07 Confession

Cinderella's brother
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Xiao Zhan found out from a nice nurse that his friend's ward was right next to his, so he asked her to sit him in a wheelchair and  bring him  there.

Luckily, none of his vital organs was affected by the hard and numerous kicks that his body was abused with. But what was worrying him the most was Wang Yibo's health, because all he could find out so far was that he needed to go through a surgery.

Zhan didn't let his mother know about what happened to him, nor his little brother, as he didn't want to get them worried. And Qing Mei didn't bother to tell A-Yuan anything, of course.
That's why, he was overly surprised when the nurse informed him that he must postpone the visit to Yibo's ward, because he has a visitor.

"Who?", he asked the nurse.

"A very  handsome man, dressed all in black leather. I got slightly intimidated, so  I forgot to ask for his name, I'm sorry.", the nurse replied, blushing hard.

"Lao Wang Zhuocheng, what are you doing here?", Zhan asked, shocked at his visitor's identity.

"To see you, of course!
I found out about the Yuehua.Ent.Co building incident from a friend who was passing by through the hallway at that time and heard everything.
He was the one calling the police, luckily those punks are  already in the police's custody.
How are you feeling now?", the man smiled endearingly, handing Zhan the huge flower bouquet.
He fixed his pillow before kissing fatherly his head crown.




"Thank you for coming to see me, I feel very touched with your concern, and please thank your friend  on behalf of me, for calling the police.
I am alright, even though now it was a lot worse than the last time, but still I got away with only a slight internal bleeding, nothing too serious.
What worries me  the most is Lao Wang Yibo's state, because he was cut with a knife and lost his conscience. Because of me, it's my fault!
I would be much obliged to you if you would help me to see him, I badly need to see him!", Zhan whined.
He was feeling very comfortable with this man, even though he was not his friend or anything, but he could feel his sincerity and good heart radiating from his whole being.

"I will do that only if you are allowed to move out of bed.
Anyway I could tell you that as far as I know  the brat is alright, his wound was not  deep enough to affect any nerves, but long enough to bleed a lot, so don't worry that much about him.
You should stop always thinking about others and you should show more  concern and appreciation to the amazing person which you are!"

"What thing about me could be called amazing?
I was always told by everyone, except my mother, my little brother and my passed-away father, that I'm nothing but a disgusting creature, an abnormal human being who is not able to live up to our society's standards, to any standards actually!"

"Lao Xiao Zhan!
I simply don't understand you, you are a smart young man, why do you allow society to turn you into somebody that you are not?
If other people have prejudices against someone for being gay, that's their problem, not yours!
And you shouldn't have to change any part of you, nor the way you think nor the way you act, just for their idiotic judgment. They are the ones who need to change their mindset, not you!"

"I know that, but people don't expect much from me anyway, maybe because they often mistake my kindness for weakness."

"Yes, yes, you have a too big heart, and your major mistake is that you let people know that and take advantage."

"Actually, that's what I'm trying to do, hiding my feelings away, but sadly I am a big failure in that, too.
But don't mind my whining and let's go to Lao Wang Yibo's ward, please!
I am allowed to move, actually the nurse was about to bring me there, right before you came."


After Zhuocheng helped Zhan to sit in the wheelchair, he led him to the neighboring ward, where they found the patient still asleep because of the anesthetic provided for the surgical intervention.

Zhuocheng was standing discreetly next to the window and watching, with knowingly eyes, over Zhan who was praying with passion for the brat's health.



He is four years older than Zhan , and much more experienced, hence he was understanding very well now, what was Zhan talking about hiding his feelings.
To Wang Zhuocheng it was crystal clear that Zhan was in love with his sister's boyfriend.
No wonder that he was in such a disturbed state, and a such a pessimistic, low self esteem person.


"Lao Xiao Zhan, sorry for interrupting your prayer, but I want to ask you something.
I would really like to be your friend, if you would agree.
I can't promise you that I will be able to solve all of your problems, but one thing I can promise you: you won't have anymore to face them alone!"

Zhan didn't have time to snap out from his surprise, because another shock, much bigger, shook his heart and his entire being.

