Blind Faith

One Snowy Day
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Jimin's gaze lingered on Minjeong, who slept peacefully beside her. Her ex-wife's lips are slightly parted, making her look so cute! a light snore and a very warm body. Minjeong is like a puppy who has a very warm body.

Her personal heater

She loves that part about Minjeong since Jimin hates colds. Both of them hate the cold, they prefer autumn after talking about random stuff, and then they end up talking about the weather.

Jimin had no idea that the day would come when Minjeong would be really honest with her.

Minjeong can’t even bear to be in the same space as her in the past. Those were hard times for them, not just for her.

Jimin realises there is so much more about Kim Minjeong. She thought Minjeong simply hated her and their marriage. She never knew it back then … her ex-wife struggled day and night trying to be a good daughter.

To not hurt anyone, yet Minjeong ended up hurting her. At that time, Minjeong thought it was the best. Jimin's heart broke when she learned the real reason behind it.

The pressure to live up to Mr. Kim's expectations

She doesn’t know Minjeong lives in the dark.

Visiting Minjeong parent place helps her understand Minjeong much more. It was sad, Minjeong's past. Minjeong was born healthy, she should have a life like other kids. Yet, she was forced to mature at a very young age.

Jimin was shocked that Minjeong learned business at the age of seven and associated with her father and brother. engage in fully grown adult conversations about stock, investment, finance, strategy, and many more.

It was such a boring topic for a child. all of those lessons, yet Minjeong’s father still doesn’t let the younger one walk freely.

Jimin understands that if something serious happens, such as a threat Kim has been dealing with lately, it needs to be discussed with family members, but still … Mr. Kim doesn’t believe in Minjeong at all.

It was too much!

Jimin knows Minjeong is struggling that day, she wants to return to this small apartment after dinner, but she still wants to experience sleeping in Minjeong's teenage room. She wants to feel what Minjeong has been feeling, even though she knows it’s impossible.

At least she is trying.

Both of them are trying.

They've made such progress. All of this does not happen in a single day.

She thought they wouldn’t make it at all, especially after the divorce. Who in the world thought that they would reunite again after that.

The path they have to take just to be in each other's arms like this, snuggling into Minjeong's neck as she rests her hand on Minjeong's stomach. Her legs are entangled with the younger one, and Jimin basically clings onto Minjeong, half of her body pressed against the younger one.

A low, deep hum from Minjeong as the younger one s her arm to hug Jimin's waist even in her sleep. Her body warm seeks for Jimin.

Minjeong's right hand is free from casting now. It fully healed, and Jimin still remembers how excited Minjeong was to swing that right hand in the air.

Minjeong looks like a puppy who is excited to go out for a walk on a very good day, expressing the thrill of having the freedom to use her right hand back by jumping in one spot.




‘Are you sure you can go alone?’ Minjeong double-checked with Jimin about picking up Hyein at the airport alone.

Minjeong doesn’t like the idea of Jimin roaming alone at the airport when Lee jerk has his eyes on her ex-wife.

‘Your driver will be with me, so it's fine.’

Shaking her head, her driver this time is newly hired. A man in his early thirty with a military background. Minjeong purposely hired him for Jimin's safety, but still, he is a newbie in this business world, so it makes Minjeong anxious. ‘But Mr. Ahn is new –

‘Minjeong,’ wrapping her arm around Minjeong's waist as she interlaces her fingers on Minjeong's lower back. Jimin eyes bore into the shorter one who is already looking at her. Minjeong looks cute, frowning like this. ‘I’ll be okay, you trust me right?’

There is another meaning in between those sentences, as if Jimin is saying her heart is all okay now, so there is no need for Minjeong to be this worried. Minjeong does not wish to press the issue or become overly protective, to the point where Jimin feels suffocated.

She likes Jimin to be this carefree, but...

But Jimin didn’t know Minjeong was worried for a completely different reason here.

Minjeong wants to be at the airport with Jimin, but with the recent threat she received from Lee. Minjeong needs to be somewhere, she needs to discuss it with her team, her legal team.

How to counter the issue if it becomes well known in the public

Even though she knows it will be difficult, her life will become hellish as soon as the world learns about her previous scandal. Those who were involved will undoubtedly experience the agony once more.

Minjeong detests the reality that Jimin and Minju are forced to revisit their painful path.

This is her fault, and it always will be her fault. the cause of another person's suffering.

Minjeong felt a little more confidence this time around to take on this problem, despite her father's disapproval of her strategy.

just because there is a single person who genuinely believes in her.

Minjeong couldn’t believe the power of Yoo Jimin. Her ex-wife simply stands by her side, and Minjeong feels like she could lift the earth with one hand.

This time, she feels like her decision will lead to a good thing.

‘Minjeong ah??’

Her eyes are back, focusing on the taller one, who is still hugging her. There is a look of concern on Jimin's face, those perfect-shape eyebrows are knitted hard with a brown eye scanning her face.

‘I just wish I could be there.’ She mumbled it loud enough for Jimin to hear it. She didn’t expect Jimin to respond with a light peck on her lips.

She is all pumping up now, thanks to Jimin plump lips against hers.

Suddenly, she doesn’t feel sad anymore. Maybe they should have kissed more often.




‘What do you mean do nothing?’ Jiyoung asked, a little upset with Minjeong's decision not to release the Lee scandal to the public. ‘You already talked to him, and he still want –

‘He doesn’t know what I had on him, Jiyong.’

Jiyoung nodded and agreed with Minjeong, but he believed they needed to make the first move before Lee. ‘Which is why we need to let the world know about the Lee scandal first before he makes it public about your past. If –

‘See how immature your thinking is, Minjeong?’ Mr. Kim voiced his frustration about Minjeong decision.

Mr. Kim's voice growled like thunder; it almost made Minjeong flinch, but the young Kim managed to stop herself from showing her weakness.

Minjeong can't afford to look weak here. She needs to be the person her father always wants her to be.

Strong, intimidated Kim

Minjeong closed her eyes, trying to calm her racing heart by continuously telling herself that she was good. She is not shaking inside this meeting room at all.

Sat here is her brother, father and their lawyer.

It’s a bit too much for Minjeong to talk about her shameful past. How she cheated on Jimin, and now her sin follows her everywhere.

She couldn’t lift her head while talking about it, their lawyer needed to know the details so it would be smooth if things went south.

The details are her whereabouts, the time she secretly met Minju, when this started, who else knew, and how many times this almost leaked to the public.


Their lawyer is already writing down a fake scenario to cover up her past mistake.

Minjeong never felt more ashamed than now, she thought being honest about her past mistakes was shameful enough.

However, making a fake scenario to cover her past is way more humiliating.

Her heart feels like it is about to explode, but then again, who is she to voice a complaint when all of this happened because of her.

Again, no matter how far she came. Minjeong always returns to the point where the problem is herself.

Hyein shouldn’t have visited her that night. Everyone will be saved from this, they will live a happy life if she make it that night.

It's too much now. Minjeong wonders why it is so hard to breathe; the room temperature seems to drop drastically as she hugs her own body and rubs her upper arm, trying to warm herself.

Her brother was staring at her with a thick frown. Minjeong didn’t dare look at her father, not when her eyes were a

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