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She just finished watching Aespa's recent video "Drama" as she started doing the choreo as she nailed it a couple of times when her father came inside and asked " when are you coming to eat dinner with us?" She stops the video and said " sorry dad, I'm on my way!" She puts her laptop to sleep and closes it and sets it aside as she got in her comfortable clothes and heads with her father...

Outside of SM Entertainment...

Karina, Giselle, Ningning, and Winter were just taking a breather when Kai and Baekhyun saw them and asked them " what brings you four out here in the cold?" Giselle said " we are waiting for our 5th member!" Baekhyun nods as Kai asked him " is there a 5th member in Aespa?" Baekhyun said " who knows, we will find out!" Kai nods and both head inside...

Will they find out who's the 5th member?


Ok my head keeps coming up with new stories and I promise that I'll keep my mind busy in adding new chapters to my other ones... If anyone knows anything about my account cutegurl12 it's mine, what happened is that I accidentally logged out and I don't remember the password and I tried resetting my password with my old email that I rarely have access to so please if anyone could help me with it, I'll return the favor please


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