He felt the hem of his shirt tugged by a hand, and when he looked down he met Yibo's still glazed eyes, looking at him with an indecipherable stare.

His voice sounded a bit of hoarse and weak, yet determined:
"Zhan Ge doesn't need your friendship, he already has mine, and I promise him not only that I will stand by his side to face his problems, but I promise him that I will offer him something much more than my friendship, I will offer him MY LOVE!"


A woman burst running into the room, almost tripping, followed by Xiao Qing who was screaming in her ear:
"You see?!
What have I told you?
My perfect BoBo Ge got infected by my filthy brother  and because of him, your son is now lying on the hospital bed, beaten up and injured by my brother's enemies.

Now everyone will hate your son, too, same as they hate that stupid !"


The woman replied in a faded voice, yet authoritative:
"Can I be alone with my son now?
Please, everyone whoever you are, please get out!"









A week has already passed since that incident.
Zhan was discharged from the hospital after three days, but he hasn't seen  Yibo anymore since then.
All he knew about him was what Zhuocheng found out and informed him: the prince's parents moved him to a private hospital, where his father was the manager.

He was feeling very good hanging out with Zhuocheng, especially in the evening, after both of them were free from their jobs.
Zhan was investing his whole  concentration on composing the songs asked  by the agency, even though he was not sure that Yibo would still wish  to sing his songs.
And even if he would be up to do that, maybe his parents would be against it, especially after what his mother caught him saying when she walked into the hospital ward.


His relationship with Qing Mei has  drastically changed, since Zhuocheng encouraged him to stand up against  her insults, and to ask from her legit arguments reasoning her hatred for gay persons.

Of course that she didn't know anything else to answer,  except that it's something normal for the whole normal world to hate gays, no need for any other reason than the so-called "normality".
He didn't allow her anymore to insult him not in front of others, nor when they were alone.
Zhuocheng taught him that he could show her his brotherly love and protection in different ways than until now.

Also, his new friend enrolled him in a martial arts class, where he learned to never again just close eyes and  wait for the punch to hit him.
Zhuocheng helped him a lot in gaining back his self esteem, he made him  feel, after so many years,  that he is worthy to be respected and to not be scared anymore with the society's opinion about him.


When, some evening, they met for a pizza, and Zhuocheng asked from him to be more than his friend, Zhan was surprised and not too surprised.
He was aware about all those admiring stares and all those times when his friend was longingly checking him out from head to toes.

"I don't want you to give me your answer right away.
I found out that Wang Yibo was discharged today from the hospital, so  I want you to deal first with your feelings for him, before giving me the final answer to my question.
All I want you to remember is that no matter about the decision you'll make, you will always have in me a great and loyal  friend to rely on!", Zhuocheng smiled, squeezing comfortingly Zhan's hand resting on the table.

His smile looked a bit bitter, his heart already knowing the truth, but what was wrong with still giving it a try?


They were bidding goodbye to each other  in front of Zhan's house,  after taking a selfie  together, requested by the older boy.

Zhuocheng was just kissing him on his forehead, same as he always did, when a shadow got detached from the darkness of the late evening:
"Good evening you two!
I thought that I was pretty clear when  telling you that he doesn't need your friendship!
And let me add now, that I don't see the reason for you to get selfies with him!
And last  but not the least, he doesn't need  your kisses!
No, no, scratch that,  I'm wrong, this kiss was needed, you can consider it as a goodbye kiss, your last one given to him!
Zhan Ge can't be yours!"

"Calm down, brat!
Take care, you have just been discharged from the hospital, a vein could pop into your heated head!
Alright, I will give up on him for you, but remember something!
If I ever hear that he suffers just a tiny bit because of you, I'd suggest you pray hard for your safety!
Understood?!", Zhuocheng shouted back right onto the furious boy's face.

