I'm going to be on WGM?

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You (y/n) was a new incoming actress in Korea and as a result you started to appear on various variety shows to promote your drama's and also your persona as the public liked how relatable you were.

One of these variety shows you first started to appear on was called My Ear's Candy which is where two celebrities are randomly chosen with random nicknames and are given a phone to call each other on. The whole purpose was to have celebrities have a friend for a day as they can call each other for the whole day and talk to each other about what they are doing...where they are going... and such.

While you on this program you had no idea that Doyoung would be the person on the other end of the phone and that the two of you had spent the whole day together.

Although you two had never interacted after this show, a few years later you were offered to go on a well known program known as We Got Married and prior to joining the show you had done an interview where the producers asked who you would like to have as your husband. Not knowing that your wishes would soon come true you had mentioned Doyoung and how he was your ideal type.

Little did you know that the two of you would then reunite and become each other's termporary husband and wife.


Story is inspired by: Gong Myung and Jung Hye Sung's story prior to joining WGM together, I will also take inspiration from other WGM couples such as: Joy and Sungjae & Eric Nam and Solar.

Update: I'm close to finishing the next chapter so it'll be out soon! (possibly by this weekend)


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