Make Me Happy

Honey, You Make Me Happy
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The muffled verse of Lunatic filtered through the door of the practice room where I was headed. My body already knows how sore it’s going to feel later just hearing the fast beat.


But it’s only been a week of rehearsals and there are so many more things to learn. Especially Maria, which was the hardest song to dance to. Hopefully, with Wheein’s help, I’ll be able to nail it after a couple of tries.


Speaking of Wheein, she didn’t even hear the door swing open and only noticed when I settled my bag on one of the stacked chairs. It was only her, the other two must’ve gone out for lunch.


I stood at the back, watching through the mirror how she hit every beat. The flawless determination on her face mesmerized me. She’s not even projecting her stage expressions yet and already I’m entranced. 


When the song was transitioning to the next one I walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I nuzzled her nape with the tip of my nose, feeling the dampness from her sweat.


She jerks her head forward when she felt it, “Ah Yong! I’m sweaty.”


Her whining was accompanied by a pout and she tried to wriggle her way out of my grasp but I hugged her tighter and nuzzled again to a bit. 


“Not like we haven’t been this close when you’re sweaty or when we both are.”


She turned in my arms, her eyes trained on my shoulder shyly while she played with the fabric. I pulled one of my sleeves over my palm so I can pat her nose and her forehead lightly.


“That’s different! That’s during…” her words trailed off into a mumble and her eyes flitted towards mine shyly. 


“I’m sorry, during when?” I can’t help but let her flounder a bit and she suddenly buried her face on the side of my neck despite her protest of being sweaty.


“During okay? You keep teasing me, I don’t like you anymore, unnie.” 


Her arms went around me while she continued to throw a small tantrum. I laughed, my hands rubbing her back as I swayed us a bit.


“For someone who doesn’t like me anymore, you’re very clingy.” 


This time I was the one who pulled away. Well, tried to. Wheein never let up on her grip and I ended up with only my face leaning away.


“Be patient when you teach me today, okay?”


She smiled at me in understanding, her dimple deepening and kissed me softly. 




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Frozen_J #1
Chapter 21: Damn i did not expect the ending lol
Chapter 21: Ooopsie🤭
ggomoo_ #3
Chapter 21: Hmm😆🤭
Chapter 21: 😆😳🤭 that’s smooth haha enjoy your meal, Yong.
Frozen_J #5
Chapter 20: We love sneaky wheenie!
Chapter 20: short, cute, sweet ……and little bit of hotㄱㄱㄱㄱ❤️
Chapter 20: Awwwww this is sooooo cute! I wish the table wasn’t turned and it’s Whee that was pinned against it. Tiny height gap still makes my heart fluttered though 😆
Frozen_J #8
Chapter 19: Daaaamnn topwhee
Chapter 19: Hahaha Wheein is right - all because she’s cute! But the scene wasn’t fit with her cuteness though 😂 HBD my baby Wheeinie 😘 Thank you.
Chapter 18: Nope, not too sweet. It’s just perfect. I love domestic Wheesun and this one too. Thanks for never bringing an angst here when we’re in this drought era of Wheesun 🥹