04 Cinderella's birthday party / part B

Cinderella's brother
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A/n:   If you didn't read the previous chapter, go back and read first part 01, because chapter 04 is split in two parts (01+02) related to each other.





~An hour earlier at the Xiao residence~


"I hope that Qing Mei will be satisfied with everything I organized for her birthday party. I remember how happy I was when dad surprised me for my birthday by inviting all my friends to our new home and gifted me the guitar. That was my  most beautiful present ever...I really miss him.", Zhan sighed, hugging his little brother.

"I miss him, too, he was entirely different from Qing, it's like she's not even his  daughter.
I can  picture her yelling at you when you'll go to pick her up from the party, she will complain about everything, even though you rented the city's most famous club for her, paid a lots of money, and you bought her the most expensive gifts.", A-Yuan grumbled in his GeGe's hug, rolling his eyes.

"GeGe, why does she hate us so much, especially you?", asked the little boy.

"I don't think that she hates us, she is just insecure and feels abandoned by her father who was the only parent that she ever had.
I think that you are old enough already to tell you the truth about Qing Mei.
Her real mother abandoned her in the hospital, running away after she gave birth to her. The mother was a teenage runaway from home who lied about her real identity at the hospitalization, so nobody found her after that.
Dad had an office mate whose wife gave birth at that same time and one day when he accompanied his friend to visit his wife at the hospital, dad fell in love with the small abandoned baby, so he made Qing his daughter by adopting her.
Look out, I am warning you that she doesn't know about this, don't ever tell her!"

"But you, how do you know all this, did dad tell you?", A-Yuan asked in awe, widening his eyes at his GeGe's shocking news.

"No, I have accidentally heard when I was at his working place and he was talking in his office with a detective he hired to search for Qing Mei's real mother. He never gave up looking for her, till the day he died.
At least he died in peace knowing that his daughter will be taken care of, by mom and by us, so we have to forgive her bad temper in the memory of our father who loved all of us, the same as he loved Qing, too."

"Maybe she is not such a bad girl after all, but just an unlucky soul...But, but, GeGe,  I just can't stop myself from getting angry with her when she believes that she's the center of the universe or when she calls you names and spits her venom over you.", little A-Yuan whispered, their chatting being interrupted by their mother's phone calling.

"Yes mom, don't worry, I was just preparing to go to the party.
Of course, I will not let her alone and I will watch for her safety.
I took care of everything, I hope that she will like the party and the gifts.
Probably she didn't hear your call because of the loud music. Sure, I'll let her know that you called her to greet her happy birthday and I will give her the present that you left for her before going, bye mom, we love you, too!"








It was time for Xiao Zhan to check out if everything was alright at his sister's party.
He walked inside the club, trying his best to go unnoticed, or else Qing Mei will get upset and will wine for the whole year that he ruined her birthday with his disgusting presence, same as she did last year.

After a few steps, he froze into the spot, at the sight of the beautiful couple from the stage, singing with  heavenly voices, while  dancing in a perfect sync.

He unwittingly heard what some girls were talking:
"They are such a well matched couple, they look perfect together, even their voices are made for each other!
Why can't I be in her place?
Look at her, how happy she is. I know that she was in love with him  ever since. I hope that nobody and nothing will ruin her happiness, now that her dream has finally come true!
I envy her so badly!"

They were right, Qing Mei deserves to be happy and her older brother's duty is to watch over her happiness, not to ruin it!
He owes that much to his dead father who gave him love and put his trust in him that he will take care of his daughter!
He will give up on his silly crush! After all, family comes first before anything else!
Besides that, his prince is a straight boy with an immaculate image while him, Xiao Zhan is nothing but a rotten tooth , a disgusting , as Qing is always telling him!

With these thoughts kept in his mind, Zhan mingled in the crowd, searching for a hidden table from where he could see, but not to be seen by his sister and especially by her freshly gained boyfriend.

Bad idea, because his wounded heart was bleeding hard every time his sad eyes were landing on the couple from the stage, singing like angels indeed.
He could see the deep passion sparkling in the singer's eyes, passion for the music or it could be passion for the girl holding tightly his hand.




He flinched, startled when the son of the club's owner tapped his shoulder:
"Hi, Lao Xiao Zhan, why are you sitting here alone and not at your sister's table?
You are the organizer of her party, you should be her guest of honor, after everything that you've done for her!"

"Hello, Lao Wang Zhuocheng, I did nothing much, and I don't want to bother her, she looks happy, doesn't she?
I think that she will finally be satisfied with her birthday party, not like the one from last year which was a complete failure. 
I ruined her birthday because I couldn't find a  white limo to pick her up from the party, as  it was her dream. It was my fault that I hired a beige limo, I should have looked for it, ahead of time!"

