08 A nice day before the dinner

Cinderella's brother
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A/n: Victoria Song  is cast  in the role of Wang Victoria, Yibo's mother.










 "Oh, my beloved GeGe, so you really think that you have won?
Let me tell you something, nobody wins over Xiao Qing! Xiao Qing is not one of China's four great folktales for nothing! (A/n: If you want to know more about Xiao Qing's character, you can check out her story on Wikipedia. She  is a mythological figure in Chinese folk religion. She is one of the protagonists of the "Legend of  the White Snake'')
Just get ready for what's next!", the girl shouted, poking her older brother in the chest with her manicured index finger.

Xiao Zhan held her wrist, then cupped her palm between his both hands and spoke to her in a gentle voice:
"Qing Mei, please stop it!
This is not a matter of winning or losing!
Why do you see Wang Yibo as a prize in a competition between us? He is a human being with feelings, not a branded leather bag  to fight for, with your sibling!
Besides, if I would have been sure that you really love him , even if less than I do, I would have backed off and even helped you in gaining his heart!
But I know that you do this only because you hate me...why do you hate me so much?"

"Firstly, based on what,  are you so sure that I don't love him?
Secondly, I want him not because of you...you are not that important to me  to wish to beat you in no matter what competition, I am on a much higher level than you anyway!
And thirdly, yes I admit that I hate you, can't really say why, what I know for sure is that I don't want to have an abnormal sibling, especially a dirty homoual sibling, a possible diseases carrier who infects everything around, even fine, straight boys, with his sickness!"

Yibo wouldn't want to interfere in the two siblings' dispute, but he couldn't accept anymore the offending words spitted by the spoiled girl into his boyfriend's face! 
Thus, he gently moved Zhan at his back, then spoke to the girl, piercing her eyes with  angry sparkles:
"I am not some kind of furniture, for you to talk about me like I am not present here, I hear everything you say, you know?
And I can tell you that I don't like what I hear, at all!
Firstly, I don't know your feelings for me, but I do know how I feel about you, and it's not love for sure, please try to accept that I'm in love with Zhan Ge, not with you!
Secondly, yes I admit that you are a beautiful and talented person, but your brother is no way under your level, from any point of view! His beauty is breathtaking, he is a talented composer and artist, not talking anymore about his kind and warm personality...
And thirdly, you can't accuse him that he infected me or something like that, because...now that I am thinking about it, he just helped me to discover the truth about  myself.
Yes I had many girlfriends before, but maybe I was too blinded by  society's standards to figure out that I was never physically or sentimentally attracted to those girlfriends.
In conclusion, my feelings of love towards Xiao Zhan  did nothing else but showing me that I am one of the disgusting individuals whom you hate so much, meaning I am GAY, too! 
In closing,  you can hate me as much as you hate your brother!
Feel free to hate us as a couple!  And give up to fight anymore against our love!"

"Wow, that was quite a speech, but I don't give a flying fu*k on what you've raved about right now!
I will never give up on fighting to save you from him!
Only because I love you, even though you don't believe me yet, but I will prove to you what I can do for you!"', Xiao Qing replied in an aggressive tone, before slamming the door behind her.

"I must admit that your sister managed to scare me, who knows what evil plans are now spinning in her wicked brain?!", Yibo sighed and hugged Zhan, as he was wishing to protect him.

"Don't mind her, BoBo, I'm sure that there were only words that will never change into facts, she is just upset.
Besides, I don't believe that such a beautiful, angelic girl could be mean enough to hurt us in any way!",  Zhan smiled, trying to calm down his boyfriend, even though he knew that it was a lie.

A-Yuan, who was still in the room, cleared his throat,  reminding the two lovers that they were not alone:
"Ge, I would not be so sure about the last part, we both know how evil can be Qing Jiějiě when she doesn't get what she wants, that's why I'd  suggest for you two to be very careful!
For the beginning let me tell you something. When I was climbing up the stairs to your room, I heard her telling mom that she gave up the singing thingy, and she asked mom to go tomorrow to pick up her things because she doesn't want anymore to be part of that pop band."

"So, your mother  hurried back from her business trip to sign the agreement for nothing!
I bet that those girls kicked her out of their dorm. Who knows what she did there that she aroused their hatred in only one day.", the prince rolled his eyes, earning a disapproving glance from Zhan.


The next morning , Zhan went with his mom to carry back all the things they moved a day ago in the dorm of  the "The9" group.

By the time they woke up in the morning, Xiao Qing was already gone from home, a very unusual thing  of her,  as she was always the last from the family to wake up.

"Ge, I told you to be careful about her, where can she be at this early hour?",  Zhan's little brother smiled bitterly while hugging him.

