14 The Wangs

Cinderella's brother
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~ Meanwhile at the Wang residence~



Mrs Wang Victoria was running from a room in another to help the main characters of that special day to get ready for their wedding. 
Hair stylists, tailors, makeup artists, bridesmaids, best men, all of them were gravitating around the beautiful bride and the handsome groom, fixing the last details of their looks.

"Children, are you ready?
We have to go, you don't want to let ZhanZhan and Lulu wait for you!",  the agitated woman said, her husband trying to calm her down, by kissing the inside of her palm and leading her outside the house.

"Calm down, everything will be perfect, you'll see.
Our children will have a perfect wedding and what is most important they will  live happy lives, because their hearts are full of love.", the doctor smiled, holding his wife's hand and walking together to their car.

"You're right, nothing can go wrong , seeing them so in love even after five years, it's warming my heart and makes me wonder why the Gods gave me so much happiness, did I deserve it?"

"Of course you deserved it, after all you went through all your life.
Watching Qing as a bride it's like traveling in time. You looked exactly like her on our wedding day."

"No way, I was not even half as beautiful as she is."

"Oh, yes you were!
Like a mother, like a daughter!"

"Thank you Gods, once again, for giving her back to me!", the woman burst  into tears, burying her face in her husband's chest.

"Mom, why are you crying, this is a happy day, no reason for crying!", Yibo smiled  at his mom, who  quickly wiped her eyes.

"There are tears from too much happiness, son!
Oh my goodness, you will be the most handsome groom in the entire  history of weddings!", the proud mother exclaimed, fixing  the groom's bow.

"You're wrong, mom, somebody already took that title, I could never be more handsome like Xiao Zhan, and I remember that you dad, admitted it once, too.", Yibo laughed,  hugging both of his parents, before walking to the front door of the house to help the bride to climb down the few steps.

"I don't even  dare anymore to say that you are the most beautiful bride from the entire universe, because your brother has just scolded me for praising him.", the woman laughed, trying to hold back the tears at the sight of her beloved daughter looking so beautiful as a bride.  










The long row of cars started their ride toward the Wedding House building, led by the white limousine whose passengers were Yibo and his sister Qing.

Mr and Mrs Wang were asked politely by their chauffeur to climb the car and follow the rest of the cars.

"Penny for your thoughts?", the doctor smiled at his musingly wife.

"I was thinking how lucky I was to meet you, exactly when I was the most desperate."

"Ha, ha, I was the most devoted customer of that supermarket, coming three times a day for shopping every time it was the beautiful pregnant cashier's shift.
I fell in love with you from the first time you asked me for the credit card in your sweet voice.", Mr Wang replied dreamily, kissing the woman's fingers.

"Did you know that I ran away from the hospital, after giving birth to that sweet baby girl, with the decision in my mind to kill myself?
After my lover didn't want to hear anymore about me, because of my pregnancy, I thought that all the Gods had left me, so I did the same with my own child, leaving that small ball of fluff in the hospital and waiting on the roadway for a big car to jump in front of it and end for all my pathetic life.
But the Gods came back to me, bringing with them, your person."


"Yes, I remember like it was yesterday, how shocked I was seeing my lovely cashier, standing in the rain, barefoot and wearing only a drenched nightgown."

"You took me  home and took care of me, never asking about what happened to me or my pregnancy. You even managed to convince my parents to forgive me for the huge pain I've caused to them, blessed their souls and rest in peace for both of them.
I'm such a lucky woman for having you, such a big soul, ready to help and to give love to everybody.
I remember the day when you came home from work very upset and sad about the tragedy  one of your former college mates has suffered: his wife died right after giving birth to a son, and now your friend told you that he would rather have chosen to have his wife alive and his son dead. You told me that he hates the baby and wants to give him up for adoption, so you decided to adopt the baby, but only after making me your wife. 
I fell in love instantly with the cute baby from the first time I saw his picture.
I remember that  I almost had a heart attack when I looked better at the man from the picture holding the baby in his arms...it was my former lover, the doctor whom I seduced and with whom I got pregnant with baby Qing."

"Yes, so little BoBo had the same father with the baby you abandoned in the hospital. I could feel all your guilt and regrets in the love you gave to our beloved BoBo, always praying for your daughter to receive the same love wherever her destiny  could have brought her."

"Luckily the Gods took care of her, sending to her a good man, the same as you are, who adopted her. I'm sure that  ZhanZhan inherited all of his sweetness and kindness from his father, and his beauty from his mother."

"Not as his mother is not a kind and sweet person, as well. Her big heart was shown in the way she handled the shocking news about Qing, who was her daughter after all. And how she proposed to Lulu to take Qing's former room, giving her a warm home and a caring family for the time her father was imprisoned."

"ZhanZhan even came to me to ask me to help Lulu's father to enroll in a rehab clinic. Such a wonderful person is this boy, every time I see him, I feel like asking him for his  forgiveness for the way I've treated him when I met him for the first time."

"Don't worry, he respects you very much and he knows that you only wanted the best for your son."

"I forgot to ask you if you sent a wedding invitation to the detective, too?"

"Of course I did, after all he is the one who found my lost baby after all of those years.
On top of that he is happily dating ZhanZhan's best man and best friend, Wang Zhuocheng. Did you know about that?
The strangest thing was that this same detective was hired by ZhanZhan's father, too, for finding the teenager who abandoned his adoptive daughter...hmm, from all the detectives from Beijing! Strange indeed.
I blamed myself many times for sending him away after you suffered the , telling him to come back only when you'll be cured.
I was mad at him, somehow blaming him for what happened to you. I even refused to look at the picture that he showed you and provoked the ."

"I was shocked indeed when he showed me Xiao Qing's picture, after saying that  h

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