Christmas Gift

One Snowy Day
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Minjeong ran like her life depended on it, piece by piece, her thick clothes were taken off, and then she dove into the cold lake.

It feels like there are millions of needles piercing her skin, the cold makes her legs go numb, but Jimin's life is threatened.

If she was late, if she was late even a second, she could lose Jimin forever.


She struggles to pull Jimin towards the land. Jimin was heavily trembling due to the cold as she coughed up water.

Minjeong was scared, she thought she would lose Jimin. But at this time, she couldn’t let her emotions take over. Trying her best to take off Jimin's clothes since they're all wet, it going to bring Jimin's temperature down. ‘Wear my clothes!’

Seeing Jimin puff the cold air, shivering.

Jimin wanted to protest because Minjeong also got into the cold water, thanks to her stupidity, but the cold made Jimin's lips freeze, so she just complied with her wife's order. She prays that her heart won’t cause trouble. She did feel the tightness and the numbness on her right side, but she brushes it off, thinking it was just the cold.

Jimin can't feel her feet, she loses some sense because of how freezing it is.


With Jimin trembling and shivering in the passenger seat, Minjeong drove as fast as she could. The cold almost killed them on the spot, and the car heater and seat warmer didn’t do much justice. It took them only ten minutes to get back to the cabin.

Jimin is kind of scared of how fast Minjeong drives.

Minjeong didn’t say anything, she scooped Jimin right away and dashed towards the bathroom. She placed Jimin inside the bathtub, and the other hand quickly the hot water.

‘It’s the fastest way.’ Minjeong explained.

Jimin nodded, she knew Minjeong was trying to bring her body temperature back to normal. Her breathing fastens, Jimin's hands clutching her left chest.

No Jimin, not now

Jimin closes her eyes, trying to calm her heart. Slowly, she took a breath and let out a breath through her pursing lips. The breathing technique that was taught to her. Minjeong can’t know about her condition.


She opened her eyes.

‘We should go to the hospital.’

Minjeong was about to turn off the shower when Jimin reached out, stopping her.

‘Jimin, we didn’t even bring your meds here.’

‘I’m – fine.’ She reassured. ‘ju – just stay here – with me.’ She tugged at Minjeong's arm. She wants Minjeong close to her. ‘your – warmness – will help me.’

She knows that it is another way to help Jimin's body temperature when she removes her final piece of wet clothes and gets into the bathtub. Hugging Jimin from behind, she let her wife snuggle into her embrace.

Minjeong tries her best to blow hot air on Jimin's bare shoulder, covering her wife's ears. Rubbing her palm on Jimin's cold skin

‘I thought I lost you, Jimin.’ She mutters under her breath. She was so scared about the thought of losing Jimin back at the lake.

Jimin reached out to cup Minjeong's face and said, ‘I am here Minjeong.’

Forehead pressed, their hot breath heating each other faces, and Jimin lean in for a kiss. She doesn’t know if her lips tremble because of the cold or because of what her wife is doing.


Sitting on the tool, Jimin let Minjeong dry her hair. That hairdryer blowing out steam helped her. She is not shivering like before, the numbness is gone, but her chest remains tight.

With her utmost care, Minjeong ran her finger through Jimin's hair, making sure it was completely dry.

Jimin's eyes are fixated on their reflection in the mirror, while Minjeong is adorable in a bathrobe. Because she is so concentrated on drying Jimin's hair, her brows are furrowed. Jimin then smiles, her arms wrapping around Minjeong's waist as she leans her head on it. embracing Minjeong, who is looking up at her.

‘I want to do it too.’

Minjeong nodded, and Jimin turned to dry her hair.


Hurdled up in front of fireplaces, Jimin watched from afar Minjeong, who was trying to cook ramen.

This is really an escaped place, Minjeong looks like a different person here. Jimin never thought of her wife as a thoughtful person. She doesn't want to return for whatever reason. She would rather they remain here, apart from the dreadful truth.

Jimin knows that once they reach Seoul, Minjeong will return to her usual self.


‘We should stay here for another day.’ Minjeong suggested getting comfortable on the couch, not in the mood to start the car and drive back to Seoul.

A lot is waiting for her in Seoul. The problem she causes, her family, and then Minju. She hasn’t her phone since she arrived here. Minjeong knows Minju will be upset, but she just wants to clear her head for a moment.

She needs to be away from Minju to know her feelings. What is it that she has been feeling towards Jimin.

What should she do with Minju, how is she going to announce that she is married and, Minjeong sigh, she can’t even say the word in her head.

She knows she needs to wait until Minju finishes the exam, but what should she do in between … act clueless about the upcoming … breaking up or giving Minju everything in the remaining months.

Both options sound so unfair to Minju.

‘We can’t stay, we have a meeting with board members tomorrow to sum up this year's business.’

Minjeong's eyes shift to Jimin, who spills the bitter reality.

‘I want to stay here too, but your father won’t like it, if you don’t show up at the office after what happened.’

Minjeong knows that, Jimin doesn’t need to remind her.

Yoo Jimin. Will it be fair to Jimin too, Her decision about keeping her relationship with Minju … Does her decision do justice to any of the women?

It won’t be fair to anyone. Minjeong knows that.



The journey back to Seoul was quiet, Minjeong didn’t speak through the entire ride. So Jimin thought Minjeong was back to her usual self, where they were just spouses on paper. Nothing more than that.

Jimin wonders, do these past days mean nothing now –

‘What is it in that head?’

Jimin turned to look at Minjeong, staring back at her with a soft gaze. She didn’t expect Minjeong to talk.

‘I am curious to know.’ Minjeong teased, smiling at flustered Jimin, but she is curious about Jimin's thoughts.

Jimin simply observes Minjeong as she rotates her neck in a circular motion. She is probably tired, and the muscles must grow stiff now. Minjeong has been driving for two hours straight.

Hand reaching out to massage Minjeong nape, she can feel Minjeong lean into her touch.

‘Do you want me to drive?’ She asked only to witness how Minjeong's eyes went wide.

'No!' she said, shaking her head furiously.

‘Fine.’ Jimin pouted, slapping Minjeong's chest, and there was no more massage for Minjeong. She hardly ever drives. Instead, if she needs to go somewhere, their driver usually takes her.

She caught Jimin's hand and brought it to her lips. Minjeong kissed the woman's knuckles, flashing a smile. ‘You still didn’t answer my question.’ Then Minjeong rest their intertwined hands on her laps. Minjeong didn’t let it go. ‘What were you thinking about?’

‘Nothing.’ Avoiding Minjeong's gaze, Jimin glanced at their joined hands. Is she currently afraid of what will occur tomorrow. Is she afraid that Minjeong will change, or is she afraid that Minjeong will abandon her.

There is a divorce coming up, Jimin didn’t forget that one, of course … will Minjeong still want a divorce to happen.

The fact that Minjeong was able to cause Jimin to experience the terror she had always feared caused her to swallow her weighty thoughts. Jimin wants to prevent this as much as possible. The anxiety she felt over losing a loved one... not simply someone, its Kim Minjeong.


Jimin felt Minjeong squeezing her hand.

‘I don’t know what it is, but it’ll be alright, okay?’ Minjeong brings their joined hands together and presses the back of Jimin's hand on her lips. She glances at Jimin for a second before staring back at the road. ‘And I will be there if it’s not.’

There is a

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