Meeting Her

One Snowy Day
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as soon as her existence was confirmed even before she truly exists outside in this world… everything about her life has been decided.


Kim Minjeong named given by her great grandfather who passed away a week after she was born.

the day she was born, the moment her eyes greet with the light of the world, her eyesight doesn’t fully develop yet …. Her father, Kim Seok Jin lift her up in the sky.

‘Here come our future CEO. She will lead our business in future!’ it was absurd, how they celebrate a new born baby by lifting it up like a scene in a lion king.

So that was it, her career path was set and an elementary school Minjeong got so excited that one day she will be a CEO. She doesn’t even know how the CEO life or what exactly is the CEO is at that time.

Minjeong don’t complaint much at that age, everything around her was perfect. She goes to prestige elementary school, she got to meet her friends, play and do her homework and everything on track. She don’t feel her day to day was controlled yet.

That was until one of the teacher make a call to Minjeong’s father, telling how Minjeong is very talented in art and if they invest Minjeong into that world, Minjeong would become a great architect or a well-known artist.

But that is not what Kim Seok Jin decided for Minjeong. Minjeong will be a CEO one day, the one who going to take after his position once everything is settled around twenty years from now. She was born in a chaebol family and Minjeong is an heir so she must act or live according to it.

So, Mr. Kim returned home that day, slightly upset as he call his wife.

Minjeong expressive eyes blinking as she saw her father with a sour expression that day. She might be a kid but she can read the room. Her father is tensed walking toward his studies on the left wing of their mansion follow by her mother and then the door was closed.

That was all she saw and then everything in her life changed the very next day.

She woke up early just to be told she will be homeschool. Little Kim Minjeong don’t really understand what happened and her curiosity at the highest peak by that age.

She ask and ask every single person she came across in that big mansion. Everyone including her parents reply with the same answer.

Because she need to be educated or tutored about almost everything, not just what she learn at school, so she can be a great CEO in future. Its for her bright future.

So this is the turning point where Kim Minjeong hate the CEO words. She doesn’t want to be one. She want her friends back. She want to have a chat during lunch time with her friends. She want to exchange her lunch box with her classmates. She want to play tag after lunch, she want to build a sandcastle at the playground!

But five years old Kim Minjeong cannot go against an adult who said she will understand all of this when she grow up. Suddenly adult life don’t feel fun to her anymore. She wish she can stay as a kid.  


Now all she has is her super strict tutor. A maid and a butler that follow her everywhere inside the mansion. No more friend in her life.

Minjeong only meet people when her father bring her to business event or party where all corporate people gather in a friendly manner.

It is not that friendly but all of them bring their family so when the business talk happen, Minjeong will be left alone wandering through the place. Not alone, her butler right behind her, around three feet apart from her. Making sure she doesn’t cause trouble.

Every move of you will have a big impact on our company image Minjeong. You need to look reliable, presentable and have a strong aura that people bow down to you.

It was her father words. Imagine being five years old and that is what your parent told you.


Well, that is how she grow up, all her childhood and her teenage life were snatch away just to make her a great CEO for the Kim company.

Now, an eighteen years old Kim Minjeong is smart, guess all the tutor is totally worth of it. Minjeong becomes sneaky, she able to find a reason for her to has a slight freedom. Minjeong doesn’t want to sit still inside this mansion and wish a miracle going to happen. She need to work for her freedom.

So, a lockdown for her is a no as she proposed to her father that she will need to know about outside world in her college life. Smooth communication skill or soft skill will help her, she will be a threatening CEO.

She is her father daughter after all, she learnt that in business you will need to lie, even though just a tiny bit.

Mr. Kim nodding his head slowly, understand what her daughter mean by that plus he saw a lot of progress been made by his daughter in the past years. A lot of his friend speak highly of Minjeong, of how he is lucky as a father to have a filial daughter.

Minjeong is super behave one.

So that was it. Minjeong finally allowed to set her foots free outside of this mansion or more like jail to her.

But the collage and the course she taken already decided. Still, Minjeong expected that so she doesn’t protest. She know …. If she opens on that topic, a disaster will happen inside Kim mansion.


The taste of freedom for the first time.

Minjeong got it wildly. She is young, her crazy teenage hormones wilding up inside her as she hit the club right away. As soon as the orientation done. She is in the club a few block away from campus.



Bouncing her head up and down to beat. Blending with the strangers there.

Well not just any strangers, a group of chaebol kids around her age. Rich people are crazy, Minjeong can see that even though she is a bit drunk.

A bit …. She never has a taste of alcohol before so ….

Minjeong about to pass out, she is sweating, quickly cover and praying that her legs will make it to the restroom.

The floor is spinning though

a bunch of things or drinks she had before now threatened to get out through . Her stomach is churning so hard that Minjeong leg almost give up and puke right there! Its not like she going to remember this tomorrow plus the worse that can happened is a bouncer dragging her

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