Kim Vs Yoo

One Snowy Day
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Severe cramping makes Jimin don’t want to leave bed at all. The doctor didn’t joke when she warned Jimin that the symptom would get worse.

She now cannot get up without Minjeong help at all, and it is just week nine of the pregnancy. It would be understandable if these symptoms happened in the third trimester, but she was still in the first one.

Jimin's lower abdomen is gently covered with a heat pack wrapped in a towel by Minjeong. ‘Baby, is this okay?’

She chose to work from home today even though Jimin had assured her everything would be fine.

‘You can remove the towel’ Jimin stated, her voice sounded so weak, and Jimin could see Minjeong's face frowning. ‘I'm fine’ she reassured the younger one for millions time.

‘You’re not fine baby’ Minjeong argued, ‘and the towel stay, if not your skin might burn’

At least seeing this side of Minjeong being so concerned about her makes Jimin's heart swell, making her feel proud and grateful at the same time to be blessed with a kind and thoughtful partner in her life.

Patting the space beside her, ‘jagi lies down.’ And when Minjeong does, Jimin takes the younger hand and wraps it around her body as she lies on her left side, facing her girlfriend. 'Jagi, hug me’ she demanded cutely.

Seriously, a pregnant Jimin will be the death of Minjeong. That cuteness that Minjeong never saw in the past now happens so naturally while they are together.

Minjeong adjusted her position to make both of them comfortable and firmly embraced Jimin in her arms.

‘wuuu’ Jimin squeezed Minjeong's biceps. ‘Is this the result of morning workouts??’ she teased. Her stomach is cramping and it hurts like hell but she still wants to tease the younger one.

Minjeong cackled at Jimin's antics, who would think Jimin is good at teasing. Pulling her girlfriend up close so she can give a peck on Jimin's button nose. ‘What’s with my baby today hmm? She doesn’t stop teasing me’

‘Because…’ Jimin is rubbing her chin, acting like she needs to think hard for this one, staring at the ceiling, then her lips stretch into a wide smile, and she looks straight into Minjeong sharp eyes. 'Someone has been frowning all day’ she bopped Minjeong's nose.

Stunned by Jimin pointing out her mood for today, Minjeong decided to look away for a moment before locking eyes with her girlfriend, who patiently waited for her response.

Minjeong admitted her mood has been sour since she opened her eyes for the day. It's just that there will be a day like this.. She does not know how to explain, but sometimes … she wants to stay in bed and isolate herself from the rest of the world.

She tried to mask it by acting busy and tending Jimin, guess her girlfriend still notices her sour mood since they have been living together for quite a while now.

‘Nothing.’ she half lied, ‘I just feeling a bit blue today, we all have that day.’ She reasoned with her not so honest nothing. Minjeong doesn’t know who she is trying to convince that everything is fine here, is it to convince Jimin or herself?

She knew it was a white lie but Jimin decided not to push her girlfriend, she knows when Minjeong is ready to talk, the younger one will look for her. ‘I know’ she kissed Minjeong's jaw and rested her head on the younger shoulder.

Minjeong moved to lie on her back, making Jimin the one hugging her right now. They engulfed in a silence, it was not an awkward silence. They never experience an awkward silence anymore … just a comfortable one.

Looking back at their relationship, how much they have come, Minjeong's eyes well up in tears as each memory runs through her mind.

She used to call Jimin by her name and now she calls her a baby. Minjeong can't recall the last time she addressed Jimin by name.

Blinking her tears away, ‘Jimin’ she tested it on her tongue, she wanted to remember how Jimin's name sounded with her voice. Her calm and deep voice.

Her sudden call makes Jimin stare at her like she has another head growing.

‘Why are you calling me by my name?’ Jimin asked, she sounded upset because Minjeong didn’t use their endearment.

Minjeong chuckled at how hard her girlfriend was frowning at her. ‘I just want to call your name,’ she pinched Jimin's right cheek. ‘Don’t get upset baby’

Minjeong eyes still stare at the plain ceiling, while Jimin eyes are glued to Minjeong's face. They fall into a moment of silence, only sound Jimin hears right now is Minjeong's calm breathing and the younger heartbeat.


‘Remember our first night?’ Minjeong breaks the silence, her question takes both of them back to that time.

‘We had dinner with my parents too that night.’

Jimin nodded, she doesn't want Minjeong to say anything about the following scene since it's embarrassing, and she can feel her cheeks heating up just thinking about that night.

Taking a deep breath ‘That night…’ she breathed out, ‘it was the first time I ever felt someone truly understand me’

‘I just, feel like you really needed me that night’ Jimin explained the reason behind her action that sacred night. Her decision to stay by Minjeong's side and let Minjeong take her.

