Yin & Yang

One Snowy Day
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Minjeong was called, and 'they're safe’ was the doctor's first word to Minjeong as soon as she was done with treatment and checking up on the mother to be.

It was a close call, if the bleeding didn’t stop while Minjeong was on her way to bring Jimin to the hospital, then maybe they both would lose the unborn child.

Minjeong's heart pounded while hearing the doctor's explanation because it meant that her biggest nightmare had almost come true.

Turns out Jimin has placenta previa which is a condition in which the placenta is located very low in the uterus and covers all or part of the opening to the cervical aperture, which is located at the top of the .

That is what triggered the bleeding to happen, though the doctor reassured Minjeong that the condition is usually not an issue because it will resolve as the pregnancy progresses.

But the doctor warns her that it might happen again in the future, so she needs to have someone by Jimin's side all the time.



Minjeong knocks on the door twice, then twirls the doorknob and carefully walks inside the room where Jimin is placed.

As soon as their eyes met, Jimin's expression became rigid since she was trying her best not to cry. Forcing her trembling lips to smile, only to fail a second later when Minjeong is staring at her with a very soft look.

Minjeong fastens her step as she reaches out to Jimin's extended arms ‘baby, I'm here.’ She pulls Jimin into a tight embrace the moment she reaches the hospital bed.

Jimin sobbed and buried her face on Minjeong's neck, her hand tightly gripping Minjeong's corporate shirt.

They were all greatly shocked by the incident, but Jimin was particularly affected because she was going through the entire procedure, she is the one carrying the child.

‘shhh…’ gently rocking their bodies as she kisses Jimin's head, ‘you’re alright now’ Despite her shaky voice and there is also tears in her eyes, Minjeong decided to swallow back all of those because she knew … all of this happened because of her.

She hurt Jimin again.

‘This is my fault’ Minjeong decided to tell Jimin the truth. She knows now isn’t the time since Jimin is obviously still in shock, but Minjeong cannot act like she is the innocent one here.

Especially after Jimin assumed that everything had occurred as a result of her careless actions while searching for Minjeong.

She wiped Jimin's tears with her sleeves, ignoring how Jimin's eyes were full of disappointment looking at her after she told Jimin about everything.

That she thought Jimin was seeing someone else, a fact that she almost believes is not her child that Jimin carries.

Lowering her head, Minjeong didn’t dare look at Jimin in the eyes, ‘I'm sorry.’ She apologised again; she knew this time maybe it was hard for Jimin to forgive her right away.

Minjeong expects a hard slap for accusing her girlfriend like that, but Jimin simply pushes her away and avoids her touch after that.

‘I'm sorry’ She apologised once more, swallowing the shame along the way. ‘I got jealous, I – I let my anger take over me once again Jimin.’ Standing a few feet away from the bed, she didn’t dare stay close to Jimin after her girlfriend pushed her away.

Minjeong senses that there is an uneasy sensation in her stomach, leaving a bitter taste in . She broke her promise not to hurt Jimin again, and she hurt her again.

She clenched her jaw as she gritted her teeth, trying to stifle her crying. Tears that fall on her cheeks down to her chin, Minjeong just lets them fall.

‘Jimin I feel like this is an endless cycle’ squeezed her hands into a fists, ‘me hurting you’

Jimin's eyes widened at that, and she quickly turned to face Minjeong. ‘Minjeong, what –

‘You had a great life in France –

Jimin shook her head as she denied it since Minjeong didn’t listen to her ‘Stop it –

‘but I ruined it.’


‘This is who I am to you, no matter how hard I tried to be better. I keep telling myself this is not about me anymore so I can take better care of you, but I – I’

‘please’ Jimin begged, she doesn’t want that Minjeong to return.

‘I keep hurting you whenever you are close to me, it feels like I'm a bad omen in your li-

‘KIM MINJEONG!’ She screamed her heart out as she called her girlfriend, and finally the younger one locked eyes with her. ‘Come here’ she patted empty spaces beside her, and when Minjeong answered by shaking her head, her heart broke at the sight of trembling Minjeong.

