04 Cinderella's birthday party / part 01

Cinderella's brother
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"Wait for me, we'll drive back from where you took me before, in a minute!", Xiao Zhan spoke nervously to the taxi driver, when they reached home, trying to sound as girly as possible.
"Of course that I'll wait for you, my beautiful princess. And you shouldn't bother to pay for the ride, both rides will be on me!
Also, allow me to treat you with a coffee or something after finishing your business.", the bald, middle aged man grinned, theatrically opening the cab door for the beautiful girl to climb down the car.

Zhan didn't have any time to reply to the libidinous taxi driver, as he was in a big hurry.  He needed to change his clothes as fast as he could and run back to pick up his sister who yelled at him through his phone speakers, even before catching a cab.

But, after the taxi driver's comment about not paying for the ride, he has terrifyingly noticed the missing money along with Qing Mei's red purse.
What could have happened, did he lose the purse when he ran away from Wang Yibo or maybe when taking out the phone from the purse to answer his sister's call?

He ran to the basement where he left  his own clothes , changed quickly, hid his mother's carnival dress back into the closet, took some money from his room, grabbed the sunglasses needed to avoid being recognized by the cab driver and ran back to the taxi.

Sh!t! It started to rain: now the purse will get  ruined till he finds it! 
IF he'll find it!
Xiao Qing will fu**ing kill him for sure if she notices the purse missing!


"I can't take you sir, I'm already booked for the next ride, I must wait for my client to come back, the most beautiful princess I've ever seen!", the man waiting in the rain in front of his taxi car under an umbrella, sighed dreamily.

"The princess changed her mind because she got busy with something else, so she sent me to solve her problem. Thus I will pay for her ride, too, now let's go, I'm in a very big hurry!", Zhan replied, sheltering himself under the driver's umbrella, who opened the door for him, very disappointed.









~Next day~



A noisy group of girls  besieged the school's prince, when finding out that he was searching for the owner of a certain purse that he found in the school yard.
They took the information from the announcement written by Wang Yibo in person and displayed on the school's billboard.

"It's my purse, but you may keep it as my gift and I would be happy to go out with you and treat you with a  wine, champagne or anything you'd like as a thanks for finding my precious purse!"...things like that were bombing the flower boy from all directions.

Until he had enough and shouted at the annoying students surrounding him:
"Look here girls, I will stick on the billboard a piece of paper that was inside the purse, and who will come with a proof that she knows the meaning of that paper, will be my future date...
And by the way, I know the owner's name!
So if your name is otherwise than Xiao Zhan, no use to bother."



"I know Xiao Zhan!",  a girl from the crowd shouted, catching Yibo's full attention.

"You do? 
I would be much obliged to you if you would lead me to her classroom.",  the prince spoke in a cheerful voice, while dragging the girl out from the crowd.

"I can't do that, now, I mean not only now but not at all."

"Why not?"

"Because Xiao Zhan is not a student of our school, actually he is not a student at all.


"Yes, he, Xiao Zhan is my best friend's brother, her name is Xiao Qing.
You can show me that purse, I know all of her purses, even though she owns hundreds of all kinds and shapes. She loves purses, bags and shoes."

"That explains everything, so the princess is the ball of sunshine's sister.", Yibo whispered, mostly to himself.

"Yes, yes, Qing was Cinderella last night, a beautiful princess...And let me tell you a secret: she has a big crush on you!"

Yibo smiled widely at  the last night memory:
"Let's go to my locker to show you the purse then!"

"Yes, it's her purse, only that I'm surprised that she ever wore this sh!t.", the girl grimaced.

"Why sh!t, I thought that you said that she loves purses?"

"This is a gift for her last year birthday from her step brother, and she really hates that stupid ."

"She hates her brother just because he's gay?"

"Not just for that, but because her dad died after he married Zhan's mother. And now, the poor girl has nobody to love her, stuck with her step family who inherited her dad's money and business and who treats her like sh!t. 
You can imagine that she is not wanted at all by them, my poor friend, I feel so sorry for her."

"But if her brother doesn't love her, why did he buy a birthday gift for her?", Yibo asked in disbelief.

"He is a phony character, he likes to pretend that he cares about Qing, only for earning sympathy and appreciation from others.
But he can't trick Qing or her loyal friends, as I am.
Why do you think that he tries to hide that he is a disgusting , for example? Because he is a liar and a false guy, and my poor Qing is forced to live with her stupid brother, her murderous stepmother and the other little sh!t, her seven years step DiDi, because she has no other choice.", the girl wiped away her imaginary tears.

"Xiao Qing, you owe me big, I'll make sure that you'll pay me back...", she mumbled in her chin, sighing dramatically at the skeptical boy in front of her:
"But you'd be able to make her pathetic life easier to live!"


