WGM (ep.4)-Honeymoon pt.1

I'm going to be on WGM?
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First half of ep 4- from Doyoung's POV

(MC's commentary)-I wonder where Doyoung-ssi is heading off to, and where y/n-ssi is

For context, Doyoung had rented a car to drive the two of you to the airport after eating lunch/dinner.

(Doyoung on the phone with you in the car)-Jagiya are you awake?

(You)-yeah I just got up an hour ago, where are you?

(Doyoung)-I went to pick up a rental car for us and will be home soon so feel free to take your time to pack your things since we still have some time before we have to head to the airport tonight

(You)-did you eat yet oppa?

(Doyoung)-No I figured we could eat lunch together 

(You)-ah okay, how does ramen sound?

(Doyoung)-it sounds great 

(You)-great since that's all we have (you said as you both ended up laughing)

(Doyoung)-I'll be home soon, don't miss me too much

(You)-haha don't worry I won't (you said jokingly)

(Doyoung)-very funny, ok see you soon jagi (he said as you both then hung up the phone)

(MC's commentary)-omo these two already sound like as if they've been together for a while now

Your POV-

You went back and forth between your apartment and your shared apartment with Doyoung since most of your clothes were still at your place.

By the time Doyoung had called you, you had ran back to your shared apartment to cook ramen for the both of you.

(Your thoughts)-"I should pick up some kimchi and other side dishes at the nearby grocery store" you thought after looking at the fridge 

You put on your mask and a pair of headphone so that no one would recognize you, but then again the whole camera crew filming you was a major giveaway that you were famous.

Luckily for you there weren't that many people at the store that recognized you, but the cashier did end up asking at one point if you were filming a show and

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