15 Whose wedding?~Epilogue~

Cinderella's brother
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The temple was stuffed with people like it never ever was before. People from the medical world mixed with guests from the entertaining industry, guests from Mrs Xiao's company, university colleagues and professors of the weds, neighbors, reporters, even strangers from the street, all were  excited to admire the two handsome grooms along with their beautiful brides, waited to arrive in front of the priest for giving his blessing to their two holy matrimonies.

Yibo, Zhan, Qing and Lulu had talked many times before this event with their priest , asking for his advice about how to pray to their Gods  to forgive them and accept what they've decided to do. 
Luckily their priest was an intelligent and open minded man who told them that Gods would never punish the feeling of honest love between two human beings. He also promised them to personally pray every day asking the Gods to accept the compromise proposed  by the four of them.

The first bride entering the temple was Lulu,  led down the aisle by her father who was now a completely cured man and who was entirely forgiven by his daughter. When they arrived in front of the priest, the emotional father handed his daughter to her groom, Wang Yibo, who smiled at her and took her hand ceremoniously, but not before throwing a short peek towards the other groom waiting for his own bride.

Qing followed the same rite, holding her father's arm in the way toward her future husband Xiao Zhan.

Mrs Xiao and Mrs Wang were leaning into each other for not fainting, from the overwhelming emotions. 

Hundreds of flashes were almost blinding the two pairs along with  the already dizzy priest.

No wonder that all the media agents were enchanted by the opportunity to publish such wonderful pictures: two extremely beautiful brides standing next to each other,  flanked by their two gorgeous grooms...just BEAUTIFUL!



The elegant restaurant was getting filled, slowly, by the diverse guests, mostly relatives and close friends, no media agents or outsiders this time, while the newlyweds were hosted in a  special room prepared for them if they would want to change their clothes, to rest or to store the lots of wedding gifts.

The first arriving were the two Wang siblings, Yibo and Qing, who dropped their exhausted bodies on the huge couch from the resting room:
"We did it till the end!
Mei, I will not say  congratulations for your wedding, but let me wish you from all of my heart to  live a happy married life, full of love and accomplishments!", Yibo beamed at his sister who was lying upside down next to him.

"Thank you Ge, I wish you the same! But you shouldn't avoid congratulating me and yourself, at the same time, because the Gods know the truth. So, in front of them we are married to the rightful ones, to our  beloved.
Those official stamped papers are only for the society's stupid eyes and  homophobic rules.
Instead. I pray to Gods to forgive me for all the past years when I was blinded by hate, for no reason.
I also hope that you and Zhan Ge will forgive me, too.
Love made me a better person, and smarter...", Qing smiled back, reaching out for her brother's hand and interlacing their fingers.

"Ha, ha, as for me...I think that love made me dumber, not smarter.
I am stupidly in love, looking like a retard while thinking of him when he is not with me!", Yibo laughed, squeezing his sister hand.

"What do you two prefer to take, the first or the second floor?
The ground floor is already split into two living rooms and two kitchens."

"ZhanZhan said to let you and Lulu take the first floor, taking into consideration the time when you two will be pregnant, as to be easier to climb only one storey.
 The mansion does not yet have a lift, but I will take care to build one, soon."

"Zhan Ge is as sweet as he always is, thinking about mine and Lulu's best, even though he knows that  you are a lazy who would rather have taken the first floor.
He sometimes resembles my wife so much, Zhan Ge is like Lulu's brother. They are the angels siblings, while we are the evil siblings, ha, ha, ha. ", Qing laughed.

"Not anymore, the angels converted us from evils into soft dummies.", Yibo laughed along.



"What are you two gossiping and laughing about like that?
I hope that is not about us!", Zhan said, after entering the room,  tailing Lulu who threw herself on top of Qing and stretched her limbs tiredly.

"What about me?
I'm tired, too, and there is no more space there.", Zhan pouted, standing at the edge of the couch like an  abandoned little child. But he didn't have too much time to feel upset, because a pair of arms pulled his body down in the warm embrace that he had missed the whole day and his pout was slurped away by Yibo's  thirsty lips.

"You know that you will never be left aside as long as I'm alive.
Hi, my lovely husband, I missed you so much the whole day. The social wedding is over! 
Our real marriage is starting, finally.
Tonight we don't have to pretend anymore, we will be newlyweds enjoying their wedding day, or better say wedding night, as it's late in the evening already.
I love you my husband, I wish you to live a happy life, I know that I will do everything in my power to make you happy, I love you so much!", Yibo sighed, showering his lover's glowing face with hundreds of loud kisses.

Glowing, because Zhan's happiness was written all over his face, in his smile, in his bright eyes, in his whole being.


"We should better go, the guests will start wondering if there are any celebrated persons on here!", Lulu said, the most clear minded from all of them.






A prolonged string of applause reverberated between the high walls of the restaurant hall, in the moment the two couples showed in, holding hands, Qing holding Lulu's hand and Yibo's fingers entangled tightly with his beloved ball of sunshine's fingers.



The guests danced, enjoyed eating  the various sophisticated dishes, had a lot of fun and had a good time, the whole night, along with the  two pairs of newlyweds.

Yibo, Zhan, Qing and Lulu  will obviously never forget this day, not only because it was the day of their official union, but for many other reasons.
One of the most important reasons being that this day will remain as the day when LOVE defeated the stupid SYSTEM.

Maybe...who knows? Maybe,  one day in the future, the law will allow them to express their love without any barriers and without hiding behind some pieces of stamped papers.

The white table was almost breaking under the weight of the double wedding cake, looking gorgeous and very tasty.



Yibo wrapped an arm around Zhan's tiny waist and led him to the edge of the table where the bunk cake had on top the two candy figurines depicting two grooms. He took for both of them two glasses of champagne:
"Let's drink our first champagne as husband and husband, I love you and I always will!"

Zhan ignored the lots of eyes watching them with affection, and sealed his husband's lips with a long and sensual kiss, whispering before kissing him again:
"I love you more, forever and ever!"

The girls did the same at the other edge of the table.


Later, according to Chinese tradition, Qing and Lulu changed their brides dresses into some traditional red dresses, therefore the grooms decided to change, too.

They chose to wear Wang Zhuocheng's wedding gift for them: two white silk embroidered shirts. They really looked like two royalties: the prince Yibo with his prince Zhan!


Wang Yibo got surprised when one of their close friends started playing an unknown tune on the piano and another friend holding a guitar walked toward them.

Before starting playing the guitar he handed a microphone to Zhan who held his husba

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