WGM (ep.1)

I'm going to be on WGM?
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Breaking News: NCT's Doyoung and Actress (y/n) are confirmed to be one of the new couples for WGM's final season! New episodes for the season will be out in the upcoming months!

Your POV-

You had just woken up to the sound of your phone going off from your actor friends and even your parents who weren't aware that you were going to be in a fake marriage.

Here are the list of text messages you received:

(Your mom)-y/n-ah is it true did you finally meet a man?

------>Your response: "say hello to your future son-in law mother"

(Friend 1)-OMG you're going to be meeting the man of your dreams!

------>Your response: "yeah and he'll be the death of me, send help if you don't hear from me in a few days :/"

(Friend 2)-when do you two start filming? tell me the deets!

------>Your response: "we begin filming next week and I'm so nervous!!!"

(Friend 3)-Gurl did you tell the producers you wanted him as your husband? Well it looks like your wish came true!

------>Your response: "yeah I may have told them too much... but oh well I finally get to meet him now :D"

The first episode 

Your scenes for the first episode were mainly solo shots of you receiving the mission envelopes from the producers, given that you and Doyoung both chose the Han River location you at least had an idea of where you would be meeting him.

You also answered a few questions from the producers from time to time as you had a camera man following you.

(Producers to you)-since you already know who your husband is does that make you more nervous or are you more relaxed?

(You)-a little bit of both I would say since I still don't know what to expect once I see him 

(Producers to you)-what was your reaction when you found out that you got paired with someone you mentioned during the preliminary interviews?

(You)-it honestly still feels unreal to me, I feel as if I'm in some sort of storyline where I was meant to meet my dream crush

(Producers to you)-alright well you are set to now go to Han River to meet with your husband, we received word that he's planned quite an entrance for you

With that you got into your van and you and your manager started gossiping about how nervous you were.

(Your manager)-maybe he's planning on proposing to you on day 1

(You)-nah it's too soon for that 

(Your manager)-are you forgetting that the show is about you getting married to this man?

(You)-yeah but I kind of want to take things slow

You then couldn't help but stalk his instagram account for the remainder of the car ride with a huge smile on your face.

(Your manager)-aigoo my little girl is all grown up now

(You)-eww shut up unnie you're not my mom! (you complained as you hated it when she talked to you in a baby voice)

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