Born to be locked up

One Snowy Day
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Hello here the update, i twisted the plot. i added more conflict.

hope you guys enjoy it.

ps: sorry if there is mistake in my writing



Minjeong braces herself when she returned home, expected a relentless scold from her father for walking out in that manner.


So, when Minjeong heard a super warm greeting from her father, she stood there. Halt on the spot.

‘Mrs. Yoo told me how she cannot wait for the big day.’

Big day? What big day?!!




Minjeong bombarded through the door, walking straight and stop a few feet before Jimin.

‘Why didn’t you tell your parent how I treated you that day?!’ Minjeong thunderous voice echoed around the room.

It terrified Jimin with how Minjeong eyes filled with rage right now to the point she is on her feet out of reflect to calm the woman. ‘Minjeong..’ she gulped down nervously. ‘If I told them the truth, you will be in a bad position.’

‘Why do you care?!’ Minjeong growled, she hate it even more when the woman slightly tremble under her ear-piercing voice. She hate how the woman could not look at her in the eyes. Making Minjeong feel like she a real jerk here.

Trust me Minjeong do not want to act like this. This is not who she is but Jimin happened to be the only person she can lash her anger out!

Minjeong, she is just …. Upset with everything.

How is she going to tell Minju about this, that within a month she will be someone else wife.




The date is set and the air is heavy.

Minjeong thought she going to get at least a three to six month to fully accept this marriage, maybe during that time she can find a way out through this disaster.

How stupid she is because after one family gathering with her soon to be wife, her father set the date right away. She can’t have a say at all even though she is the one getting marry here!

Two weeks to prepare for the wedding. Minjeong can sense this is not just a business partner between Kim and Yoo.

Yoo family business don’t give any benefit to them at all through marriage since most of their business is related to entertainment world.

There is more, because her parents is rushing this marriage. What is it that they didn’t tell her.

A same marriage can broaden our company in western country. So, it show that we are more accepting the community than what the media wrote. Her father words.


Minjeong bet there is more than that! What media been portraying Kim company doesn’t bother her father at all. It is normal in business world for a big company to have some rumors circling them. Its not like they cannot silence those media.

A few briefcases filled with money can shut their rotten mouth!


They go to fitting, for their wedding suit and dress. Throughout the entire moment with Jimin for their wedding preparation, Minjeong make it strictly business between them.

She stare at her own reflection, this is the six suit she tried. she’s starting to lose it, every suit the ing same colour and boring one. There is rarely new design when it comes to suit, always a pants, a shirt, a vest then a blazer.

that’s it.

Minjeong want to wear a dress but her father oppose it. A dress will make her look weak in media eye. So a suit is the best for her according to her father, even their stylist stay mum when her father open his mouth.

A suit will make she look intimidated. A leader that capable for their company’s future.

Minjeong call that was bull. A person don’t need a certain type of clothes to look intimidated, their eyes is enough. A stare full of determination along with a strong heart can make people bow their head down.

Minjeong wonder why her father bother to teach her lot of things when she is not allowed to make any decision in life. All of those lesson was a waste. Whenever she try to make a decision on some matter, her father will always oppose it.

You are too young to speak.

What the ? She past 24 years old already!

And during that many days of her wedding preparation … Minjeong still has not found the courage of telling her current girlfriend Kim Minju, that she about to marry someone else.

It burden Minjeong even more because during that preparation, she learnt that Jimin don’t have a father anymore. Jimin lost her father along with her older brother through a very bad accident. Jimin mother also in that car, she’s alive but … need a wheelchair …. For the rest of her life.

Through this marriage, it will make Minjeong the CEO at the Yoo corps while Kim corps will be led by her brother.

That is why her father rushing this marriage.

She need to babysit this brat Yoo Jimin. Guess the brat is still a spoil chaebol, older than her yet the spoil brat don’t know how to manage the business alone at all!

Minjeong wonder what the hell the older woman been doing through her entire life. Jimin was born in a family that do business, so why she doesn’t know how the business world work.

Is she always out partying and getting ed up before this arranged marriage? Some of the chaebol heirs are like that, they tend to enjoy their single life to the fullest until the marriage topic been dump into them.

Guess Jimin was just like that, now all the brat need to do is put up her pretty face and act like a good girl in front of everyone. Minjeong is so sure that spoil brat will change as soon as they been pronounce as a spouse.

ing good actress that brat!




Staring dead at the mirror, it show her reflection, her eyes looking dead and even the dust in the room knows she is not happy.

Wearing a like blue three piece of suits. A red rose been pin on her suit lapel. Jimin make it by herself the flower pin. This one Minjeong didn’t expect it since she been giving Jimin cold shoulder all the time.

Shut it! Don’t go soft on her

Minjeong fixing up her bowtie, it is the big day. She just registered their marriage this morning, with Yoo Jimin of course. The woman only know to fiddle with her own fingers, other than that the spoil brat seem useless.

Minjeong is a married woman now. By that, she’s unintentionally making Minju a mistress even though the latter doesn’t know she is now a mistress to some CEO of a big company at South Korea.

Sometimes Minjeong wish she was born in a normal family where her opinion is matter. This is her wedding day, it supposed to be the happiest day of her life yet her eyes all hollow. There is no light in it at all.

She is drowning and nobody is here to safe her.

‘I know it’s hard to accept all of this’

Startled, Minjeong turns her body, facing the owner of the voice. Her brother. Kim Jiyoung

Seeing his sister stay silence. Jiyong continue his speech. ‘All of this is so sudden but trust me.’ He squeeze Minjeong shoulder lightly. ‘You will have a happy marriage life.’ He pause pointing his forefinger toward himself ‘just like me’

It’s true, Jiyong wife also their father choice and Jiyong now have two daughters. He is happily married.

But she is not her brother, she wont be happy because her entire heart was taken by Minju.

‘I do some background search about this Yoo Jimin. She is clean.’

Minjeong raise her eyebrows at her brother sentence.

‘No gambling or drug record or and anything shady at all. So, she is the one.’

Minjeong manage to form a tight smile… ‘Yeah..’ it was a weak acknowledgment. A clean record is not what Minjeong after …. She just want Kim Minju as her wife.

Is it too much to ask?




The vows has been said out loud, a gold band rest perfectly on each of their ring finger. A quick peck on Jimin left cheek to seal their wedding vows.

A tremendous clapping filled the hall. Filled with happy face.

Everyone has their sincere happy face except the two brides.

Minjeong is all complicated while Jimin, who people thought it’s a happy tear that she shed as soon as they was a announce as a married couple.

It was not.

Jimin could not hold it when she caught her mother tears. Her mother think she is all in a good hand. If only they know, but she cannot blame anyone on this matter when she is the one who said yes. there is nothing she can do, she is in tight place too.  So Jimin make another vow that day. To not let her mother know the dark side of her marriage, where she and Minjeong is not like what everyone think they are.

She just want her family to be in a good hand. It only the three on them now. Her mother, herself and her younger sister.

Keep i

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