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Cinderella's brother
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~A/n: But let's go back to the Wang residence and see what happened after our boys has left~





Yibo's parents decided that Lulu could sleep in the guest room, despite Qing's protests.


"Could I keep her company and sleep here with her? You know, just to make her forget about her sorrows and keep her warm while sleeping.",  Qing fluttered her eyelashes at the doctor, who was once again impressed with the girl's kind and caring heart.

So, Xiao Qing has finally called her mother to explain to her that she couldn't answer her numerous calls, because this awful tragedy has happened to a friend of hers. This friend will sleep at her teacher's house and Qing wants to sleep there too, to give her as much comfort as she can.

She was very disappointed when Mrs Wang informed her husband that Yibo called her to tell her that he will miss tonight from home because he wants to avoid any scandal that evening. Therefore he decided to spend the night at a friend's place or eventually to a rented hotel room. 

After Mrs Wang greeted the girls for good night and the housekeeper made the bed for them, Qing started to get undressed, shouting at the other girl who was sitting shyly at the edge of the bed:
"What are you waiting for?
I'm not gonna sleep in the same bed with you, after your father got dirty on you, ewww!
You can start to make your bed on the floor, I'll even allow you to take a pillow, there are plenty anyway!"

"Why are you acting like that?
Nobody can be so evil without a solid reason, what's yours?", Lulu spoke in a gentle voice, standing up from the bed and beginning to remove her clothes, as well.

"What are you talking about, you stupid little girl? 
I'm not acting in any way, and I have no hidden reasons for anything, it's just that I know from the start that everybody will hate me anyway at some point, so why should I bother to treat them nicely? 
I can tell you that you hate me, too, come on, be honest and admit it!", Qing grinned, climbing up the bed, her voice going slightly softer than before.

"Why should I hate you?
I know nothing about you, but I can tell you that something it's hurting your heart.
If you want, I am a good listener.", the younger girl smiled, sliding her body under the comforter and wrapping an arm around the shocked Qing's waist.

"I don't need a complete stranger to tell her my problems, I have friends for that...and why are you in my bed, didn't I tell you..."

But Xiao Qing's venomous words were cut off by Lulu who shushed her by pressing a finger over her lips:
"Sometimes, telling things to a complete stranger is more relieving than telling to friends. It's like using a diary which is there for you to listen silently to your deepest thoughts, your deepest secrets that you could never tell to anyone, not even to your friends.
I say, let's do this by turn, you tell me and I tell you, you'll see how good you'll feel after that.
I'm listening.",  the shorter girl cuddled against Qing, who was so shocked that she had no idea how to react.

She was not used to this kind of affection or sincere voice, yes she has many friends, but deep down in her heart she always knew that all of them feel only envy, or superiority, or in the best case pity, shortly they don't care much about her.

Xiao Qing was shocked not only with the girl's behavior, but especially with the warmness felt in her hearth at those kind words, and how warm it was feeling that petite girl pressed against her side body.

Another shock was when she heard herself answering the girl's suggestion:
"I don't know what I could  tell you, except that my mother died when giving birth to me, and my father died a few years ago, leaving me with a step family who hates me and I hate them back.
Shortly, my life ,  nothing special to listen to from me."

"I don't know about your whole step family, but from what I have seen about your brother, he seemed like a sweet guy to me."

"Don't tell me that you fell for that bastard!
Wrong move my girl!", Qing laughed, causing Lulu look at her with round, confused eyes...why were those eyes giving her strange feelings inside of her stomach?

"Because as you saw, he is a filthy , who stole away my boyfriend from me."

"Why are you saying that he is filthy, only because he is gay?
After all he loves, the same person as you do.
Nothing filthy in loving Wang Yibo, I suppose."

"It's not like that...
But enough about me, it's your turn now, tell me how come that your own father tried to you, besides because he is a drunkard?"

Lulu's hug tightened around Qing's body, who unwittingly brought her hand on the girl's head crown, and started caressing her soft hair, something she has never done with anyone in her entire life, not even with her father, whom she loved the most.

