetings with team building exercises. Attendance has been poor. 
Kris: The y neurosurgeon with a soft spot for that emo looking kid down at the morgue. It's an unspoken rule: unless you are said emo boy, don't talk to the guy until he's had his morning coffee. 
Kai: The gynaecologist who makes all his noona patients swoon. Enjoys cornering a certain wide-eyed nurse into the supply room. 
Xiumin: The pediatrician who is all too often mistakened to be a medical resident.
Chanyeol: The never quiet, always smiling paramedic, who is crushing on the chief nurse.
Lay: The forgetful family medicine doctor. If he remembers to bring his white coat, he forgets his stethoscope. Remembers stethoscope, forgets the white coat. Often seen running around without either.
Luhan: The cardiothoracic surgeon who got lucky last night. A pretty boy with a baby face to die for. Nurses dote on him. Patients fawn over him. Still has not come to terms with his uality.
Tao: The morgue attendant with a deathly aura. Enjoys taking late night strolls around the hospital. 
D.O: The poor OB/GYN nurse who gets ually harassed by Kai. 
Sehun: The new intern, who discovers that the one night stand partner he left behind this morning is actually his attending physician. He then proceeds to confront said person in the elevator. Intense make out session ensues.
Baekhyun: The chief nurse who enjoys all the attention he can get from his admirers. A sadist, really.
Chen: The psychiatrist who, in his professional opinion, is convinced that some, if not all, of his coworkers should sit down for a one-on-one session with him.

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