The Main Attraction

Honey, You Make Me Happy
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Byul tried to review the footage she shot for her vlog while they were walking. On her other side, Hyejin peaked at the small screen of the camera, the corndog she was munching on almost getting snagged on a passerby. 


Seeing how engrossed both of her friends were with other stuff, Yong trailed closely in front of them to help them avoid people bumping into them. 


“Where are we headed again?” She shouted over the amusement park music. 


“Hm? Oh to the disk-o-magic. It's around the edge of the park.” Byul answered, finally focusing on helping Yong navigate. 


“Are you sure you want to join us in this ride, Hyej? You've just eaten, don't want you throwing up.”


Hyejin looked at Yong with a determined stare, a full mouth, and nodded. The older women laughed at her puffy cheeks.


The ride finally came to view. And although Yong's stomach wasn't queasy, she felt it turn a bit. She could already imagine how the fast spinning would make her hold on for dear life. 


They lined up and thankfully it wasn't too long. Her two friends stayed close, Hyejin leaning her head on her shoulder whenever the line wasn’t moving. 


“I don't think we should go through with it.”


They heard the worried voice of someone in front of them. Yong didn’t bother to crane her head to look but she listened intently. Feeling bad for the woman. Before there was an answer though, she heard the ride operator them in. 


Then it was their turn. Hyejin and Byul made her sit in between them while she watched the rest of the people file in to sit in this spinning ride. 


“I really hope my camera won't fall.” Byul wished before the ride started. 


The operator was crazy. That's what Yong kept thinking as the three of them shouted. And the ride wasn't just spinning, it was making them jump in their seats as well. Her is gonna be sore by the end of it.




A flurry of pink hair came into her vision and suddenly a person was on her lap. 


“Oof!” Yong felt like the air got knocked right out of her. She instinctively held the woman with one arm. She was sitting sideways, looking at her bewildered.


“I'm so sorry, I was–AH!” The operator changed the pace again, making them bounce in their seat, and the woman on Yong's lap. She couldn't help but hold onto Yong as well. 


Yong could sense her panic, she literally got flung from one end of the ride to a stranger's lap sideways and she needed her to calm down. 


“Hey, it's alright, hold onto me okay…?”


“Wheein.” The pink haired stranger supplied.


“Wheein. And is it okay if I hold you closer so you won’t fall?” 


The wo

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Frozen_J #1
Chapter 21: Damn i did not expect the ending lol
Chapter 21: Ooopsie🤭
ggomoo_ #3
Chapter 21: Hmm😆🤭
Chapter 21: 😆😳🤭 that’s smooth haha enjoy your meal, Yong.
Frozen_J #5
Chapter 20: We love sneaky wheenie!
Chapter 20: short, cute, sweet ……and little bit of hotㄱㄱㄱㄱ❤️
Chapter 20: Awwwww this is sooooo cute! I wish the table wasn’t turned and it’s Whee that was pinned against it. Tiny height gap still makes my heart fluttered though 😆
Frozen_J #8
Chapter 19: Daaaamnn topwhee
Chapter 19: Hahaha Wheein is right - all because she’s cute! But the scene wasn’t fit with her cuteness though 😂 HBD my baby Wheeinie 😘 Thank you.
Chapter 18: Nope, not too sweet. It’s just perfect. I love domestic Wheesun and this one too. Thanks for never bringing an angst here when we’re in this drought era of Wheesun 🥹