Unbreakable Bond

One Snowy Day
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Jimin stopped crying after Minjeong continuously assured her that she was not making fun of Jimin's body at all.

The older one still has a cute pout on her lips, and Minjeong used all her willpower from crashing her lips against that pout.

Jimin's head lay comfortably on Minjeong's shoulder, while the younger one lazily circled her thumb on Jimin's bare shoulder as she wrapped her arm around Jimin body.

Both huddled in a thick blanket since it still winter, the weather hasn’t been nice lately, and Minjeong knows Jimin's body cannot stand cold weather. There was a heater mattress underneath their bodies to keep Jimin warm, but it was a bit too much for Minjeong, however she just kept it to herself since Jimin has been a little bit sensitive lately.

Minjeong wonders if Jimin cycle is about to start. A lot of women are like that, their emotions and mood swings are all over the place a week before their period starts.

‘you’re upset’ Jimin pouted, scooting away from Minjeong who doesn’t even know what just happened because Jimin didn’t even question her, it was a statement.

‘no’ she quickly denied, ‘why would I?’ Pulling the older one closer, Minjeong reassured Jimin by pressing her lips against the side of Jimin head. ‘why you said that?’

Minjeong's voice was so gentle, and Jimin felt bad for accusing her lover like that. She doesn’t understand herself either, which is why she is being like this.

Just a moment ago, she felt so loved, and then she was upset with Minjeong over nothing, and now she wants to cry again. Why did she feel like there was this urge to stay away from Minjeong while at the same time being clingy to her girlfriend for 24 hours?

Is this one of the reasons why couples have a fight in a relationship? Does one of them like her, who has a wide range of emotions that she cannot grasp at all? Is this what she feels right now because their relationship status is different from before?

A fact that she is officially dating Kim Minjeong now, was that the reason behind her changes? Jimin wondered, letting her mind freely roam around looking for a solid answer, but then she was snapped back to reality when Minjeong called her.


Minjeong's eyes were so pure, full of concern, while patiently waited for her to speak but all Jimin could do was chew her bottom lips because now she had the urge to pull Minjeong for a kiss.

Another weird or new thing she experiences after being official is this strong desire towards her lover. Jimin knew that it was all normal, but that feeling exists all the damn time and mixes with her other emotions, so she doesn’t know what she really feels or wants at the moment.

What is it?? Why is she being so complicated when she and Minjeong agreed on a simple and peaceful life?

‘hey….’ Minjeong softly called Jimin once again, gently fixing Jimin's fringes, which were a little bit messy. Minjeong tried to study Jimin's face, that perfectly shaped eyebrow frowns a little. She locked her eyes with her lover, hoping she would find something since our eyes always mirror our inner thoughts, but all Minjeong could see was a very lost Jimin.

Securing her arms around Jimin's fragile figure, Minjeong's lips curled upward, whispering, ‘I'm here', placing a soft butterfly kiss on Jimin's cheeks, forehead, nose, and lips, and down to her girlfriend's shoulder. ‘Just know that I'm always here’ was all Minjeong could say because she doesn’t want to force Jimin to speak out her inner thoughts if her lover is not yet ready.

Witnessing Minjeong's soft side, how the younger one treats her, and dealing with her mood in a mature way. Jimin cannot help but feel so grateful, which makes her want to cry again. She buried her face into Minjeong's neck and –

‘ARGH!’ Minjeong screamed as she wriggled on the couch, trying to move away from her lover, ‘OUCH! Ji – Jimin! Stop!!’ Minjeong doesn’t mean to raise her voice and Jimin is biting her! and it hurts like hell!

Regret filled Minjeong's heart a second later for raising her voice when her eyes locked with Jimin's glossy eyes, a crystal clear water threatened to fall on Jimin's smooth cheeks. Not to mention how Jimin's bottom lip trembles as she holds back her tears.

Jimin's sad expression looks like one of the actresses in the movie when their pet is dying.

Now Minjeong feels scared, her girlfriend's mood swing is going to give her a whiplash soon. Taking a deep breath, she carefully opened to call her girlfriend, but Jimin's loud cry filled the space way faster than her timid voice.

When Jimin pushed Minjeong away and sobbed like she was being abused, the younger one became panicked and kept calling Jimin to try to calm her down.

Grabbing Jimin's wrist and softly pulling it closer to her 'baby', she called softly, ‘no – I – I didn’t -’ Minjeong lost her ability to speak because she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say.

Is she supposed to apologise and admit it was all her fault, even though she isn’t sure what the reason is behind this sudden hectic moment during their peaceful night?

Her chaotic thoughts were disturbed by the sound of her apartment bell.

It put both of them on pause and somehow Minjeong felt grateful to whoever rang the bell at a time like this because Jimin stopped crying.

Another ring, and Minjeong squeezes Jimin's hand, giving Jimin one last look, hoping her girlfriend's mood will subside now before she gets up, all as she approaches the intercom.

Minjeong stared at the digital clock on the monitor, it was past one in the morning, so who –

Another ring, thinking it might be an emergency or maybe a neighbour needs help, ‘who is this?’ She asked after pressing the mic icon, she couldn't press the camera icon since she is .

'Oh, hello,’ a man's voice, sounding a little but flustered. ‘Sorry for bothering you, but I live on the next unit and I heard a sound of someone – crying?’ There is a hesitancy in the man's voice, probably because he is afraid he is crossing the line or being a busybody neighbour.

Minjeong facepalmed as she heard the reason her neighbour buzzed her apartment ‘ah, its actually,’ Minjeong paused, she wasn’t sure how to explain to make it not sound weird since her neighbour heard Jimin cry.

