10 Seaside picnic

Cinderella's brother
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A/n:  The songs mentioned in this chapter are
 "The brightest star in the night sky"
"Let Me Stay By Your Side"
"No Sense" (Wu Gan)


You can listen to them while reading:



















~After Yibo and Zhan stormed out from the Wang residence~




"BoDi, I don't like that you fought with your father, you shouldn't have told him so suddenly.",  Zhan  murmured, worrisome adorning his beautiful features.

"Just forget about what has just happened there!
Let's take a cab and go to the seaside.
We still have time to shop for food and to catch the sunset.
I have always dreamed of having a midnight picnic on the seashore, after admiring the sunset.
And don't worry anymore about my father, mom will know how to fix everything, she always does it!", Yibo smiled, taking the other boy's hand and kissing the back of his palm.

Zhan smiled back and brought their linked hands to his face, purring like a kitty in the warmness of Yibo's palm caressing his soft cheek:
"Maybe you're right, but I'm still worried about Qing Mei.
BoBo, you should know that I'm very sorry and I apologize for everything she did and probably she will do more in the future! But I can do nothing about it, still she is my sister!
I even took her side and scolded you, and I'm sorry for that. I love you BoBo, but I care about her, too."

"ZhanZhan, my sweetheart, stop apologizing! You did nothing wrong, nor to me, nor to her, nor to my parents.
Your only "guilt" is that you are too sweet and lovely.
I told you not to worry anymore, all that matters is that we love each other and together we will accomplish everything we'll put in our minds.
And do you know what would be the biggest accomplishment for me?"

"To become a successful singer?", Zhan giggled, pressing a gentle kiss on Yibo's fingers running over his lips now.

Yibo halted from his walking and cupped Zhan's face with both of his palms, drowning himself into his adoring eyes:     
"To never part from you, to love you and you to love me for the rest of our lives, to...marry, have kids and be happy forever!"

"Ha, ha, BoBo, you know that this can be nothing but a dream, never fulfilled, even if we'd love each other forever!"

"You don't know me, yet, that well!
I'm a very stubborn and persistent person, and what I put into my head, I don't give up and fight for it until my goal is reached!
I don't know yet how, but all I can tell you is that this dream of mine will become reality at some point!
Of course, only if it will be your dream, too, I love you!"

"BoBo, you know about how much I love you, too, but how can you  even imagine that the world would accept  our dream to become true?"

"ZhanZhan, a famous poet said that the greatest accomplishment is to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else.
So, fu*k the world, together we will find a solution to everything!
Now, let's go buy some food, struggling to look philosophical in your eyes got me exhaustedly hungry!", Yibo laughed, kissing shortly Zhan's lips, before entering the supermarket.




They didn't take Yibo's car, because they bought a champagne bottle to celebrate their newly born love.

The cab ride brought them at the right time to catch the sunset moment.

Our two boys in love dropped to the ground the shopping bags, the coats and the shoes, and ran hand in hand on the empty beach towards the calm sea water, hitting the shore in soft waves.



They filled their lungs with the salted air winding from the sea and ruffling their hair playfully.

Yibo kicked off his socks and lifted Zhan in his arms. He ran with him to the water.

"Oh my god, BoDi, what are you doing, put me down, I'm heavy!", Zhan screamed.
He screamed even louder when Yibo slipped and dropped him in the water,  onto his knees.



Luckily the water was not deep in that area, and pretty warm for that late hour.

When Yibo bent over to help him up, Zhan pulled him down in the water, laughing with hiccups at his boyfriend's drenched puppy looking.



"So you play dirty, huh?", the prince laughed, sliding his  cold hands underneath Zhan's shirt.

"No, no!
I apologize, I will never do it again!",  the boy screamed, but his screams died soon when those fingers didn't feel that much of a cold all of a sudden.
The hands felt hot, burning his skin with the way they were kneading his back muscles.

The last rays of the orange sun were bathing in a fairy light, the two beautiful faces, glowing from happiness.



Yibo stood up, helped Zhan, too, and engulfed his body in a tight embrace, their wet clothes borrowing the warmness of their bodies.

"This is so beautiful, thank you BoBo for bringing me here!", Zhan murmured in a hoarse voice, while admiring the magical colors painting the sky and the water.

"Yes, it's beautiful, indeed, but not as much as you are.
I may sound cheesy, but it's true, I have never seen something more beautiful than you, and I'm not talking here only about your fascinating features, but about your heart, your personality, your whole soul, I love everything about you!"

