My Ear's Candy (ep.1)

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Doyoung's POV-

It had been about 3 months now since he moved out of the dorms and started to live on his own in a new apartment, because of this he felt lonely at times despite the fact that s would visit him often to hang out and eat dinner.

As a result his company suggested that he went on his program where he would be assigned to call someone and become friends with them for a day, when he arrived to meet with the producers for the show they had shown him the following items: airpods (that could be used to answer calls if he were driving), a camera to document his time calling his assigned partner, as well as a new phone that would only be used to contact his partner.

He would also then have to answer some questions during this meeting so that the producers could get a sense of what kind of partner would suit him the best.

(Producers)-what kind of qualities are you looking for in your partner?

(Doyoung)-I would like to talk to someone who is a good listener and has a good sense of humor so that the conversation can keep going 

(Producers)-would you prefer to have your partner to be male or female?

(Doyoung)-(shyly responds)-I would like for them be a female

(Producers)-alright well thank you for sharing this with us, you will receive a message on your new phone from us in the upcoming weeks as you will be given a random nickname and we will have your partner contact you soon.

Doyoung left the meeting with a fluttering heart as he couldn't wait to finally talk to someone new and make a new friend.

About a week later

During the filming of his first episode for this show, Doyoung began to film himself and his apartment as he went about his daily routine.

He then soon got a message on the phone given by the producers that read: "hello Doyoung-ssi are you ready to meet your partner?" 

He then replied with "yes I am"

The messaging system on the show then responded with: "here is your nickname for this show: Bunny, your partner's nickname will be: Hamster"

He then responded with: "how will I know when they contact me?"

He then got a message say

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