‘If you don’t mind me asking,’ The man interferes since Minjeong has been taking her time to explain, ‘Is everything okay there?’ This time, the man no longer stutter, he sounds firm and trustworthy.

Being honest is the only option, so Minjeong let out a heavy breath as she explained, 'I just got into a little argument with my girlfriend; I apologise if we made any noise.’ Its not even an argument between her and Jimin, but Minjeong cannot tell her girlfriend suddenly cried because Minjeong accidentally raised her voice to Jimin for biting her collar bone.

It's going to sound weird if Minjeong explains it that way.

‘Can we hear your girlfriend's voice?’ This time, it was a woman's voice full of concern, so it was down to Minjeong what exactly was on her neighbour's mind. ‘Just to make sure she is fine’ the woman added.

She feels grateful for having this kind neighbour, but she is not an abusive person, and Jimin has already made her way towards Minjeong since she heard the whole conversation.

‘hello,’ Jimin spoke, her body slightly leaning forward. She wanted to make sure the neighbour heard her, feeling guilty for putting Minjeong in this position. ‘I'm her girlfriend, and umm..’ she paused, feeling embarrassed for causing all of this. ‘I was in a bad mood, so yeah…’ Jimin decided to cut it short, the neighbour does not need to know the details. ‘I'm sorry for causing trouble.’ She slightly bows her head in front of the monitor, even though the camera is not on.

The neighbour doesn’t feel convinced just by hearing Jimin's voice, so they politely ask to see Jimin in person. They think better safe than sorry since domestic abuse in relationships nowadays is everywhere.

Jimin gave Minjeong an apologetic look, but the younger one dismissed it by saying it was fine. Minjeong even pecks Jimin's cheek, then they rush to put on decent clothes.

Fortunately, everything settled peacefully. Jimin apologised for stirring up issues, and the neighbour said farewell and expressed regret for having doubts about Minjeong's explanation.




Jimin has been lowering and increasing the heating mattress temperature for the millionth time already. She hates that these weird, chaotic feelings are still circling inside her. First, she has been feeling hot and cold, her body temperature drops for ten minutes, and then it shoots up to the point where Jimin feels like she wants to stay in this cold weather.

When her body temperature drops, she feels anxious, thinking that her symptom is back, but her heart is beating at a very normal pace despite feeling overly fatigued this morning. She reasoned with herself about her last night activities with Minjeong, and they went to sleep very late because of their neighbour, no it was because of her loud crying, and those kind neighbours thought Minjeong abused her.

It was absurd, so she and Minjeong stayed awake laughing at their own silliness after that.

‘Ughh’ she groaned, her palm pressing against her stomach. It was aching so badly for weeks. It happens on and off, so Jimin thought she had had indigestion, but today it was a little bit extreme, the pain. It was sharp and constricting inside her stomach, causing her to curl up on the couch, all wrapped inside a thick duvet.

And now she feels upset, Minjeong is not here to help her go through this pain. She doesn’t even know why having stomach pain is Minjeong's fault, Jimin just wants to put the blame on the younger one.

The way she thinks is not logical at all lately.

She is not herself. Jimin puffed her cheeks, her body started to feel hot, the temperature was rising, so she kicked the duvet away.

The sound of vibration coming from her phone was able to deviate her attention away from her chaotic mind.

It was a notification of her period calendar, a reminder that she was late. It was just a day late, which happened countless times already, so Jimin put the device back on the coffee table.

So, she is about to have her period, now that has answered all of her questions in her mind. Her mood swing, her sudden desire to be in bed with Minjeong.

Jimin sighed, feeling slightly relieved since she had found the answer. She still finds it slightly weird since her premenstrual syndrome is far from this before since she kept it all to herself. Well, she has mostly been alone in the past, she doesn’t have anyone to lash out about her premenstrual syndrome.

Now that she is in a relationship, maybe that is why she is acting like this. She is overly sensitive compared to her old self. Maybe this is how every girlfriend in the world acts during their premenstrual syndrome towards their partner.

Some even said their girlfriend was like a different person during a time like this.

Jimin feels bad for her lover now, maybe she needs to give Minjeong a heads-up about this. She doesn’t want Minjeong to feel lost dealing with her mood swing. Now that she thinks about her girlfriend, her lips automatically form a pout.

This morning, her mood got the best of her again because she cried, asking Minjeong to stay after their night together, which is a little bit ridiculous because they live under the same roof. Minjeong just needs to leave for work since she has a meeting with an important person for potential collaboration, but Jimin mood cannot understand the logic, so she cried as Minjeong kissed her forehead before leaving her.

Minjeong didn’t leave her that easy though, the younger one is contemplating about skipping her work too, but Jimin asks her to go. Minjeong, for crying out loud, is a goddamn CEO. She can't just goof around and miss work, that will leave a negative impression. While sobbing like a little child, Jimin told Minjeong she'd understood and wouldn’t get upset, and she promised to stop crying.

Jimin gasped, the sharp paint returned, and she felt her intestines all tangled up in a tight knot. Her breathing shortened, and she was struggling to control it. The pain doubled this time, Jimin squirming on the couch as she let out a timid, shaky breath.

‘Oh my god’ Jimin's eyebrows knitted, and the colour on her lips went pale now. She feels like this morning's food is slowly making its way back to , threatening to get out through .

She started to salivate, which is a very bad sign, and it means that –

Jimin forced herself to get up despite the sharp pain in her stomach and run towards the bathroom.


Tired, she doesn’t have the energy to stand so she slides down on the cold floor and leans her back against the bathroom wall.

She's vomited all the food she ate this morning, and then she has

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