Xiao Zhan's "I love you" got lost in Yibo's lascivious kiss. Their lips were moving slowly and lazily , while their bodies shuddering from the sweet butterflies tickling their stomachs and hearts.

Yibo wrapped an arm around his loved one's slim waist and walked together out  of the water,  halting for another kiss at every second step.

"I congratulate myself for buying, besides food, two blankets.
And luckily we have the coats dried.", Yibo said, starting to unbuckle his pants belt.

"What are you doing?",  Zhan squeaked, slightly panicked.

I remove these wet clothes and you should do the same!
We don't want to catch a cold, don't we? Especially now when we have so much to work on those ten songs."

"What are you trying to say?
We could catch a cold standing , too.", Zhan replied, blushing like crazy just  from imagining that.

"That's what I was telling you, we will dress the dried coats and wrap the rest of the body with those dry, warm blankets. And why would you get so scared, ha, ha? I would never do something bad to you, you are hurting my feelings by thinking like that!"

"You're right, BoDi, I'm sorry. Of course that you would do nothing bad to me, because I would beat the crap out of you!
I didn't take martial arts classes for nothing, ha, ha!", Zhan laughed, stress relieved, and pulled his soaked shirt over his head.

He acted like he didn't notice Yibo stealing a brief glance  at his bare torso, before turning both of them back to back and hiding under the blankets while removing the rest of the drenched clothes.

"Let's sit over there on those rocks and eat, my stomach is already angry at me for not feeding it!", Yibo said, taking the picnic basket in one hand and Zhan's hand in the other one.



Luckily it was a warm summer night, just a light breeze rippling the surface of the dark sea.

The moonlight  mirrored in the water was reddish, turning the whole  landscape into a fairy-like  scene like they have never seen before in the Beijing nights.

After eating like two hungry wolves, they poured the bubbled alcohol in the two elegant glasses coming in the same package with the champagne bottle.

"BoBo, it's so beautiful, it's like living in a dream", Zhan sighed, leaning his head onto Yibo's shoulder, who pulled him closer and wrapped tighter the blanket around his bare thighs, in a sweet caring gesture.

"Yes, I would like to live this kind of dream all the next nights to come, with you beside me, shining like the brightest star in the night sky, I love you so much!", Yibo smiled in the kiss planted onto Zhan's lips tasting like grapes.



"I love you more, you make me so happy, I have never felt lonely or miserable since I met you!", Zhan whispered , pressing his lips onto Yibo's alluring neck.

"Ouch!", Zhan flinched, startling Yibo who shouted "What? What?" like a warrior ready to fight  the huge swarm of bees attacking his ZhanZhan or whomever has dared to hurt him. 

"Oh,  nothing, it might be a shell that stuck into my sole, or maybe a sharp pebble.", Zhan calmed down his worried boyfriend.

Yibo lifted Zhan's feet into his lap.

"Let me see. You are not bleeding, it's just a light scratch, thank god.
Your feet are ice-cold, let's warm them up. I didn't notice that you are bare footed, why didn't you put your shoes on, after coming out from the water?", Yibo smiled while rubbing Zhan's feet with his warm palms.

"Speaking of shoes, I have just remembered about that glass shoe that Qing Mei took  out from your cabinet...What is that, and from where did you get it?", Zhan asked, trying to sound as casual as possible.
Thank god that  Yibo was not seeing his tormented  facial expression, being busy with putting his shoes on.

"That shoe is a dear childhood memory, I would have ignored the fact that  Xiao Qing is your sister and just killed her if she would have broken the shoe!
I was twelve years old back then. I was skateboarding that day...hmm, in the same park that we met for the first time, and I...

And Wang Yibo told Zhan the whole story about what has happened in that particular day, closing his telling with a question for the extremely silent Xiao Zhan, who was just sighing from time to time:
"But why did Xiao Qing say that it's your Cinderella shoe about which she thought that it was broken?"

"Because that teenager whom you saved from the bullies' hands, it was...ME!
Imagine that!
I simply can't believe it!
In the same park!
You saved me twice!
From the same gang of bullies!
The very same park where we fell in love with each other!", Zhan kept shouting, grabbing Yibo's hand and kneading it almost painfully.
After both recovering from the shock, Xiao Zhan told Yibo the shoe whole story and about the boy he thought that he was gay and interested in him.