"Yes, you!
Today is her birthday, and her party will be held at the "BoJunYiXiao Karaoke Club" (A/n: 'Bo Jun Yi Xiao' means 'All I do is make you smile' in Chinese) starting at 7PM.
You could surprise her with a birthday gift, I already told you that she has a crush on you.
You will make a sad, poor soul happy for her birthday."

Wang Yibo was so disturbed by the information he got from the girl that he missed to ask her why was that piece of paper, in Xiao Qing's purse? A paper that obviously was a part from her brother's notebook.


After school Wang Yibo hurried home to prepare himself: he needed to look perfect when he would meet again the princess with whom he had finally fallen in love, and now he knows that he loves him back.
Also, he needed to buy her a gift.


"I can't believe how deceitful a person can be, I don't understand how a beautiful, cheerful ball of sunshine can have such a black soul! How can he treat his orphan sister like that...", were Yibo's troubled thoughts on his way to the karaoke club, with his arms loaded with a huge bouquet of red and white roses.

White, because it's the color of purity and innocence, and red because her dress and her lost purse were red, too, so it might be her favorite color.
And roses because he read somewhere that these are the flowers confessing the best way the feeling of love.








The strong strobe lights cutting the darkness blinded Wang Yibo when he entered the famous "BoJunYiXiao Karaoke Club", followed closely by the club's watchman, because he didn't owe any invitation.



Luckily the girl student who told him about the party  spotted him and told the security guy that the new guest was with her.

"I'm so glad that you came, I will call Qing right away, she knows nothing, I only told her that my birthday gift will be here any moment.", the girl shouted in Yibo's ear, due to the loud music.

Wang Yibo's eyes tried to adjust to the dizzily lights of the room when the said girl came back to the spot he was waiting, dragging by her hand a long haired, tinier than he expected, girl.



Yes, she was wearing a red dress, yes she seemed to have a beautiful face and an attractive body, but she was a completely different beauty from the princess he met last night. At least watched from that distance.
Maybe the blinding light flashes were deceiving...So he waited patiently to see her closely.

Yibo didn't have too much time to analyze the birthday girl, as he was immediately wrapped in her tight embrace.

"Oh, God had listened to my prayers, thank you God and thank you my prince!
How did you know that it's my birthday, actually how did you know me?",  the excited girl screamed, grabbing the bouquet from the frozen up boy's arms and spinning herself in a large pirouette of joy.

"I'm sorry for coming like that, uninvited and so sudden.
Actually I don't know you, you are not...hmmm...I was just passing by for giving you back this purse that you lost, but I think that I made a mistake and it's not your purse after all.", Yibo stuttered,  trying to take back the purse from the unfamiliar girl's hands after he gave it to her.

"Wait, the purse belongs to me, where did you find it, I don't remember ever wearing it?"

"Are you sure that it's yours?
After all Xiao Zhan is a pretty common name , he could be anyone's brother, your eyes, your lips are very different from his..."

"What are you whispering there, I only heard that you asked me if the purse is mine for sure, let's go to the "selfies corner", it's more light and the music is not so loud!",  Xiao Qing said, dragging the boy with her after slapping the flowers into her friend's arms and ordering her to take care of them.

"Selfies corner?
What's that?", Yibo asked in confusion.    

"Oh, it's the spot especially arranged for the guests to take pictures with me.", the girl replied with a note of repugnance in her voice that Yibo didn't understand.

"This is really a princess birthday party!", he exclaimed, when they reached the said "selfies corner", a green velvet sofa with a golden tiara printed on the backrest, standing in front of a wall dressed entirely in red roses.
Not far was set a not so big, round table, decorated with all kinds of silky ribbons and colorful balloons, probably the table for the birthday girls' closest guests.



"Oh, you just want to be nice and I thank you for that.
But I'm begging you to excuse me for this embarrassing arrangement, it was not my idea, I'm not that disgustingly sissy as him! I mean, as the designer and organizer of all of this."

"But why?
Everything is really beautiful, the red roses, the queenly sofa, the table's decorations.  
Besides, I thought that red is your favorite color...Ermm, no, you are not that person...", Yibo mumbled more and more confused.

"Yes, you're right, I used to hate red, as it's a yucky someone's favorite color, but now it is my new favorite color!
I even wear a red dress now, for my birthday party.
Because I learned that a princess dressed in red has a mystical power over a prince, and seems like it's right! 
Here you are, the prince of the school, summoned by me, the red dressed princess, ha, ha.
But red roses with a green sofa?
Yucky!", the birthday girl gagged.

"Why do you dislike the combination?
Green is the complementary color of red ,that's why the designer must have chosen these colors. These contrastive colors will give your guests' pictures a very vivid background. 
Besides, green is my favorite color.", Yibo got himself lost in explanations in his trying to find a topic for a polite conversation with someone that he has zero interest in.

"Oh, my God, why are you so smart?
Isn't it enough that you are the most  handsome man on planet earth?
Do you real

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