Honey, You Make Me Happy
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Yongsun twirled her pen. Another meeting for another project.


She tried to sit still. Tried to listen the best she could and offer input when needed. Her manager sat beside her, the production team on the other side.


It was all going well. She felt like they could wrap it up in a few minutes. Then her phone buzzed.


It wasn't her habit to check notifications in the middle of a meeting but her lockscreen had the words: 'Wheeinie sent a photo in the (not) erts group chat'. 


Yong was just too curious for her own good about anything Wheein related that snuck her phone on her lap.


She focused on unlocking it and opening Mamamoo's group chat without seemingly looking distracted, not catching the side eye her manager threw at her.


She was her version of sneaky but she couldn't hold back gasping, shocking everyone around her.


Someone from the production team started choking on the water he was drinking and her manager accidentally threw papers across the table.


Everyone looked at her but she just bowed to apologize and mumbled that she had to go.


It was 10 minutes and a frustrating car ride later that she finally arrived at Wheein's apartment. Hands on her knees and panting, she pressed the bell on the side of the door. 




She heard Wheein's robotic voice through the speaker. 


Yongsun stood up, letting Wheein get a proper glimpse of her from the doorbell camera. She wiped her upper lip and dabbed her forehead with her sleeve to at least get rid of some sweat. Taking the stairs was a bad idea. 


The d

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Frozen_J #1
Chapter 21: Damn i did not expect the ending lol
Chapter 21: Ooopsie🤭
ggomoo_ #3
Chapter 21: Hmm😆🤭
Chapter 21: 😆😳🤭 that’s smooth haha enjoy your meal, Yong.
Frozen_J #5
Chapter 20: We love sneaky wheenie!
Chapter 20: short, cute, sweet ……and little bit of hotㄱㄱㄱㄱ❤️
Chapter 20: Awwwww this is sooooo cute! I wish the table wasn’t turned and it’s Whee that was pinned against it. Tiny height gap still makes my heart fluttered though 😆
Frozen_J #8
Chapter 19: Daaaamnn topwhee
Chapter 19: Hahaha Wheein is right - all because she’s cute! But the scene wasn’t fit with her cuteness though 😂 HBD my baby Wheeinie 😘 Thank you.
Chapter 18: Nope, not too sweet. It’s just perfect. I love domestic Wheesun and this one too. Thanks for never bringing an angst here when we’re in this drought era of Wheesun 🥹