"Stop this, you make me so angry that my stomach churns!
I'm sorry for saying this, I know that you are a very intelligent guy, but you are acting like a fool!
You don't have to show your love for your sister by spoiling her like this while pulling yourself down in her favor.
She will never be prepared for real life in the future if you keep doing this, she needs to experience hardship, distress, even heartache, beside happiness, let her struggle by herself with life!
Look what happened after her father was gone! She was completely disoriented.."

"I know, that's why I took her under my protection and I will make sure that she will have in me a good shoulder to prop on,  in any circumstances....
Besides, she is more precious and valuable than me. Look at her, admired by everyone, beautiful face, great body, amazing voice, and most importantly, attracted to the opposite gender like any normal person...Not like me..."

"Not like me!
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Like you? Who is a multi-talented person? I could stand here for hours to enumerate all of your talents... As for your beauty, come on Lao Xiao, the whole town is gossiping about your astonishing lips, sinful eyes and perfect skin. Not to talk anymore about your tempting supermodel body..."

"Stop it, Lao Wang, I thank you for trying to make me feel good about myself, but you get me flustered!
If I didn't know about the lots of girlfriends you had I could think that you are flirting with me, ha, ha!", Zhan laughed awkwardly.

"Would it be so weird if I would admit that I admire you?
Very much, actually, even beyond a simple admiration!
About those girlfriends , it's only a rumor spread around by my father who couldn't accept that I am not as straight as he would wish for.
Let me tell you one more thing.
Ah-Zhan, I admire you not only because of your outstanding beauty or your talents, but especially for your courage to admit to your family, friends , and to the entire world about who you really are!
Unlike me...", said the 24 years  old man,  locking Zhan's hand between his palms and drowning himself in the other's surprised eyes.

Xiao Zhan withdrew slowly his hand and tapped cutely his tomato cheeks:
"Ermm, thank you for your kind words, but maybe it was a stupid thing to do that from me, because I only earned lots of enemies and bad comments. But at least I'm glad that my family, including my dad, had accepted me.
Well , lesser Qing, but not because she is mean or something, she just needs a longer time to accommodate with the fact that she has an abnormal brother."



"Please, don't ever say that you're abnormal, she is the abnormal one for not treasuring you at your real value.
Would you like to dance?"


"Dance! You know, moving on the music rhythm and having fun!", Zhuocheng smiled, while pulling up the embarrassed boy from his chair, and dragging him inside the dancers' crowd.

Xiao Zhan admitted in his mind that maybe it would be a good idea to distract himself from the two persons living their romance just a few steps away from him.
He discarded the thick sweater he was wearing, to prevent getting  sweaty, and remained in the white shirt, so that even if it was large it couldn't hide his alluring body figure.  

The older boy was not moving his legs at all, he just stood there like a stone, looking mesmerized at the sensual body waves performed by Zhan.
God, those long legs emphasized by his black skinny jeans!
Those silver chains hanging from his thin waist and hitting his round bum and y thigh!
Those graceful, ual without being vulgar, dancing moves!
Zhuocheng was half alive and half dead!




Xiao Zhan suddenly felt the floor disappearing from under his feet when his body was lifted  by a pair of strong arms and Wang Zhuocheng started to dance with him like that.

"Lao Wang, what are you doing? Put me down, everyone is looking at us!", Zhan gasped in shock, trying to slide down from the other's tight embrace.

"So what if they are looking? You are so worth look ing at..."

"You heard him!
He wants to put him down, so do it!
Right now!", an angry voice surprised both dancers.

After Zhuocheng let him down, and Zhan turned around, he met a pair of dark orbs sending sharp, fuming arrows, like an angry dragon.




They didn't have time to react in any way, as Xiao Qing's pitched voice started scratching their ear drums:
"Yibo Ge, Yibo Ge, how do you know my idiot brother, and why do you even care about him?!
Let him be, he likes men, you know, so maybe this man is his boyfriend, let's take a picture instead!"

"Is she right?!", Yibo shouted, in an even louder and higher pitched voice than the girl's tugging at his arm.

"If Xiao Qing is right or not, why would you even care?!
Why are you yelling at him, leave him alone and mind your own business with your own girlfriend!", Zhuocheng shouted back, his eyes stabbing Yibo's eyes with the same flame arrows.


Xiao Zhan was stunned at the sudden storm created because of him, and he was clueless about the reason.


Qing being the "innocent" girl that she is, had sensed that something was not really okay about the whole situation, so she shoved her phone in her brother's hand while whispering in his ear:
"Thank you Ge for this amazing party that you organized for me.
Please take a picture of me, I want to remember 

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