Still Six Years Old

One Snowy Day
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Minjeong sat leaning against the couch, staring into an empty space as she tried to come up with any solution to the threat.

They demand a share of Kim's Corporate or they will expose Minjeong scandal and reveal everything related to it. the detail, Minju background.

Just when she began to see a ray of hope in her life, she came to face another wall in her life.

Minjeong knows she is a sinner, but doesn’t she deserve at least a little happiness in her life. She wants a quiet life with Jimin.

Please, for once, leave her and Jimin alone.

A cold hand caressed her left arm.

‘Minjeong ah…’

It was Jimin, the woman always has a cold hand. It amazes Minjeong how their body temperatures are so different, yet it compliments them well.

‘Do you want to talk about it?’ Jimin asked, referring to the phone call in between Kim that she knew nothing about it.

Taking Jimin's hand into hers, Minjeong interlaces their fingers. Her gaze softens at Jimin, who has been patient with her silence on this Christmas Eve night.

‘Can I sleep on your laps?’ she asked, wanting to be clingy with Jimin. She used to hold back during their marriage.

Jimin's wide eyes show how much Minjeong question shocks her, but she recovers from it fast. Afraid Minjeong is going to change her mind if she stalls her response.

Jimin patted her laps impatiently, welcoming Minjeong with an open heart. A kiss on her cheek makes the tips of her ears redden, and then her ex-wife rests her head on her laps.

‘Careful with your hand’ she reminds Minjeong.

Her fingers are naturally playing with Minjeong short hair, lightly massaging the shorter one scalp and sometimes playing with Minjeong ears.

Jimin loves to play with Minjeong lock, it gives her some kind of comfort when her fingers are in between Minjeong's black hair.

They fall into a comfortable silence, with Minjeong closing her eyes, getting comfortable with her head lying on Jimin's laps, and Jimin leans against the couch, staring at the ceiling.

Jimin didn’t remember her falling asleep. She has this glimpse of memories where someone guides her to lay down, then she drifts into total darkness. She fell asleep.

Minjeong couldn’t take her eyes away from Jimin's sleeping face. How can a person be this beautiful even in a sleeping state.

Jimin is so beautiful.

Her fingers tremor as she feathery traced Jimin's features, the perfect natural-shaped eyebrows, the closed eyes that have a long and curving eyelash, Jimin's slim and tall nose, and… her plump lips.

Minjeong thumb caresses Jimin's corner of the lips, where her beauty mark is, even her mole is attractive.

The taller one is in deep slumber, she doesn’t realise it’s not her who is sitting on the couch anymore. Now she is the one laying on the couch with her head resting on Minjeong's lap.

Minjeong's lips curled upward, smiling as she whispered quietly, ‘I love you, Jimin.’ Thumb caressing Jimin's cheek tenderly, ‘I swear to protect you no matter what it takes, to care for you, and to learn everything I can about you.’

A shaky breath escaped Minjeong's lips. Her eyes flooded with tears, forcing Minjeong to look up, preventing her tears from falling. ‘I'm not going to let anybody hurt you again, not even me.’

Closing her eyes, Minjeong felt a peace she had never felt before. ‘I love you, Yoo Jimin.’

There is chaos running through her mind because of the threat, yet with Jimin by her side, she is still able to be at ease. Holding Jimin close to her.

If only the taller one were awake now, she's probably already in tears hearing Minjeong's honest thoughts.




Jimin dressed Minjeong in a beige turtleneck and grey suit. Still wearing a sling on her right hand, the CEO is currently reviewing a file about their upcoming budget regarding the idol group's comeback.

The only sound in the office is the running humidifier and the sound of a page of books flipping since Jimin is reading a book.

Sitting on the couch a few feet from the CEO desk, where Minjeong usually sits to have conversations with anyone visiting her office, Jimin was too caught up with the book to notice Minjeong now walking towards her.

A shadow was the first thing that made Jimin know Minjeong was already in front of her, then the CEO kneeled in front of her, looking up to her like a puppy seeking an intention.

Jimin's lips immediately form a smile due to the cuteness. Her finger naturally went into Minjeong lock, playing with her ex-wife's hair.

She put the book away as she chuckled at Minjeong's act. She never thought Minjeong was going to be clingy in their relationship.


It sounds so foreign to her. Something that Jimin never dreamed she'd hear in her life.

Resting her chin on Jimin's knee, ‘what are you reading?’ Minjeong asked softly.

‘Letters to Milena by Franz Kafka’ she shows the book to Minjeong, who seems so eager to know more. ‘Sit here’ patting the empty space beside her.

While getting up, Minjeong didn’t miss her chance to place a chase kiss on Jimin's knee and steal a peck on the taller lips, making Jimin breathless at the sudden act of affection.

Minjeong settled beside Jimin, with no space in between them. ‘What is it about?’ she asked, all calm, like she was not the cause of the soaring butterfly in Jimin's stomach. Taking Jimin hands into hers, she played with her ex-wife's fingers.

With a face flush as tomato colours, Jimin explains about the book and how the author falls into a deep connection with a woman who is translating his work into Czech.

It makes Minjeong want to read the book, even though she is not into reading that much. She preferred drawing over reading or writing.

‘People do fall in love in a different way, huh?’ Minjeong commented, a line that sounded so familiar because it was the lyric of a famous singer.

Jimin hummed softly, agreeing with Minjeong's statement.

Staring into each other's eyes, a smiled on their lips. There is a glint of mischief in the CEO's eyes as she leans closer, closing the gap between them.

‘Can I get a kiss?’ she whispered.

Jimin's eyes widen as she glances towards the secretary desk station outside Minjeong office. The CEO office is no longer a concrete wall. Minjeong renovated it into a full glass wall last year while Jimin was away in France.

‘They can see it Minjeong ah,’ Jimin lightly shook her head before biting her lower lips after seeing how disappointed the CEO is right now. Who thought a CEO was pouting inside the office right now because permission to get a kiss has been denied.

Jimin found it cute, a laugh almost escaped her lips because of Minjeong's sour face. So she leans in to place a chaste kiss on Minjeong's cheek.

A knock on the door made Jimin pull away abruptly and put some distance between them. Jimin feels like she is still a teenager, hiding her relationship, while the fact is that she is in a relationship with the CEO of the company.

Minjeong regrets her decision to renovate this office a year ago.

‘Come in’ she let out a frustrated sigh, leaning her body against the couch.

The sound of the door swinging open and a heel clicking on the floor filled the CEO's office.

‘No more steps from there’ Minjeong commanded, ‘and it better be important.’ She warned the poor secretary, who is already sweating.

Jimin who witnessed how cute Minjeong is throwing a protest right now, made her bite her inner cheeks, holding her laugh.

‘I apologise for bothering Ms. Kim, but there have been numerous phone calls regarding you and Ms. Yoo.’ The secr

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