Next Time It’s Forever

Honey, You Make Me Happy
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Yonghee and Wheein shared a look of concern. The bride glanced over at her younger sister and then back at Wheein, urging her to do something. And to do something now.


Wheein sighed, I guess she would be the first to try and calm down Yong. She’s been pacing around the hotel room and running over all the things Yonghee needs before the wedding starts.


The thing is, everything is already ready but Yong was too nervous to settle down. Wheein stood from her place at the edge of the bed and stepped in front of Yong, catching her off guard with a hug.


“Whee what are you doing? I need to check if the photographers are ready. If mom and dad are where they–” 


Wheein doesn’t usually cut her off but this time it was for her own good. She held her girlfriend tighter and started rubbing her back slowly, “I know, unnie. Just…stay with me here for a little bit. Take a few deep breaths.” 


She felt the tense form of Yong slowly relax and she was even hugged back. Yong’s face pressed lightly against Wheein’s neck, clearly taking comfort in the way she smells.


“See, this is one of the reasons why I like her for you. If it was any other person you would’ve bitten their head off for interrupting you.” Yonghee piped up from beside them. She fixed her veil slightly before glancing at the two younger women. 


With her head still leaning against Wheein’s shoulder, Yong turned the other way to face her sister. She looked at her apologetically. Her nerves must not have helped with her sister’s own anxiety. It was her wedding day after all.


“Sorry, unnie.” Yong whispered, so unlike the stern leader most people know. Today, the only role she needs to fulfill is being Yonghee’s little sister. That and as her maid of honor.


She turned her face against Wheein’s neck again, bummed that she can’t fully bury her nose at the crook of it with the worry of smudging her make up too much. Her girlfriend seemed to sense her disappointment and kissed her temple. 


“I’m still nervous.” Yong mumbled.


“I know. How about you practice your song one more time while we’re waiting for the planner to call us. C’mon,” 


Wheein leaned away slowly and took her hand before leading her near the bed. She took her place at the edge of it again and had Yong stand closely in front of her. She pulled the hand she was holding up to her face and pressed it to her cheek, the one with the dimple of course.


Immediately, Yong’s thumb started the dip in her cheeks and breathed deeply before she started the first notes of the song. Wheein couldn’t help but smile back at her while she heard her beautiful v

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Frozen_J #1
Chapter 21: Damn i did not expect the ending lol
Chapter 21: Ooopsie🤭
ggomoo_ #3
Chapter 21: Hmm😆🤭
Chapter 21: 😆😳🤭 that’s smooth haha enjoy your meal, Yong.
Frozen_J #5
Chapter 20: We love sneaky wheenie!
Chapter 20: short, cute, sweet ……and little bit of hotㄱㄱㄱㄱ❤️
Chapter 20: Awwwww this is sooooo cute! I wish the table wasn’t turned and it’s Whee that was pinned against it. Tiny height gap still makes my heart fluttered though 😆
Frozen_J #8
Chapter 19: Daaaamnn topwhee
Chapter 19: Hahaha Wheein is right - all because she’s cute! But the scene wasn’t fit with her cuteness though 😂 HBD my baby Wheeinie 😘 Thank you.
Chapter 18: Nope, not too sweet. It’s just perfect. I love domestic Wheesun and this one too. Thanks for never bringing an angst here when we’re in this drought era of Wheesun 🥹