"I will not allow to ever happen to you something like that again!
Let me stay by your side and accompany you through, forever!
And if by any chance I am not around at that very moment when reality is unfair to you, just don't care too much.
My advice to you is the result of my own experience.
My high school  life has taught me lots of lessons. Before  becoming the so-called prince of the school, I used to be a nerd, spending long hours alone in the school's library, or playing with my Lego collection (thing that I still do, ha, ha), while other kids were dating, smoking or boozing.
Until one day when I decided that I could do that too, just because I love challenges. Not smoking and boozing, that seemed to me an extreme stupidity to harm your own health, but I decided that I can date, too, as many girls as possible.
And that way I was crowned as a prince in a very short period of time.
And the most appreciated feature that climbed me in that throne was that I acted like a cold, senseless . No sense is the best attitude you, Xiao Zhan, should embrace, too, each time when  you are attacked, ridiculed, provoked. No feeling is the best response  to the injury..."

What are you doing?
Whom are you calling?", Wang Yibo got alarmed when his boyfriend started frantically searching for his phone.

"Wait, BoBo, no, I'm not calling anyone, but I just need to put this down!"

Yibo stretched out his neck to peak at what was Zhan typing:
" No feeling is the best response  to the injury.
"The Brightest Star In The Night Sky",  "Let Me Stay By Your Side", and "No Sense"?  Are these song titles? It sounds great!
Xiao Zhan, I knew from the start that you're brilliant, you are indeed my brightest star!"


They spent almost the whole night on the dark beach, keeping to each other warm, talking a lot while trying to know more about each other, and kissing a lot, of course.

They only noticed that it was already dawn when they were able to look into each other's eyes while kissing.

"BoBo, we should not call a cab for riding back home, you already spent too much money, I will call mom to come for us by riding her car.
And you could take some rest at our house, before going home.", Zhan said, standing up and stretching out his limbs.

"It's not about money, but it's a good idea, hopefully your sister will be still asleep when we arrive. Aside from that I assume that my mom's student is still at my home, so it would be better for me to go home later, so as not to embarrass the poor girl or something.
So, yeah, call your mom, if it's not too early in the morning for her.", Yibo agreed with the idea, stretching his limbs the same as Zhan.

"Mom is a very early morning person, she is always the first  to wake up from all of us, and Qing Mei the last, of course. But even if she were already awakened, she wouldn't dare to bother you. Besides, I could lock my bedroom door."

"ZhanZhan, can I ask from you something, before calling your mom?", Yibo whispered  against  his sweetheart's lips.

"Mhhmm...", he moaned softly in approval, holding with one hand Yibo's jaw and with the other one the blanket  on the verge of slipping down his hips.

"I wou...ld like to, to hold y...ou...", the prince mumbled, while shifting his weight from one leg to another.

"But you are holding me!", replied a confused Xiao Zhan.

"I mean, I want to hold, HOLD you.
I want to feel your skin on my skin, your body pressed against mine...don't get me wrong, I don't want something more, just to feel you closer.
I promise to behave."

Zhan just nodded and stared in shock at the  boy who was removing his coat and lifting the blanket from his waist around his bare shoulders.

His cheeks went on fire and  his eyes got closed tightly when he felt Yibo's fingers ing his coat and pulling out the blanket from his fist.
He shivered slightly at the cold breeze roaming over his body, after the blanket fell down to the ground.

Their feet climbed on the heap of  dropped coats, and Yibo picked up from the ground the  blanket and wrapped it around their thighs, while pulling Zhan's shoulders inside his own blanket.

Both of them hissed at the blissful feeling in the moment their bare bodies came into full contact, Zhan's head jerking back and Yibo's face falling down in the other boy's neck crook.

While Zhan's hands were holding the blanket at their necks' level, Yibo's  arms were wrapped around the other's waist.
Their legs were entangled, their chests were glued to each other, and their hearts were beating like one.

They didn't kiss, didn't move, they didn't even breathe for a long time.

What was happening inside the two warm blankets wrapped around the two embraced bodies, was beyond something s€xual.
It was indescribable the way they were feeling: protected, wanted, loved, at HOME, yes it was the right word, they were feeling home, belonging to each other.

After who knows how many minutes Wang Yibo was the first  to snap out of his trance.
He pressed a short, but loving kiss on Zhan's lips and hugged him tightly one more time, murmuring into his red ear:
"Thank you, my ZhanZhan, thank you, I love you."

Then he stepped back and picked up their still humid clothes lying

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