"My father is not a bad man, he suffered a lot after my mom's death, on top of that he felt overwhelmed with the burden of raising me by himself.
When I announced to him that I don't like boys he blamed himself for not giving me the proper education, he started to drink even more than before and to yell at me every day, till last night when he went insane and screamed that he will teach me to like boys by fu*king me.
He didn't get to do something to me because I got scared and ran out of the house.
Sadly it happened for a policeman to walk in the neighborhood, who noticed me and to whom I told what happened.
I say sadly, because now I feel regretful for reporting my father, he will be imprisoned for nothing, because I'm sure that he wouldn't have harmed me in any way. Those were just angry words..."

"What do you mean, you don't like boys?
Meaning you don't want to have a boyfriend because you're too young, or what?",  Qing asked, withdrawing her hand from the girl's hair and shifting her body uncomfortably.

"I think that we should go to sleep, it's really late, and remember that Mrs Wang said that we will go shopping in the morning.
Good night, my precious, lovely Jiějiě!"


Precious, lovely?




It wasn't a restful night for Mrs Wang, her mind and heart being torn between the worries for her son spending the night away from home, and for her beloved husband who was continuously sighing and squirming next to her.
She knows for sure that her husband loves very much their son, and he will accept in the end that he is gay, it's just that the shock was too big coming like this, so unexpectedly.

After everybody had  breakfast and the doctor was already gone to his working place, the woman took the two girls for a shopping session at the newly opened mall.
It was the weekend, so she had no classes for that day, nor the girls.








Mrs Wang was  surprised to notice how well the two girls were getting along, laughing at each other while trying  clothes, or Lulu pecking Qing's cheek in response at her mocking.




"Maybe I have judged  Xiao Qing wrongly, maybe she is not such a wicked person as I've thought, after all she is nothing but a teenager, I remember me being not much different,  at her age.", Mrs Wang mused to herself.
But still she decided that it would be for the best to have a talk with the girl about Yibo.

"Let's eat some ice cream or cake!", she told the two girls.

"Qing, dear, so you say that you love my son.", the woman began, while all of them were consuming the delicious treats.

"Yes, Mrs Wang, I was in love with him ever since. I have always dreamed of being the princess chosen by the prince of our school, even though I was aware that it was an aim pretty hard to achieve. Every girl from our school was dreaming the same thing as me.
Anyway, I didn't lose my hope, he dated tons of girls, so maybe one day it would have come my turn, too.
It was a right decision to not give up, because  suddenly my prince appeared, out of  nowhere, at my birthday party, and I thought that finally my prayers got listened...
But sadly, my stupid brother had to interfere: just like that, he stole my BoBo away from me!
And Lulu was wondering why I hate my brother!
Isn't there enough reason to get hated for stealing his sister's boyfriend?"

"But, was Lao Wang Yibo your boyfriend in the deed, or just in your dreams?", Lulu asked in a gentle voice.

"I thought you said that you wanted to be my friend, so whose side are you on?!", Qing glared at the shorter girl.

The teacher cleared her voice and took Xiao Qing's hand in her palms:
"I don't want you to get upset, but Lulu is right, I think that what you feel for my son is not love, it's only  ambition to prove yourself that you can have  the  prince of school, so desired by everybody.
Maybe I sound harsh to you, but for you Yibo is nothing but a trophy, and I'm not saying this because I want to hurt you, but because I'm seeing myself in you.
If you'll have a bit of patience to listen, I'll tell you my life story.   
I was only 15 years old when I thought that I found the prince of my life. I couldn't stop myself from doing anything possible to get his attention, I was strongly determined to make him mine!
He was desired by all of his female patients and by all the nurses.
He was older than me, of course. My mother's doctor, a newly graduated doctor, a very handsome and very smart man. No wonder that  I was  fantasizing non stop about him.
But sadly he was a married handsome doctor, and to make the problem even bigger, his wife was pregnant and on top of that, suffering from bone cancer.
But that didn't stop me, I was coldly calculating in my sick mind how his wife will die anyway soon, and I will be able to have him as mine, being ready to do anything to catch him in my nets.
I was a beautiful teenager, with a nice face and an overdeveloped body for that age, so all I needed more was just a good plan.
So I did it!
Some evening, when I found out that he was on duty at the hospital, I showed up in his office, pretending that I was attacked on the street, so I took off my clothes and asked him to inspect my possible injuries.
He was a healthy, young male with boiling blood running in his veins, with no s€x life because of his wife's illness, therefore he couldn't res

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