They have come far to be where they are right now, she cannot let today's accident bring them back to their starting point.

With a trembling voice, ‘Come here’ she desperately asks Minjeong to come closer once again.

‘Jimin –

‘Come here!’ This time, there's a hint of rage in her voice, so Minjeong did take a step closer.

Once more, Minjeong thought she would receive a firm slap on the face, but Jimin's small finger was wrapped around her collar, and soon after, all she felt was a gentle kiss on her lips.

She was too shocked to even close her eyes when Jimin kissed her for a brief moment before hiding her little face by nestling up against Minjeong's neck.

‘We long past that kind of argument Minjeong.’ She breathed in, ‘never ever say things like that again.’ Pulling away, Jimin placed her left palm on Minjeong's cheek as she stared deeply into Minjeong's eyes. ‘You are not bad luck to me,’

‘Jimin…’ circling her arms around Jimin's slim waist so she can support Jimin's weight. ‘but I’

‘Kiss me’


Jimin pulls Minjeong closer so she can press her forehead against Minjeong, ‘kiss me and I'll make you forget about everything else but us.’

Minjeong cannot believe how this woman manages to make her feel all sorts of things in such a short amount of time.

She was devastated because of today's accident, and now she's here with her heart pounding and a fluttering feeling because the person in front of her decided to say something that tugged all of her heartstrings.

‘Kiss me’ Jimin repeated it with an airy voice this time because she lost the strength to speak in her normal tone.

‘wi – will you be okay?’ Minjeong would like to double-check because Jimin is currently in the hospital.

‘Just a kiss, Minjeong.’ She shifted her eyes somewhere else, feeling embarrassed for demanding a kiss in a situation like this. She heard a faint thank you and I love you from the younger one then Jimin closed her eyes.

Savouring the kiss from her lover, Jimin let Minjeong take the lead as she fully surrendered herself to the point where both didn’t hear a knock on the door and

‘Oh my!’


Minjeong wishes the earth swallowed her right here, she's pretty sure her face, which hardly blushes now, is as red as ripe tomatoes. She cannot focus on the doctor's conversation with Jimin at all until

‘Ms. Kim?’

‘uh yyes?’ She stuttered and from her peripheral view she could see Jimin stifling her laugh.

‘I'm afraid no ual is allowed until next appointment,’ the doctor paused, waiting for Minjeong to respond. She's kind of having fun teasing this couple now that the short hair woman looks like she choked on her saliva with that heavy cough.

Minjeong cleared after calming herself, she thought she was going to die coughing a moment ago. ‘o – okay doc.’

‘It’s just that we need to make sure Ms. Yoo is fully healed first, usually after bleeding we don –

‘I understand, doc’ She cut off the doctor's long explanation since she could not deal with how hot her face was right now. It might catch on fire soon. ‘I want her to focus on her health too.’ again, Minjeong clears , then looks away from the doctor meaningful look.


‘o - okay’ Jimin imitated Minjeong's stuttering voice once the doctor walked out of their room. She was about to laugh like there was no tomorrow until a sharp pain in her stomach and that stinginess in her lower body stopped her. ‘urghh,’ she lightly pressing her lower abdomen to ease the pain.

Minjeong, who was about to sulk because of the teasing, got up from her seat and carefully placed her hand on Jimin's tummy, slowly rubbing it.

‘Careful now, baby... It's gonna hurt if you laugh or sneeze’

Using this opportunity to wrap and pull Minjeong once again as she cutely looks up at the younger one, who is now wearing a hoodie.

Minjeong raises her eyebrows and gives Jimin a questionable look because she cannot decipher her girlfriend's meaningful look.

‘Ppoppo (a peck)’ Jimin pursed her lips cutely and Minjeong's ears almost caught fire with the amount of cuteness she was witnessing right now.

And Minjeong is taking her time since her brain is short circuit because of Yoo Jimin's cuteness overload.

‘Jagiya ppoppo’ Jimin whined cutely as she tugged on Minjeong's hoodie.

A quick peck on the lips led to Minjeong pampering Jimin a few more. Jimin's cuteness during pregnancy is goin

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