Honey, You Make Me Happy

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I'm publishing a separate compilation of Wheesun one-shots/short fics. I'm still including them in the oneshots book but will be collected here for better access. :)


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Frozen_J 0 points #1
Chapter 8: Thank u for the update yay!
Chapter 7: Thank you for the update! Loved it <3
vitoriafranca #3
Chapter 7: I loved ALL the stories, I hope to see even more of them here, I'll be watching and waiting for updates closely!
Frozen_J #4
Chapter 7: Yeyyyy an update!
Chapter 7: Phew. I guess with the strong gaze from jealous Yong is the most intimidating person in the world. Thankfully it was just a joke and the poor puppy was rewarded with what she wanted hehe cute~ thank you.
Chapter 6: So cute, i love it!
Frozen_J #7
Chapter 6: Im pretty sure this is real with yong's antics lol
Chapter 6: Awwww cute! Yong is so adorable trying to entertain her gf. But a whole meal 😂 enjoy Miss Jung!
Frozen_J #9
Chapter 5: This made my day!
Chapter 5: I can’t with the tteokbokki empire 😂 but this is sooo cute. Thanks!