Bright Eyes


Sometimes a small gesture can be a big reminder or Yongsun decides to bring home a gift for Byulyi


This is my first oneshot here and hopefully you'll enjoy it <3


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Chapter 1: Damn so fluffy! 😍😍😍
GoldenMultistan #2
Chapter 1: Awwe, this is exactly what I needed before I need to cram for my sessional tomorrow. Yeah, in a Saturday. Just this one and the Sociology one on Monday and I'm good to go and read some ffs that I've saved.

This was very fluffy and comforting, thank you for this. Also, pretty good for a first oneshot! Keep it up Authornim!
Wooshtheroosh #3
Chapter 1: So soft... this is really sweet as heck :')
Beattheboxbaby #4
Chapter 1: Soft moonsun 🤧👌❤❤
Daebak_Janggu #5
Chapter 1: This makes me feel single asf, this is so cute <3
MaskedTux #6
Chapter 1: awhhh... fluff and soft 💙
Chapter 1: Fluffy 💖
ochie89 #8
Chapter 1: aww..this is cute 🥰
theradishfield #9
Chapter 1: I love it ♡ Thank you for sharing.
lazygirl18 #10
Chapter 1: Kyahhhhhhhhhh!!! 🤭🤭