"Hey, hey, why are you two yelling at each other?!
I may have given both of you the wrong impression that I'm not capable of taking care of myself, but it's not true!
I just tried to act, to pretend that I'm someone else, but now thanks to ChengCheng's friendship I don't do that anymore!
Thank you very much Lao Wang Zhuocheng, no, wait, thank you ChengCheng my dearest friend, for teaching me to love myself!
And you, Lao Wang Yibo, please respect my friend for that!
BoDi, I am so thrilled to see you well and healthy, you don't even limp! I am so happy.
Allow me to thank you for fighting those bastards for protecting me, and I apologize for everything happening to you because of me.
Also...when you'll have some free time, I invite you to my studio, here at my home, we have much to talk about, regarding those ten songs asked by Yuehua."




"Yes, Xiao Zhan, I mean Zhan Ge, we have very much to talk about, and not only about those songs!", Yibo murmured,  while reaching out a hand towards Zhan's cheek, but stopping half way...
"I will be here for sure, just tell me when.
Oh, one more thing, please, don't call him ChengCheng. Lao Wang Zhuocheng sounds friendly enough, don't you agree, please?"







Xiao Zhan  fell asleep that night only late, in the dawn, as all kinds of thoughts were spinning inside his head:
Did Yibo say all those words that day in the hospital about giving him LOVE only because of the anesthetic effects over his brain?
Wouldn't it be unfair towards Zhuocheng to reject his proposal after everything he did for him?
What on earth happened between those two, last night, after Zhan walked inside the house?
Is he in love with his sister's dream prince?

Zhan was  awakened after just two hours of sleep by his DiDi who was reminding him that it was the day when the whole family needed to help Qing Mei with her moving in the band's dorm.

He blushed in guilt at the feeling of contentment that his sister will miss from home by the time Yibo will come over in the afternoon.
Yes, he was feeling ashamed of his guilty thoughts, but  on the other hand, Zhuocheng was right, it's about time to think of his own life for once!



Zhan was a ball of emotions, overly nervous as the appointed hour was getting closer,  therefore he made himself busy with playing the guitar in his studio.

After a while he checked out his wristwatch... maybe Yibo  changed  his mind or maybe his parents forbade him to come, it  already passed 15 minutes since he should have been here...

He flinched at the well known voice coming out of nowhere, and his eyes landed on the handsome boy , staring at him with his back rested against the wall and crossed arms:
"Are you checking your wristwatch thinking that I was late?
I was here a half an hour ago, silently admiring your outstanding beauty and listening to your amazing playing!
Is this one from those ten songs? Because I  fell in love with this song, it's wonderful!
Same as you are..."





"Why didn't you say that you are here?",  Zhan asked between little nervous coughs, standing  up hastily and not knowing what to do next.

"Because every time I see you, you leave me speechless, you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my entire life!"

So should I understand that you like me only for my so-called beauty?",  Zhan tried to turn everything into a joke, but blushing like crazy when Yibo gently rubbed his burning cheek with the back of his fingers.

"No, firstly it's wrong  to say that I like you.
It's more than that... I fell in love with you!
I fell for who you are inside, your kindness, your warm heart, the fact that the real you is a ball of sunshine . And your outside loveliness is just a big bonus.
I can't lie to you that I'm entranced with your magical eyes, or with your stunning lips, not talking anymore about your luscious body, but the most I like from you, the way your face is glowing while we kiss."

"But, we didn't..."

Yibo pressed his thumb on Zhan's lips, exhaling a burning, humid air against his ear while whispering:
"ZhanZhan, please don't lie to me anymore, I could never mistake these lips of yours...I don't know your story but one thing I know for sure that it was you whom I kissed in that costume ball night!
And I know one more thing... that I will kiss you again, right now!"



And  Wang Yibo  didn't wait  one  second more for doing what he  said he would do: he swept a thumb over Zhan's lower lip, like asking him to open his mouth, then he by turning both of his lips, eliciting a muffled moan from his throat.

His legs started to tremble at the prince's flattened tongue sneaked inside his mouth that started in a very way the entire surface of his own tongue.
It was an entirely different kiss from what they have shared before.

Even though  Yibo was younger than him, Zhan could tell that he was much more experienced than him, if not from any information about his past, but only from the way he was kissing him.

His trail of thoughts was cut by Yibo's hoarse whisper against his lips:
"Please, stick out your

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