WGM (ep.3)

I'm going to be on WGM?
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No one's POV-

In between this episode the two of you would be interviewed by the production crew to talk about what it was like to go shopping as newlyweds:

(Q)-What was it like to go grocery shopping with Doyoung?

(Your answer)-I didn't really know what to expect at first but seeing how happy Doyoung oppa was when he was picking out the couple items made me smile

(Q)-What was it like to go grocery shopping with Y/N-ssi?

(Doyoung's answer)-little things like grocery shopping is something very common for couples to do and I'm glad that I got to experience that with y/n-ssi, it was fun to pick out couple items and talk about what we would be making for dinner, as it makes it clear that we're finally a married couple

Back at the house

Since you both were still unfamiliar with how the apartment was structured, you both decided to label each of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen so it would be easier to understand.

As you were rinsing the veggies you bought for the stew in the sink, you felt two arms coming behind you to hug your waist and in that moment you didn't know what to do but smile

(Doyoung)-(in his aegyo voice)-do you want oppa to help you with anything?

(You)-it's okay but it would be nice if you get me one of the apron's we bought

He then not only came back to give you an apron, but to have one on himself:

Doyoung then helped you put on your apron by tying it from the back, afterwards he then made his way to the backyard to grill the meat you guys had bought.

While he was grilling the meat he got a phone call from s:

(Taeyong)-Doyoung-ah are you and y/n-ssi still at your apartment?

(Doyoung)-yeah why do you ask?

(Johnny then takes the phone to say)-BECAUSE WE'RE COMING TO SURPRISE YOU BOTH!

(Doyoung)-wait what? we're just starting to make dinner, how far away are you both?

(Taeyong)-like 20 mins away? don't worry we'll be there after you guys are done with dinner

(Doyoung)-ah hyung you should've told me about this beforehand (he says in a whining tone)

(Taeyong)-hey surprises are meant to be last minute, see you soon Doyoung-ah

Doyoung then hung up the phone feeling nervous, by the time he finished grilling the meat he immediately went to y/n to tell her the news

(Doyoung)-jagiya my members called me to tell me they are on the way to surprise us later 

(You)-wait really? but we don't have enough food to feed them

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