"Don't worry anymore A-Yuan, go and do your homework till we'll be back!








Meanwhile Yibo's mother accompanied him to Yuehua's offices to sign some papers regarding the parental approval of the contract conditions.

Zhan had called Yibo before,  asking him to excuse him  from  Mister Jung and Mister Lee for his absence, and to explain  to them  the reason.


Mister Lee Sang-gyu informed Yibo and his mother that it  needed both parents' approval, meaning his father's signature, too.

"Could we take the papers with us?
My husband is running a hospital and he is  very busy, not only as a doctor, but as a manager, as well. He simply can't come here, at least not today. But if you would allow us to take the  papers with us, we would go to his office , take his signature and  come back quickly with the documents.",  Yibo's mother  explained to the CEO.
The man simply couldn't resist  the beautiful woman's smile and handed her the papers.

"Don't sulk, BoBo baby, I will meet your baobao some other time, let's resolve  this issue first.
You can invite him to take dinner with us this evening, that way your dad will meet him, too.", the woman patted her son's back while walking to the car.

"Don't you think it's too sudden for dad to know about him?
You know dad, he is not like you!", Yibo replied, hugging his mom's waist while walking, with worry written all over his face.

"You're right, it's not yet the right time to tell him too much, but you can introduce him as your friend and the  collaborator in the singing project, and it's not even a lie, isn't he the composer of the songs that you will sing?", the woman smiled, squeezing comfortingly her son's hand before climbing the car.  



While walking on the hospital hallway, Yibo and his mother got overly outraged at  a high pitched voice yelling behind a ward closed door, possible a nurse shouting at a patient:
"Now why are you crying?
So what if you peed yourself?
Don't expect me to clean your dirt, why  bother?!
You are gonna die anyway, you ugly, old piece of !"

In the moment they were ready to barge into the ward, they were stopped by Yibo's father's voice who was calling them from the end of the hallway:
"Hey, Victoria, Yibo son, come quickly if you have some business with me, I'm going to enter in a few minutes a very long and  complicated surgical intervention, so hurry up!"



After collecting  doctor Wang's signature, they returned to the Yuehua. Ent Company building:
"We will have time later to tell your dad about what we heard and  to investigate who that atrocious nurse was! I'm sure that he will kick her out, do not worry anymore, now call your cutie and invite him for dinner.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I know that he is a cutie, remember that I saw him in your hospital ward when both of you got bullied!", the woman smiled at her son's goo-goo eyes at calling  Xiao Zhan as 'his cutie'.

"It will not be needed to call him!", Yibo beamed, jumping out from the car after his mother parked in the Company's parking area.

Xiao Zhan was about to enter the building, followed by his mother, when he heard the well known voice shouting his name.


They solved pretty quickly all the problems at the Company's building , and after that, all four of them went to a restaurant to  have lunch together.

Happiness was glowing on the faces of both boys, seeing their moms getting along so well.

"Go boys and have some good time together until  diner time!",  Yibo's mother told them when noticing  their reticence on  parting away  to climb each of their mothers' cars.








It was a sunny day exactly like the day they met for the first time.
After some pondering, Yibo has finally dared to hold Zhan's  hesitating hand in his, while walking, their steps slowly bringing them to the park they have fallen in love at the first sight.
It was quiet and no people were around, only the birds' chirping  accompanying them, same like back then.

"Let's sit over here, it's a shaded area.", Yibo  said, leading him behind a massive tree.

"Isn't that the bench that  you were sitting on, when  A-Yuan tripped onto your legs?", Zhan pointed to the bench placed close to the big tree.

"Yes it is the bench where I was dreaming that afternoon to fall in love with a  princess, and my wish was  richly fulfilled ...I love you, Xiao Zhan!"

Yibo propped his back onto the trunk of the tree, leaning Zhan's back against his chest and snaking his arms around his body frame.

"I love you too, but, wait!
What are you talking about, I'm not a princess, I am your GeGe, though!",  Zhan pouted, acting upset, yet giggling right after and cuddling like a kitty between Yibo's spread out legs.

"Ah, that adorable, juicy pout of yours, my sweet GeGe!
What should I do with myself, now, ha, ha, ha?", Yibo  laughed, while  imitating Zhan's pout in delight. 



Xiao Zhan placed  his palm over the hand that was caressing his chest in wide circles.
His heart was ready any moment to break his rib cage, at the disturbing heat radiated from  that  hand through the shirt's thin fabric.

But instead of stopping Yibo from touching his chest like that, he only felt like wanting more!

Zhan gasped loudly when cold fingers sneaked between two buttons and came into contact with his sensitive bare skin.



"Yes, you are my GeGe, but  you are my princess, as

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