13 Let me stay by your side?

Cinderella's brother
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A/n: This will be a very short update.
It's so on purpose, because I want you to get intrigued.
I promise that the next chapter will be very surprising and interesting...at least so I hope to be






Yibo  was very surprised when Xiao Qing accepted to act all that comedy in front of his parents, without asking him to act with her as a real boyfriend outside the hospital, too.
She even told him that she tried to explain to her brother about their fake relationship, but Zhan refused to listen to her.
The same happened  when Yibo tried to  reason why he wanted to take a break from their relationship.
He didn't want to listen anything Yibo was saying following the breaking up request, he just ran away, with his fingers stuck into his ears like a hurt little kid.

Yibo ran after him, trying  everything to make him listen, but with no avail.
Xiao Zhan kept running until his legs got tired and he fell onto his knees,  crying so hard  that he was ripping Yibo's heart in thousands of crumbles with his hot tears.
He was wailing like a mourning widow :
"Let me by your side?
And accompany you through, forever?

"Please ZhanZhan, listen to me. It's just temporary...I made a deal with my father, who is very sick...
Please, let me explain to you...", Yibo kept trying, but each time he was opening his mouth, Zhan was shouting "No, no, I don't want to know!", while covering his ears with his palms.
The only thing Yibo was able to do was to fall onto his knees in front of the love of his life,  to hold his hands for the last time and to look deep into his blurry eyes while vowing to him, his eternal love...

Xiao Zhan was too drained to push his hands away, he could just whisper:
"Please, stop talking...
When reality is unfair to you, just don't care too much!
Thank you Wang Yibo for this useful advice, thank you!
Don't worry, I am not mad at you, I knew from the start what I deserve from life.
Goodbye BoBo,  it was beautiful , you made me happy, thank you for everything, I will be okay, we will be alright."









A month later, the doctors gave Victoria and Yibo a little hope when telling them that the slight wince the patient was feeling when  his foot or palm was punctured, was a promising start towards healing.
But the patient  was still unable to talk.

Every time Yibo was visiting him accompanied by  his  girlfriend, his father's eyes were tearing, touching Yibo's heart.
Yes, he  cries every night thinking of his ZhanZhan, but his and Zhan's pain is not for nothing, at least he could give his father a bit of happiness and a small smile onto his mother's face.








~Lots of things have happened in our characters' lives in all the five years that passed since the last time you've heard about them.~



Mister Wang got recovered almost entirely, he remained only with a few insignificant consequences, it's true that  he was never able to practice again the profession of doctor, but he got more time to dedicate to the hospital management, and to Xuan Lu's support who was studying at the medical university for becoming a doctor.

Xiao Qing graduated from the acting university, and now she got the leading female role in a successful musical  play,  performed with all the tickets sold off.

As for his son, he graduated from the music university, majoring in the PostModern Music, in the same class with Xiao Zhan, both of them currently activating as a singer and composer under the Yuehua. Ent. Company's contract.







Little A-Yuan grew up into a fine handsome  gentleman at the young age of 12 years old. 
He stopped in front of the huge mirror from the lobby and admiringly checked out his outfit: a white starched shirt and white elegant shoes, matched with a beige vest and pants, everything seasoned with a caramel colored hat.
The boy ed the first button from the shirt, before sneaking into the kitchen, where dozens of cake plates were waiting to be served to the eventual guests who will stop by at the Xiao house, before or after joining the party from the booked up weddings restaurant.
He loaded on a small plate various sizes and colors of cookies and hurried back in his room before his mom to catch him ruining the artistic arrangement of the cakes on plates.

Before opening the door of his room, he pressed with the free hand his chest, trying to slow down his erratic heart beat.

Inside was waiting, sitting on his bed, the beautiful angel who will one day be his wife, and he was planning to propose to her right there and right then. He can't afford to postpone it, what if someone will be faster and Yú will be asked to be married?

His heart was  stabbed every time that horse looking guy from the basketball team  was always hugging the love of his life. Not talking anymore about the fact that the guy's parents are rich like hell, not as his mom is poor, but A-Yuan can't risk anything!

He opened the door bravely, but his hand already began to shake at the sight of the beautiful girl dressed in a white, fluffy dress, looking like a ballerina doll.

A-Yuan took a seat next to her and reached out his hand holding the plate to her lap, not daring to look at her.



"Thank you A-Yuan, how did you know  that I love sweets?", the girl giggled, shoving in her small mouth a whole cookie and smearing her cheeks with the chocolate cream.

"Because I am a sweet guy and you like me, so it's obvious that you like sweets!",  the kid laughed , trying to sound like a witty guy, yet looking shyly in the ground and covering his overly flushed cheeks.

The girl's mouth was too stuffed for A-Yuan to understand what she said, so he finally looked into her eyes, took away the plate from her hands and held her right hand, kneeling in front of the shocked little girl.


"Yú baobao, I don't see any point in waiting any longer, I suppose you know that I fell in love with you from the first time I saw you entering my classroom. I love you and I don't want  anyone to steal you away from me! Will you marry me?"

"Xiao Yuan! I agreed that you are a sweet guy, the sweetest, actually, but I've never imagined that you are crazy, too!
For Big-Eared Tu Tu's sake (A/n: Big-Eared Tu Tu is a popular Chinese cartoon character), we are only twelve, what are you talking about?"

"I know, I didn't mean to marry right now, we are still too young, but I can't take the risk to wa

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