Tuesdays Are Ambiguous

Honey, You Make Me Happy
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Tuesdays..are ambiguous. That's what Yong said. But it's not really, it's just a secret. A secret that's been going on for a while now. 


Tuesdays are for Wheesun. Their adorably named ship. Yong's heart is always for Wheein but her Tuesdays are meant for their little dates or hangouts. 


No matter how busy, even if it's only for a few minutes, they manage their schedule to see each other. And when the other is really just too busy or overseas, they would have long calls. 


She couldn’t pinpoint the time it all started but it seemed like they silently agreed about it. Now Yong is waiting for Wheein to go to her house so they can have a peaceful drive around noon. 




She heard Wheein call from the door a few minutes later. She heard soft footsteps walk towards her when she called out from the bedroom. 


Yong was laying on her back, her head at the foot of the bed and legs lifted up on the headboard. It seemed relaxing to stretch that way for her. 


Wheein was suddenly in her line of sight. Above her she held herself up with her arms, the view upside down for Yong and her pink hair flowing like a curtain.


“Hey, why aren't you dressed yet?” Wheein asked, leaning down to give her a soft kiss which Yong gladly received with a satisfied hum. As y and charmingly domestic Yong looked in just an oversized shirt, she was also recalling if she got the time wrong. 


It was unusual for Yong to not be ready the moment Wheein came. She's extraordinarily punctual and even on rest days she would be doing this and that to stay busy.


“Headache.” She simply explained, making Wheein go into full on caring mode. 


“Did you drink medicine already? Do you want me to get you a cold pack, maybe it would help. We don't have to go outside today, Yong.”



Yong laughed, wincing a bit at the pain and reached over to pinch her cheeks, “No, just… come here and lay with me for a while.”


This earned a pout from Wheein, “No outside clothes allowed on your bed remember, Yong?”


Right. It was her own rule. She thought quickly and waved her hand dismissively.


“It's okay, I'll change the sheets later.” 


At this, Wheein managed to let out a laugh before walking on the side of the bed. Yong watched her, curious if she was going to follow the request.

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Frozen_J #1
Chapter 21: Damn i did not expect the ending lol
Chapter 21: Ooopsie🤭
ggomoo_ #3
Chapter 21: Hmm😆🤭
Chapter 21: 😆😳🤭 that’s smooth haha enjoy your meal, Yong.
Frozen_J #5
Chapter 20: We love sneaky wheenie!
Chapter 20: short, cute, sweet ……and little bit of hotㄱㄱㄱㄱ❤️
Chapter 20: Awwwww this is sooooo cute! I wish the table wasn’t turned and it’s Whee that was pinned against it. Tiny height gap still makes my heart fluttered though 😆
Frozen_J #8
Chapter 19: Daaaamnn topwhee
Chapter 19: Hahaha Wheein is right - all because she’s cute! But the scene wasn’t fit with her cuteness though 😂 HBD my baby Wheeinie 😘 Thank you.
Chapter 18: Nope, not too sweet. It’s just perfect. I love domestic Wheesun and this one too. Thanks for never bringing an angst here when we’re in this drought era of Wheesun 🥹