‘I did need you,’ Minjeong intertwined her hand with Jimin's hand, which rested on her abdomen. ‘I feel like finally someone sees me as just Kim Minjeong, a human being.’ Again, Minjeong let out a long sigh while playing with Jimin's fingers. ‘Not as an heir, not as a partner, but just Minjeong. A vulnerable Minjeong, just like everyone else … I have my sins, yet you sat by my side and offered me your comfort that night.’ Closing her eyes, Minjeong doesn’t want Jimin to read her eyes as she says, ‘I want to stay that night –

‘Minjeong…’ Jimin caress Minjeong abs, she noticed Minjeong got choked up in tears. ‘It’s all in the past, jagi, I have my fault too that night, hmm?’

Hiding her face by placing her arm over her eyes ‘It was your first Jimin.’

‘shhh… jagi, let me be the one who has mood swings during pregnancy, okay?’ Jimin joked, she tightened her grip on Minjeong's hand. suppressing her groan because it’s hurting as she pushes herself to sit on the bed just to have a proper look at Minjeong's face.

She takes Minjeong's hand away so she can wipe away Minjeong's tears. ‘Jagiya, why are you crying over that?’

Minjeong shook her head. ‘I don’t know, I just felt overwhelming.’ Freeing her hand from Jimin's grasp, she placed it on Jimin's tummy. ‘I never knew we gonna have a kid together baby, it felt like a dream to me’

Now Jimin feels like crying too because Minjeong brought a dream into their conversation. Honestly, it never crossed her mind too that one day she would be expecting a child with Minjeong. A person never knows what is going to happen the next second in their life.

But Jimin knows what will happen a split second later when she wraps her fingers around Minjeong's collars and leans down to kiss the younger one.

Pulling away, both of them are panting because of the passionate make out.

‘Told you’ Jimin whispered, still catching her breath as she spoke, ‘Just kiss me, and I’ll make you forget about everything else but us.’ Now lying flat on her back, she is tired. It was just a make out, and Jimin felt like dying here.

‘Baby’ Minjeong propped up her upper body to check up on Jimin. ‘As much as I like the kiss, please mind your condition next time’ Minjeong chuckled when Jimin was still panting, her girlfriend looks like she just finished a 40-kilometre marathon here.

‘Shut up!’ She shoved Minjeong away. How dare her girlfriend like that when all she was trying to do was console the younger one. ‘No more kisses for you!’ she grumbled, trying to turn around cooly but only ending up crying because of sudden shooting pain in her stomach.

‘careful’ Minjeong helps Jimin find her comfort position, which is in Minjeong's arms. ‘Okay now?’

‘I hate you’ Jimin muttered under her breath and Minjeong only responded by laughing and giving her forehead a peck.




Jimin walked into their shared walk in closet and skipped over her wardrobe, and stopped right in front of Minjeong’s. She ran her finger through Minjeong hoodies one by one, thinking which one she needed to wear to go for a walk later.

She hasn’t worn her own clothes for weeks now, especially after Minjeong scent soothes her the most. It calms her raging hormones by inhaling Minjeong scent.

That was just an excuse, Minjeong clothes is so comfy. Now that is the truth why she ignored her closet.

Sometimes she skipped her and wore Minjeong’s brief. The younger one didn’t mind at first until Jimin started to wear her favourite.

A small fight erupts with a very childish dialogue exchanged between the couple.

‘There is the new one too, why are you wearing my favourite colour?’

‘You didn’t wear it today, so let me!’

Minjeong huffed, frustratingly running her fingers through her hair. ‘That’s because I want to wear it to sleep,’

‘Oh my gosh!! You have many more, so wear that’ Jimin patient exploded, yanking the fabric from Minjeong's grasp and violently bumping shoulders with the younger one as she walked away.

Minjeong was left speechless in the walk-in closet. Did they have a fight over her boxer just now??

And did Jimin just push her by bumping her shoulder????

Now back to where Jimin is still thinking about which hoodie she wants to wear, what colour … Her hand stopped at the black and white hoodie.

‘I want to wear it later’ Minjeong announced which was ignored by Jimin when the latter took the hoodie into her possession.

‘Yoo Jimin, I said I –

‘Did you call me by my name??’

Minjeong gulped, ‘I'm sorry’ She ended up apologising when she was pretty sure there was no sin she committed here. ‘I want to wear that hoodie’ she said, putting out her sad face, hoping Jimin would let her.

Pursing her lips, she is contemplating it ‘hmm…’ scanning Minjeong's casual clothing wardrobe, Minjeong flannel shirt grab her attention now. ‘Fine, I’ll wear your flannel shirt.’ She handed over the hoodie to Minjeong, which made the younger one smile triumphantly.

‘Wear something else underneath, okay,’ Minjeong reminded Jimin since the flannel shirt is quite thin. 'It's spring now, but the weather is still chilly at night.’

‘okay jagi!’ She stripped, no longer bothering about privacy or personal space with Minjeong. They had already seen everything, therefore it was pointless to have Minjeong cover up her eyes every time she needed to change her clothes.



Hugging Minjeong's left arm as they walk in the neighbourhood. The night breeze passing made her press her body closer to the younger one.

‘There is an oden shop like’ Minjeong checked the walking distance on her phone ‘

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