Bright Eyes


Flowers, a small backpack, and a paperbag filled with leftover lunch was juggled on one arm as Byul punched in the code. A beep informed her that she didn't mess up despite doing it quickly and pushed the door by leaning on it. 


She stood in the dimly lit hallway, thinking how to drop her backpack without dropping everything else in the process. Poor flowers would be crushed and she couldn't even begin to think about possible glass tupperwares breaking. 


Byul internally cringed at the scolding she'll get if the latter happened. 


After a few seconds of strategizing, she finally managed to do it while also toeing off her shoes before going to the kitchen. The flowers needed a fairly big vase, the thought of it coming from her radio guests tonight brought an appreciative smile on her face. It wasn't often she was being offered flowers without being in an event. Plus, these ones are pretty.


Her phone buzzed from her back pocket


One more meeting with the producers left then I'm done for the day. Home soon<3


Okay, I'll wait up for you~


The smile on her face is bigger now and different, the kind of smile that only her girlfriend can evoke from her.


Putting away the rest of her things, she headed to the shower. 




A beep sounded off from the door. Yongsun leaned enough for it to open and kicked it with her heel when she got in, doing her own juggling act. 2 bags, one with files, one personal, a lunchbox that was lovingly packed this morning, and a little surprise for her girlfriend.


Her leg bumped on the backpack that was forgotten near the door. She shook her head, Byul must've been really tired. Setting down her own things, she organized their bags on the small side table for tomorrow.


"Byul?" Yong called out, her voice a little hoarse from rehearsing for hours. Instantly, she found comfort on the big couch in their living room, a habit of hers that she built before showering after a long workday. She fiddled with the stem of the sunflower she bought. She looked at it carefully and tried to see if it needed something to make it more presentable. Maybe a ribbon? 


There's a roll of ribbon in the kitchen, she remembered. With a glance back at the bedroom door she trekked towards the kitchen drawers. Although, when she got sight of the big bouquet on the counter, her gift seemed a lot smaller than it really was. Her hand reached for the card and saw the name of the guest, nodding to herself and biting her lip indecisively. Should she still give it to her when this was in comparison? Should she put mo---


Arms wrap around her waist from behind and the smell of a freshly showered Byulyi calmed her senses.


"Sorry, I must've missed you calling me, I was drying my hair." Byul apologized, her arms giving her a squeeze and her nose buried on Yong's neck.


The short haired brunette leaned on her, completely forgetting her dilemma. But of course, ever the observant Byulyi, noticed her occupied hand.


"Who's that from unnie?"


Yongsun, too engrossed in the feeling of her girlfriend's arms took a while to comprehend what she was saying. She turned around to face her and presented the sunflower. 


Byul took in her appearance for a bit, both stemming from affection and reflex to see if her Yong is okay. She concluded that the brunette looked tired, probably from hours of meetings and rehearsals. Her schedule more hectic than hers today. She couldn't help but her cheek while Yong put together her sentences. 


"From me- I --uh, I mean it's my gift to you. I saw someone selling it outside the building a while ago and it reminded me of you.” She sighed, she wasn’t usually this flustered but she wasn’t also someone who expresses their emotions with words a lot. She’s trying though, Byul can see it everyday. Yong gestured towards the bouquet with her thumb, “But I saw how beautiful that is and well..” 


As the older woman trailed off Byul couldn’t help but sympathize with her. Didn’t her girlfriend know that her gift was already ten times more special just because it was from her? She knew how Yong usually spaces out when she’s busy, leaving little attention for anything else. The fact that she bought her a gift just because she was reminded of her was heartwarming.


Byul pried the sunflower from her hands and tilted the older woman’s head up to give her a sweet kiss. “What did I do to deserve something like this from such a pretty lady?”


“Greasy!” Yong exclaimed and softly smacked Byul’s shoulder. The younger laughed seeing how her girlfriend’s expression turned from loving to cringing. She pulled her closer, careful not to squish the flower.


 “I love it Yong, thank you. Do you want to have dinner with me before you shower?”


Yong smiled, and just like that her dimples deepened and her arms came around the younger’s neck. Her hands caressing her nape. She nodded before she was lead to the dining room where a humble meal consisting of her favorite dishes was prepared.




 Despite protests from Yongsun that the flower isn’t as special as Byul made it out to be, the younger found a place for it on her side on the nightstand.


Both of them laid comfortably on the bed, Byul the little spoon. Yong nuzzled her nose on her girlfriend’s nape, “You’ve been looking at that flower for far too long now, I’m starting to get jealous.” she jest.


The younger chuckled, the hand that was set atop her waist. She turned around and was met with bright eyes. Eyes she gets lost in often. 


“It just reminds me how much you care about me.”


“I do” 


Byul smiled at her reassurance even if she didn’t ask for it. She decided to go on, her smile growing as the conversation continues.


“And how much you think about me.”


“All the damn time.” Yong answered again, booping her nose with her own. Byul decided to keep pushing.


“And how much you looooove me”


“I doooooo~”


The younger laughed and held Yongsun tighter, “I do too. So much, and don’t you ever forget it.” she whispered with reverence.


Yong leaned in and kissed her slowly. The feeling of their lips together evoking the thought of sunflower meadows and endless bright days.

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Chapter 1: Damn so fluffy! 😍😍😍
GoldenMultistan #2
Chapter 1: Awwe, this is exactly what I needed before I need to cram for my sessional tomorrow. Yeah, in a Saturday. Just this one and the Sociology one on Monday and I'm good to go and read some ffs that I've saved.

This was very fluffy and comforting, thank you for this. Also, pretty good for a first oneshot! Keep it up Authornim!
Wooshtheroosh #3
Chapter 1: So soft... this is really sweet as heck :')
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Chapter 1: Soft moonsun 🤧👌❤❤
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Chapter 1: This makes me feel single asf, this is so cute <3
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Chapter 1: awhhh... fluff and soft 💙
Chapter 1: Fluffy 💖
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Chapter 1: aww..this is cute 🥰
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Chapter 1: I love it ♡ Thank you for sharing.
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